Monday, October 20, 2008

v^_^v CONGRATULATIONS, MAOU!!! they won 4 out of 5 Nikkan summer drama awards! toma-ism #59:
I'm falling--
In and out-- of love-- with you
I never-- loved someone--
The way that I-- love you!
(*that's a red butterfly above. like the one in Maou's opening!*
i love alicia key's Fallin', but i have not yet
fallen OUT of love with toma.
and i even if i ever do, i'm sure i will fall back in again. ~_~)

[if u watch Maou, u know how the lily symbolizes truth/purity, right? =) this lily is in a garden of a church in New York city. credit: dorothy lee,]

just saw this news! salome, i said that i would post up the news as soon as i see it, so here it is!! =) though i'm not surprised ohno beat out toma for the award cuz he's got a lot more fans = a lot more votes, but i'm surprised toma didn't get more!! toma lost by so much ne! =( he's a far far third place. NOTICE THAT ALMOST EVERY1 ELSE FROM MAOU GOT MORE VOTES THAN TOMA DID!! oh well...what can you do... ohno was a great "maou" and he's a great actor. i'm happy for him.

this news really made my day! ^_^

to Toma-kun, Ohno & the rest of the cast and crew of MAOU!
i'm sure they're all happy Maou got BEST DRAMA!
& of course, congrats everyone that won!

oh, also, just wanted to say that Atsuhime is actually airing here on tv, with eng. subs! i was so surprised to see maki! haha~ almost couldn't recognize her in that hairstyle & costume. i remember toma saying he'd really like to be in a historical drama...but i hope he won't be in anything like this one, cuz though i've only watch a tiny bit of Atsuhime, it seems HOUNTO~ extremely~ boring and depressing! every1's hair is pulled back...the guys especially look funny!! haha. here's a pic from the drama, so u'll know what i mean:

Drama Grand Prix: "Maou" takes 4 out of 5,
Sunday October 19, 2008, Japan

Last week, Nikkan Sports announced the results of its summer survey for the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix. A total of 24,757 votes were collected between September 25 and October 4. The big winner this time was the TBS series "Maou," winning in all four categories that it was nominated for.

The show received about 12,600 votes for Best Drama, handily beating "Code Blue" by close to 5,000 votes. At #3 was "33-pun Tantei," far behind at only 1,300 votes, followed by "Atsuhime" and "Shibatora" with less than 800 votes apiece.

Satoshi Ohno beat Tomohisa Yamashita in the Best Actor category by roughly 2,500 votes. "Maou" co-star Toma Ikuta also made the list at #3.

For Best Supporting Actor, Kei Tanaka edged out the competition, and the top 5 were all either from "Maou" or "Code Blue." Ryoko Kobayashi gave "Maou" its fourth award as Best Supporting Actress, while the rest of the votes were split among the three female leads from "Code Blue" and Mikako Tabe.

The only category that "Maou" didn't win was the Best Actress award, due to its lack of a starring female role. Aoi Miyazaki received about 8,200 votes for her role in "Atsuhime," with young star Mirai Shida ("Seigi no Mikata") trailing by 3,500 votes to land in second.


Best Drama

Maou - 12567 (OF COURSE!! wow, they won by a lot!! awesome!)
Code Blue - 7719
33pun Tantei - 1322
Atsuhime - 723
Shibatora - 454

Best Actor
Satoshi Ohno - 10355
Tomohisa Yamashita - 7857
Toma Ikuta - 2706 (ehhhh!!! we did vote for you toma!!! wish you'd at least got 2nd place!)
Tsuyoshi Domoto - 1403
Teppei Koike - 465

Best Actress
Aoi Miyazaki - 8226
Mirai Shida - 4747
Ryoko Yonekura - 2078
Hiromi Nagasaku - 1879
Nana Eikura - 1862

Best Supporting Actor
Kei Tanaka - 3889 (naoto's buddy, Kasai. mmmm...he was pretty good! but i voted for naoto's boss. ah, he didn't make it into the top 5!)
Toshiro Yanagiba - 3227
Yosuke Asari - 2275
Hitori Gekidan - 1788 (naoto's brother, Noriyoshi. he's a good actor too.)
Koji Ishizaka - 1669 (naoto's dad. good actor, too. wow, he's a multi-talented guy!! Actor, writer, interpreter and lyricist, too!)

Best Supporting Actress
Ryoko Kobayashi - 6038 (the girl psychic, shiori! she's a good actress too. really~ they're all good ne! haha~ wow, she got a ton of votes!!)
Manami Higa - 2126
Erika Toda - 2062
Mikako Tabe - 1860
Yui Aragaki - 1743


P.S. (audition 411)
read news saying there R weekly auditions to be SM's new superstar in the USA (L.A.)
THEY SAY ANYONE CAN APPLY FOR AN AUDITION, REGARDLESS OF NATIONALITY, GENDER, AGE! GOOD LUCK TO THOSE AUDITIONING!! though sometimes i wish i could be famous, i can't do this kinda thing, though. i'd be a real long shot. haha.

uh oh, seems like SM has a reputation for treating their artists horribly... think carefully before auditioning! read this: Are the SM Ent. Rumours True?


salome said...

hi again! thanks for the news about the awards. like you, i'm surprised that Toma didn't get much vote (i also voted). i think it's weird. - i haven't seen MAOU or CODE BLUE yet so i don't have a clue.

but over-all, MAOU wiped them out. i'm sure for that alone, Toma is happy.

Anonymous said...

Ah...the results are out.

I can't believe that Toma didn't get as much votes as the other cast...(not talking about Ohno)...
Sniff...but ehh..I just love his character portrayal of Serizawa regardless. He did a brilliant job. And, yes, hehe, but I'm happy that Maou is recognised with top honours. I'm already rewatching it again..hee.

And..about the blog pic (your last entry)..I too would like to save a proper pic of that black and white pic (I've never seen it first I didn't even thought it was Toma). So pls post again..thanks!

savvy kate said...

hi hi, you two! =)

no problem!
yeah, it's too bad. =( maybe cuz toma fans think he'll win for sure, so a lot of them ended up not voting? who knows...toma's got to have more fans than that!! i only watch j-dramas that's got toma, of course, so i also don't know if code blue is good. but i saw the CM for it, it looks ok.

yes!! i was shocked too!! i checked out their wikipedia profiles and i figure it's probably cuz they've got more starring roles in more dramas than toma. after all, toma only shot up to fame after hana kimi last year. i guess that's why his fan-base is still small compared to the others.
hounto?? wah, u really love Maou, eh? =)

ok, i will post up the pic now! =)