Friday, March 20, 2009

MAJO SAIBAN CM! / kate looks for WITCH TRIAL info...

to those of you~ reading this in Germany~

hallo, wie geht es dir?

and to all~ how's it going?

hey, it's the 1st day of spring today!!
can u feel it~ the love in the air? haha.
and just something interesting to know~ the vernal equinox occured today. it's a moment when the sun's center is vertically above the earth's equator. i'm interested in astronomy, u can tell. =)

so~ the poll was completed yesterday. thank you all for voting!
now i can better know my audience, so to speak. and the results are:

please finish this statement. i'm just curious...arigatou!
"I am..." (u can pick more than 1):

-japanese, but i don't live in japan. 1 (2%)
-not japanese and i don't live in japan. 34 (70%)
-japanese and i live in japan. (lucky~! ~_~) 2 (4%)
-not japanese and i live in japan. (also lucky!!) 1 (2%)
-not fluent in speaking japanese/trying to learn it. 30 (62%)
-able to speak japanese fluently. 2 (4%)

Total Votes: 48
(since u can pick more than one, so the %'s don't add up to 100)

wow! i thought there'd be more ppl f/the first category. but i guess they would go to japanese sites about toma and not here. or they might not be interested in japanese entertainment, even, who knows. yappari most of u are not japanese, not in japan, and don't speak japanese/trying to learn it. me too! ^_^ but there's at least a few of you that are really lucky, either u live in japan or u speak japanese fluently! sugoi!! ah~ i really envy you people!! (oh, i'm glad each category got at least one vote! cool!)

just a few days ago, the link to a super short CM of witch trial was posted at the LJ!! thanks to janinamedina and anggie for the link!!

his hair!! i was surprised (despite seeing him w/wavy hair in recent magazines)!! kept re-watching it to make sure...HIS HAIR IS WAVY!! EHHHH!! but for his FIRST LEADING ROLE, i wanted everything to be perfect, including his hairstyle!! =T yeah, it kinda looks like yamashita's hairsyle in Code Blue, but it's a better look for him than toma.

DOUSHITE?! he looks so much cuter w/straight hair!! ah...i'll just have to get used to it. maybe it's cuz his character's hair in the manga is like that? actually, i didn't like his hairstyle in Maou at first either. the first time i saw it. but of course when i actually started to watch it, i was relieved to see that toma was still soooo good-looking! haha. i hope it'll be the same for majo saiban.
(not that the only reason i watch toma's dramas is because he looks good, but u know-- i want him to look his best whenever possible (especially in his first starring role) since he's soooooo cute!! why waste his good looks, u know. =P)

BUT the CM is pretty cool! i love how toma's voice sounds in that 1 sentence he said!!

i think he said something like "on that day, is my trial"?

oh, right. almost forgot to say, toma's character will be called:
Yoshioka Tooru (よしおか とおる)
thanks to paige and hpswf1 for the info!
tooru-kun! can't wait to see you in action! ;)

since there's no new news at the LJ or at the official website, i looked for info about the manga it's based on, but no luck. except for this image. i'm guessing his character is that guy w/long hair and the backpack? his hairstyle is not like that cuz of his character in the manga. and while searching, i came across this, a toma fan talking about toma. it really made me LOL, cuz what she just came out of nowhere!! haha. come read it and see what i mean. toma's fans R hilarious. :D

well, since the manga search is a dead end, i thought of the title and dark theme of the drama. and it is reminiscent of the 17th century salem witch trials in the colonial Massachusetts, right? that was a sad/crazy time...though this case is completely different, somehow...i feel that lady on trial will be misunderstood and turn out to be innocent. hmm...we'll see.

that's all for today.
it's the weekend~ have a good one!

i'll see you the Velvet Room.


(what velvet room? i'm glad u asked!
thanks to aniki 4 sending me this cool video.
i love the music and its title is so beautiful too~

"a poem of everyone's soul"
(全ての人の魂の詩, Subete-no hito-no dama-no shi)
listen to the full song here.

(AKA "a poem FOR everyone's soul", but i think the more accurate translation is "of")

i'll certainly return to the Velvet Room sometimes...
(my persona is Oberon, the King of Fairies.)


Anonymous said...

uhh katechan! Are you learniing german? XD That cool!

kate`* said...

hi careline~
ah, no. i just greet ppl here in different languages sometimes. but now that u mention it, my brother had some german classes in the past, so he knows basic german. i'm only trying to learn japanese right now. =)