Monday, March 9, 2009

toma-kun's NEW pictures, OLD video clips...

♥ toma-ism #92:

he's so high...high above me
he's so lovely...
he's so high above me
he's touch, smell, sight, taste and sound
But somehow I can't believe
That anything should happen
I know where I belong
And nothing's gonna happen.
[slightly altered lyrics from Everclear's She's so high above me]

happy Voice Day! (monday)
up to episode 9 now, right?
ah, "the finish line is in sight"!
[credit to one of the talented staff

i'm finished w/ep. 7,
looking forward to ep.8.
but waiting for the subs.
meanwhile, gotta take care of the ton of screencaps i got. haha. baka!!
why'd i get too much for?? ma~ i always do this ne. it can't be helped.

after a long break, a toma-ism! gomen ne, it's a downer, though.
but it really made me think of him when i heard it recently. if it's any help, in the song, the girl actually seems to like him, just that he's so self-conscious cuz she's so perfect.
(i wonder when i can reach #100?)

speaking of "voice", i think i mentioned there are some good, old toma singing video clips at imeem? well, i favorited a few of them...there's a lot if u SEARCH FOR TOMA IKUTA VIDEOS THERE, but these are the ones i've watched so far, that i (mostly) haven't seen at youtube. the one where they're wearing long red jackets~ they all flip backwards at the end!! sugoi!! ahhhh, hyper/happy toma, always smiling at the camera/his fans for his closeups!! & i love hearing him sing, of course!!

[toma HOTness, CUTEness!!! Credit: hpswf1 &, hpswf1]

recently, toma's had a bunch of new magazine interviews, and fans just posted up a bunch of scans at LJ!! there's some behind the scenes @VOICE pics, too. ^-^ check out all of toma's lovely new pictures !! (mm...but toma is experimenting w/wavy or curly hair these days?? i like his hair straight! and his new Wink up pics are kinda...he looks funny in them...his curly hair and BRIGHT clothes!! this falls into the 1% of the time that toma does not look absolutely, completely kawaii in his pics. =P)


salome said...

hello! regarding your comment about Toma not looking 100% kawaii in some mag photos... my sister saw him in one recent video clip & commented that he looked sick. i'm beginning to wonder if he's overworked nowadays. could it be that he has less time to rest? - now there's a new drama after Voice. i'm really starting to worry about him.

kate`* said...

i wouldn't worry about that! if toma was a hk star, i'd worry about things like that, cuz they're notorioiusly overworked and underpaid, except if u're super famous. but though toma's been busy w/Voice filming and doing magazine interviews, i'm sure he's doing fine! he was jokingly saying in his recent blog entry that it's too bad he can only get 8 hrs of sleep a night. lol. i know sometimes he does look kinda tired...probably those times are when they have to film till late at night... but most of the time, i don't think the filming schedule is that tight, toma will get enough time to rest ne~~

salome said...

where do you go for updated Tomagoto translations? the one i'm following is very late & sometimes she doesn't update at all.

kate`* said...

hi salome!
sorry, forgot to reply yesterday. but if u saw my newest post, i linked there:

yeah...i sometimes go 2 diff places for tomagoto translations, but eventually they stop updating. but really, tomalicious translations have always been the best/most accurate and clear!! ^_^ inseiko often includes extra notes at the bottom to explain some words/names that toma wrote, too!

salome said...

went there & was told that i have to have at least 50posts before i can read Tomagota. hu hu hu... i only have 13 posts so i still have a long way to go. so sad...

kate`* said...

mm...u know what, i can email u his new messages from now if u want...until u have enough posts.

just give me yr email. =)