Friday, March 13, 2009

kate's notes on episodes 5, 6, 7 of VOICE- voices of the lifeless

(sorry, posting quite late today!
and no time to edit now.
i'll be back to edit/add some screencaps tomorrow. ja ne~)

♥ toma-ism #93:
toma-kun...he's the one.

savvy kate des~

to those of u in japan and south korea,
happy white day! =)
i wonder if toma-kun is giving any girls anything today?
hopefully only polite return gifts for courtesy chocolate that he got on V Day, ne.

did u know there's also a Black Day? lol. for single people.
well~ now you know. hey, i should celebrate it this year!
you know who i'd love to celebrate it with? yappa, toma-kun! =P

ok ok, enough of this nonsense. ;)

i've finished ep.7 of voice for a while now,
waiting for episode 8 subs. meanwhile, i'll just post up my thoughts on ep.s 5, 6, 7. (not like anyone is looking forward to this!)
also, i've managed to upload my screencaps f/ep.s 4 and 5.
(not like anyone is actually waiting for them or anything)

gomen, i'm doing it again.
copying the way toma writes. haha.

anyway, it's the weekend!!
have a good one!

................Episode 5:

(you know, of course... you'll never be as cute as me! xD)

-i like this episode! they get to go to some interesting/scenic locations. and i like taking pictures too, though not random ones like ryosuke to send to ppl. haha. and toma is sooooo cute in this episode. so pouty!! ^_^ it's as if he's making up for all the sadness and frowning in the last episode by being super adorable and cheery in this one!!

(kawaii na!!)

-most of the ryosuke & daiki arguing moments are awesome!! hahaha.
MY FAVORITE TOMA MOMENT: when toma gets close to daiki and says of course there's no such saying!! xD

-who is ryosuke's ex-girlfriend?? it's not the natsumi (nurse at the hospital, right?) i'm starting to wonder, will ryosuke end up dating natsumi or actually reiko (his assistant professor)?? please not reiko!!
natsumi is cute and sweet...i'm rooting for her and ryosuke now!!

(ryosuke, why don't u like natsumi?!)

-toma was wearing a shirt w/the number 22!!! u know i love the number 22 ever since dec. 22, 2008. *_* haha!

-i really like this university's campus...the big water fountain and huges trees and paths...=)

-that little boy is cute!! and such a good actor already! ah~ i love seeing toma interact with little kids. he's always so sweet and comfortable with them!! like he is with his kouhai's (JE juniors), of course! and he has a little brother himself so...i think toma must be a really really nice and caring older brother ne! ~__~ his little brother is really lucky...

-i love the scene of them all leaving school and taking pictures in the twilight! i love that time of day ne. between day and night...

...................Episode 6:

-this was episode was ok...we get to see the stern/soft side of ryosuke, his grownup/big brother side! when he was talking with the girl (sorry, forgot her name) in the hallway of the hospital. seeing toma like a big brother to her, trying to cheer her really sweet!♥

-i'm getting annoyed at reiko more and more. it's like she's kinda flirting with him thru her teasing him sometimes??? arggh. i really don't like her!! i don't understand what he sees in her!!

(don't get too close to him, you!! reiko!! ...actually, now that i think of it, toma probably has his hands in his pocket a lot in this drama cuz it's cold! haha. and it makes him look cool. ^_^)

-MY FAVORITE TOMA MOMENT: when he's arguing with daiki about how they became friends/the Perfume concert. lol. what toma said, his facial expressions and gestures...that whole conversation is hilarious and cute!

-this case, the ending was surprising!! but also touching. the guest actors for every episode are all so talented, just like toma said in his blog. =] especially the girl in this story, the last scene...

(ryosuke~ don't worry, forensics is the right choice for you!)

......................Episode 7:

-this was a good episode! very sad and touching!! though i got a little teary-eyed in some of the previous episodes, the end of this episode was the only time i really cried. =(

-FAVORITE TOMA MOMENT: of course, the part where ryosuke's (with his bangs tied up~ kawaii!) annoyed that daiki keeps waking him up in the morning. lol!! i totally agree w/ryosuke and teppei this time though. waking up a couple minutes after the alarm goes off the first time is the best way to wake up. daiki's "DOUSHITE?!" and the face he made this time was hilarious!! xD

-2nd FAVORITE TOMA MOMENT: when he tells teppei again, real quick, to "just go with her!" LOL!

