Thursday, March 19, 2009

:D Happy birthday, DT...! one yr anniversary~ 3.19.09

(toma: thank you, minna~ thank you! (minna = every1))

kate des.
(gomen, this is a long post!)

so now u know.
why i made the poll's deadline today.

and tomorrow is the 1st day of spring.
spring~ when takemoto-kun fell in love.
ah~ it's a beautiful time of the year. i'm so glad i happened to start DT today, last year.

and it's a HUGE coincidence that the time i wrote in the Close to 4 hrs... story,
when u meet toma, is 3:19pm! sugoi!!! actually, i wanted the time to be 2:09pm, cuz 2.09 is my bday. haha...but somehow, after considering when the sun sets, and the walking distance, and the time i wanted to have to talk to ended up being 3:19pm. i think i still made it 19 cuz then at least it has the 9 in it. haha. so then i made the time for the text at the end to be 9:02pm. xD
(notice the time is also 3.19pm for this post!! haha.)

so~ i finally moved the cbox 2 the top, cleaned up the layout, and edited the posts at DT, so now it looks more neat and simple. =) sorry if it's too PINK (laughs). don't worry, i'll change the color theme once in a while! PLEASE GO CHECK IT OUT AND LEAVE A NEW MESSAGE FOR TOMA, MAYBE SOMETHING ABOUT HOW YOU'RE SO HAPPY HE GETS HIS FIRST LEADING ROLE IN THE UPCOMING WITCH TRIAL DRAMA! arigatou~!

i looked thru SO MANY MANY cherry blossom pics be4 i found this one!! perfect! and i only found it a few days ago! whew, just in time! the name is so pretty, too. "the moon has come". the illuminated lantern has a faint, beautiful glow like the moonlight ne! i had 2 ask permission to use it, though. the last time i did that was last summer! i usually don't use pics where u have to ask permission, but this photo was just too perfect, i had to ask!! luckily he said i can. was wondering where he took it, and it's like he could read my mind, he said "These are cherry-blossom season lanterns near Kishiwada castle." this castle is in Osaka. =) ...this is one of the rare times where i'll like the DT banner's more than the TL banner, probably!

eto...usually i update both banners at once, but this time is the exception. i really love the current rain banner at TL, so i wanna keep it a while longer ne.

actually~ i only posted at TL about DT really really late on march 19 (well, it was 1something am march 20). but my first post at DT was on march 19. already, a year has gone by!! i'm guessing there's around over 300 messages posted! at the cbox there!! and 52 long messages at the guestbook. ^_^

(if only we could actually send toma text messages!! (screencap f/Voice))

but the cbox only has in its archive the 100 most recent messages. however, i have saved ALL the messages posted there (and at the guestbook)!! and i've linked to it under my big message for toma. each time some1 posted, i'd save it. so no one's message is lost, even if you posted a long time ago. oh, except for those of you that posted in japanese or some other language that uses special characters. sorry, i didn't remember to save them in unicode till recently, so those messages-- they show up as a lot of question marks. well those of u whose messages were not saved: if u want, come post a message again. this time, it'll definitely be archived properly!

i've always had very few visitors to DT...i think the most visits i've ever got in one day is 15 or something like that. but now, DT will show up at the top of the results if you search for "write to toma ikuta" at google or yahoo! ii ne! but please still remember to link to it, that would help it go up in the rankings! and when u link to it, please use the text "ikuta toma fanmail", not just "dear toma...", cuz that's kinda vague. thank you in advance!

mm...u can always come to DT to write quick messages to toma ne. but seriously, if u really really want to send him a message, u should also try sending him a letter/card/postcard! cuz then at least you'll KNOW he got it, even if u're not sure when he'll get the chance to read it. and u never know, he might read it and even reply to you!! *__* (but don't get your hopes up too much) for me at least, i was really happy after i sended him my letters/cards last summer. even if i can never be sure if he read my letter or not, i still have hope that he has, and that at least he and i have made some kinda "connection" in this way...haih... for the addresses and tips when sending him fanmail, go here. BUT REMEMBER, TOMA KNOWS VERY LITTLE ENGLISH, SO IT'S BEST TO WRITE IN VERY SIMPLE ENGLISH or try to translate your eng. into japanese. u can use babelfish or google translate. but it's best to go to and search for ways to write certain sentences, like "i love you" or "how are you", etc.

(toma wrote this message to yamashita from 2008, written on the filming location, the university's whiteboard. ;) credit: Tomalicious Fansubs)

even though i know there's little chance of it happening, i still sometimes get excited when i go get my mail...cuz maybe! maybe he replied to my letter. toma's reply...i'm still waiting for it. but u know what? someone using the name of ikuta toma wrote 2 messages at my chatbox @TL. though i'm sure it's not the real toma, but i just thought i'd tell u about it anyway. haha. his/her IP address started with a 219. i think that's close to the IPs of other east asian this person is from the right area of the world, at least. and it would have been almost noon in japan on january 12 (the day Voice premiered), monday. the 2nd post was just exactly that, 2 question marks. who writes "hi" like that though??

11 Jan 09, 18:43
ikuta toma: ??

11 Jan 09, 18:37
ikuta toma: hye..arigato

(think of toma saying arigatoooo to you 4 writing to him. =P Credit: audreyfrill)

anyway, i'm sorry that toma has not replied to any of our messages (yet!)...but at least he, in a way, writes to us all the time through tomagoto and his monthly journal page at Winkup! still...don't give up! keep posting messages to toma at DT/other websites and keep writing him letters. =) i certainly will!! because i'm sure even if he doesn't have time to read all his letters (piling up in his house, probably!)/online messages for him, it makes him really happy to know that so many people care about him~ support him~ LOVE him!!♥

and if toma-kun was next to me right now (if only!!), i think he would want to say this to all the fans that wrote messages to him (whether at DT or through fanmail):

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Everyone's messages are so sweet, cute, funny, nice, and thoughtful. I'm really happy to know that I have so many wonderful fans from all around the world that love and support me!! ^o^

So that I won't disappoint you, so that i can continue to make you smile,
I will keep trying my best!
Please continue to look after me~

...i really think so. =)

minna-chan (every1-chan), please keep on dreaming~
i will too.

see u tomorrow!
(i'll talk about the poll results then.


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