Monday, March 23, 2009

PLEASE VOTE FOR TOMA @Nikkan!/ toma stuff u should take a look at!

♥ toma-ism #96:

the only person who fans love so much~ ♥
some of us actually have birthday parties for him on his birthday,
even though he can't be there!

it's monday. VOICE~ day.
except the last episode, ep.11 already aired in japan. =(
Voice has really ended. i wonder what the ending is gonna be like...
(no spoilers, please!!)
i gotta watch ep.s 8 and 9 SOON.
and patiently wait for ep.s 10 & 11 subs.

i'm sorry, but today is a bunch of different toma stuff thrown all together into one post. i hate to do this, but it's been a long time since i did it, so pls don't mind.

(i'm listening to toma's 3/18 ANN right now, w/guest oguri shun. ;)
u can dload it at the toma LJ ne. no translation yet though.
toma-kun's laugh is kawaii na!!♥ )

time to show your TOMA LOVE!♥
pls vote for toma and maou at the 12th Nikkan Sport Drama Grand Prix! (voting started march 23, but don't know when the deadline is. just go vote ASAP!!! THANKS!) go here for the link & voting instructions.
thanks to rukia!! i've voted! ^_^ remember to vote for toma in both of the categories he's nominated in. i want toma to win for his role, naoto, so so badly!!!! toma definitely deserves this award! ohno's won so many times already, come on!

this is kinda confusing, but nikkan already had a pre-vote to see who will probably win? and u can see the results here. toma got 3rd place for best supporting actor (Voice). ah~ wakata. thanks to rukia 4 the explanation. the results there are f/a survey that takes place be4 the real voting starts.

this is a real result, however:
MAOU WON BEST DRAMA AND OHNO WON FOR BEST ACTOR AT THE TVnavi Magazine 2008 drama awards! ^_^
read the news here:
oh, congrats to eita, too! =)

Maou's and ohno's greatness is recognized once again!
but again, toma/naoto doesn't win. =/ i don't think toma won any award for maou at all, right? it's always ohno who wins. except at the AF golden globes. haha.

[credit: 727. actually, her friend. and the 2nd, 3rd one: Tomalicious Fansubs]

mm...speaking of Maou!

i saw this screencap at the AF thread. thanks to 727!! ah, i really LOVE it!! though the actual scene was....but seeing them smiling like this while they were filming it! really makes me feel better when i think about it. =) this is probably f/the maou dvd extras. ah, i wanna see those 4 hrs of behind-the-scenes footage BADLY, after seeing images f/it recently. [3.27.2009 edit: thanks to kawaii_girl and lanie 4 telling me where to find the extras!! check the comments for this post 4 the links!]

and the 2nd, 3rd screencaps R just of toma & ohno promoting Maou before it started last summer. I LOVE the funny/sarcastic expression on ohno's face!! xD it's from 1 of the videos TFS just posted up a few days ago. he just barely put his hands out to copy toma's pose. ^_^

also, these songs have been playing on the radio a lot lately. and they kinda remind me of Naoto's struggles and his sadness/despair. =( but they're really great songs. listen here:

(this song is good too, but more angry than sad. i love the "i've been hiding" part though...

here's some things for you to watch.

have u ever seen toma in a period drama, kinda like Atsuhime?? i haven't! but i saw some clips f/this 2005 drama he was in that was from that era. thanks to paige for the link to this MV! it's a fanmade MV with toma & mao clips. WOW. toma looks DIFFERENT in with his hair like that and his traditional, so japanese! AND HE STILL LOOKS SO CUTE!! i thought it'd be impossible w/that kinda hair, but nothing is impossible for toma (laughs).
2nd MV: it's an awesome one about honey and clover. (there are some minor spoilers.) i like the song too, Falling Slowly. if u skipped this drama, watching this MV will totally make u wanna watch it! it really captures the sad love stories, but happy friendships perfectly! thanks to areea_chan putting so much time and effort into making it! natskashii~!! (nostalgic!)


toma @facebook! i thought of joining, but facebook has been having some virus problems, so nah...but it's got a lot of great pics of toma!! and a short video clip of some H&C NGs there!! wah, i've never seen any!! and i have not seen any1 talk about H&C extras f/the dvd box set either. =[
[a lot of recent/2008 toma pics!! SOME REALLY CUTE toma/riko H&C MAGAZINE PICS in the H&C album!! also, tons of paparazzi & butai pics! SUGEH!! check it out!]

also, this toma imeem group has many many nice, recent toma pics. some cute VOICE pics i haven't seen! =) u can bookmark these links and check back once in a while for new toma pics!


[this is f/the recent gambatta awards (credit: strawberry_gemm linked to the place 2 dload, but it's locked now, so dunno who to credit...), where they showed some NGs. now that i think of it, i have never seen toma mess up/forget his lines!! except when shun was making faces at him and made him laugh in hana's always the other ppl that mess up. in this screencap, 4 some reason, his watch's alarm went off. lol. but at least toma didn't say anything wrong. i wonder what happened?? who set that alarm?!]

[this is f/a show f/october 2008, but i just watched it today. Koi no Karasawagi (sorry, 4got who uploaded it! somewhere at LJ). i don't understand what the point of this show is...seems like just a bunch of young women talking about love issues and the host kept yelling at them/making fun of them. toma only talked a little bit. most of the time he was just laughing. xD anyway, i liked his outfit and different necklace here. ~_~ and he was quite relaxed/natural (when the women were not flattering him. haha.).]


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate ^^
This is Kawaii_girl17,
If your looking for the Maou DVD extras, I know where you can get them DL HQ or if you want to see them @ youtube I have the link =D
Not sure if you saw them yet, but if you want the link I'll send it to you ^_^

kate`* said...

hi kawaii_girl!! ^o^

hounto?? yes yes yes, pls give the links!! um...can i have both the DL HQ and the youtube links? cuz it depends...if the youtube video is too blurry, i'd want to see the HQ.

u really made my day!

Anonymous said...

hi! no, I'm not kawaii_girl ^_^

I only have the DL HQ links though. I googled them just last night after reading your latest post so I haven't seen them myself yet. heheh. here's the link:

to kawaii_girl17/kate: can I have the youtube links pls? I don't think I can download them(w/ my slow connection and having time only on weekends) ^_^

thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

sorry, forgot to mention my name..I'm lanie by the way. ^_^ from the philippines

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate and lanie

This is Kawaii_girl17, here is the youtube link ^_^

Thanks lanie for giving the other link ^^

kate`* said...

kawaii_girl-chan and lanie-chan~
4 the links!! ^_^

now i realize i've watched 1 of the extras, just the one of toma's short interview. wah,

that person actually ripped & uploaded ALL the maou extras?! EHHH! i'll have to spend a lot

of time dloading them! xD but i'll also watch/dload f/youtube too. (i totally forgot to

search for the maou extras on google! only @youtube and the tomalicious forum. haha.)

again, to both of u~!
hounto ni,
hounto ni,

lanie said...

hi kawaii_girl17, thank you for the youtube links. I'm done watching them now =)

*sigh* I wish I can understand what they're saying, I've been trying to learn nihongo on my own but's really not that easy to learn a language. hehe.

thanks again =)

kate`* said...

lanie, don't worry, the more toma dramas u watch...the more j pop u listen to (and look up the eng lyrics translation), the more you'll pick up on the japanese language...and of course, even if u have a small phrasebook, that would help a lot. =)

Anonymous said...

your welcome ^_____^