Tuesday, March 10, 2009

bad news, good news!

just checked,

ep.9 of Voice only got 10.2% ratings!! smilie
NANDE?!! i didn't think it'd be possible to go lower than toma's ep.'s ratings, especially since it's getting near the end and should be more exciting!

smiliebut the good news is, toma's gonna be in a spring drama!! it starts airing april 25. sugoi!!! thanks to teacup79 4 the news! this means toma will only get maybe a week or 2 break in between? though i think he deserves some more time to relax/rest, but it's good to know we'll get to see him in another drama so soon! the plot sounds exciting, too! it's about some kinda murder case, and toma's 1 of the jurors. it's based on a manga, and toma will have a.....

*dramatic pause*

GIRLFRIEND this time

wait, should i be happy?? lol.

it depends on how close they are in the drama...it'll be great to finally see him in boyfriend mode, though! really looking forward to this drama!!

go to the toma LJ for more info!

just noticed that since 8 Oct 2007:
31,399 ppl have been here (give or take).


hounto ni~ arigatou! ^_^


SubtleHints said...

Nani???!! Toma-kun will have a girlfriend this time in a drama?? hmm I dunno if I should be happy or be freakin' jealous hahahaha coz the girl gets to "pretend" to be Toma's girl hahaha I dream about that a lot...thanks for all the posts I really love going to your blog.. makes my day^__^ thanks! :)

kate`* said...

yes, my wish came true!! no more unrequited love! but i know what u mean. haha...probably we'll all end up being jealous of her, right? at least she is quite pretty.

oh, you're very welcome, subtlehints!! updating this blog makes me happy too! and reading sweet comments like yours makes my day too!! *_* it's great to feel appreciated ne~~♥