-it's good to see them deal with the problem of family members not wanting an autopsy sometimes...i would think in real life, that would happen a lot...or sometimes...i dunno...i an autopsy can be a big deal, not like in most police/forensics shows portray it. but then again, those ppl were mostly murdered so they'd HAVE TO get an autopsy, right? umm...anyway, i hope u know what i mean.

-i hate reiko, she keeps telling ppl to quit! (even if it's reverse psychology)
RYOSUKE, YELL AT HER, DON'T JUST STAND THERE!! aiya, i wanted him to yell at her so badly. i'm so sick of her cold, i'm-smarter-and-better-than-everyone attitude. geez!

-it's nice to see ryosuke helping out hanei, it's not just daiki that can comfort others, right? he's a good friend. =) and hanei's struggle with his fear of's good to see the other, weak/serious side of him in this way...tomohito, he's a good actor, really! he had some really dramatic/intense scenes in this episode...

-daiki and aki...though they like each other, but it's such a subtle and simple love...ii ne. =) just sometimes, the way they look at each is enough to show their feelings for each other...i really love the scene where daiki just stares at her a little and smiles. ~_~ he's got such an innocent/kind look!

_____________SPOILER (ep.7)_____________

geez...i cried at the end of ep.7...
cuz i felt so sorry 4 that lady...
she had stomach cancer and yet pretend nothing's wrong,
and made sure her husband would be ok after she was gone...and him being able 2 hear her voice f/the alarm clock after her death!! LITERALLY, DAIKI WAS ABLE TO FIND HER VOICE. AND GIVE HER HUSBAND 1 LAST MESSAGE FROM HER...IN HER OWN VOICE! awww....and the old man is so loving and sweet to her even though she's passed away...talking to her and everything. it really makes u wish u can find a person with whom u can live happily for at least 40 yrs, right?? if only that person could be toma ne~~


ultraviolet_p1 said...

Ah, yes, Eppy 7 was sad one. And I did love (I'm sure everyone did) the snooze one. The way they cracked up when they went to school and asked Aki about the word was hilarious too.

I think I'm so hung up on the word Doushite now. I used to kinda think/refer 'Nande' as why. But, now teh cosntant of it in Voice. I love it. Haha...was glancing across some songs recommended by someone, and then decided to press on the YT clip of one that was titled 'Doushite...' by Toh..ah...can't spell it..DBSK's Japanese namesake.

You know what, Ryosuke isn't really popular with the girls much. Blah, I've given up on the player description...even if I term it popular with the girls..he isn't really. Beside no chocies for V day from girls. No date nights. No flirty phone calls, etc. And he even have an ex girlfriend, in which he is hopefully trying to get back with?? (the tea leave photo time). I write that he has one fan...the nurse. Aww, I want him to be more there a trend going on here.... -_-

Yeap, yeap, a great sparring moment from the two guy friends. Meeting and befriending Daiki was the best...NOT! Hahaha...LOL, it was Daiki who started it first...*whack whack Daiki*

salome said...

@ ultraviolet: what does "Doushite" mean?

kate`* said...

paige! =) hai, hai, that was 1 of my fav start-of-the-episode-silliness moments!! lol. and it's cool how they are totally things u can relate to...using the snooze and trying to remember a certain name/what something's called. =P

i like "doushite" now too! though i'm still more used to using nande cuz it's what toma has used a lot.

salome, "doushite" means "why?". =)

yeah. the director completely exagerrated toma's "playboy" role!! or maybe something was lost in the translation? well, ryosuke claims he's popular with the girls/knows how girls think, but that's about it. well, at least in this drama, he interacts with girls more than the other ones. but you're right, i expected him to be flirty and going on dates often, things like that. but the only person he kinda flirts with is reiko, and she doesn't even like him. haha. yeah, pretty much only natsumi likes him. oh well. ryosuke is so cute and sweet, i hope they'll let him end up dating SOMEONE (natsumi!). i also wonder who's his ex-gf??