Wednesday, October 29, 2008

no updates 4 a while, cuz i'm sick.

so incredibly unlucky~

i got completely sick and couldn't really do anything these days. ='(
just today i am feeling better enough 2 go online 4 a while.
don't worry, i think i'll fully recover in a couple days...
so there will be no updates 4 a while!
please be patient~

cuz of all that happened,
i couldn't watch the last episode of Maou yet!! *sigh!*

everyone, take care!

ja ne.


salome said...

hi! get well soon. hope it's nothing serious. drink lots of liquid.

savvy kate said...

hey! ~_~

thanks 4 your concern,
i'm feeling a lot better, but now i'm behind on a bunch of stuff. damn it!

still, i think i might be able to post something new on monday. don't want all the readers here to start leaving. haha~