Friday, October 10, 2008

to be continued ... / the hana kimi special!! / Toma: moody model~ posh poser~

[LOVE THIS PIC!! they all look so good & cool, especially toma!! in the shade of a tree, too. kakkoi~ credit:]

happy friday.
i will update more later, but 4 now, just wanna remind everyone that
the HANA KIMI SPECIAL is airing
this sunday, oct. 12!!!
ikemen paradise, ne~

[toma's wink = coolness!! ;) ]

toma-ism #56:
The shape of an upside-down heart
It's a little shaky with one point
So I'll flip it around
And return it to you

[the Great X's translated lyrics of Ai Otsuka's Peach]

i'm back!

so~ this is kate's random song recommendation! =)
just watched jay chou's new MV for "fragrant rice" today. it's really awesome and inspiring!! please check it out, and remember to click the "more info" on the right to see the translated 2 eng. lyrics! it's really a very good & meaningful song that makes you feel better & wish u grew up in a village with rice paddies & fireflies, like jay. ~_~

oh, i want to say to subtle hints, THANK YOU for "following" my blog! u are my only follower right now. =)
4 those who don't know what i'm talking about, go here:

while looking for toma's cool pose pics, i found these great pics of toma & yamashita!! look thru RayCA's album 4 more great tomapi photos!

[CREDIT: RayCa-Album:,

also, found screencaps of a show from nov. 2007 where toma visited his old high school (at the link below)!! I WANT TO WATCH

.............................Toma: moody model~ posh poser~

there was a fashion expert guy on conan's LN show, and i remember he says that people can look fashionable if they're tall, lean, and have a good silhouette. and it made me think of toma right away! no wonder he looks so stylish and cool all the time and it's like he was born to be a model!! of course, being amazingly handsome and very photogenic is really important, too! yappari, toma's got all the necessary traits to be an excellent model!

of course, when i say he's a poser, i mean a person who poses, not that he's a phony! and moody, like he looks moody in a cool way in the pics, not that he's moody in real wait, i think toma IS kinda moody in real life. haha~ ok, i mean it both ways then.

ok, so maybe he's just at an average height for a guy, but cuz he's thin and got long legs & arms/hands, he does look tall and have a good silhoutte ne!

JE guys take so many pictures! JE pics, TONS of magazine pics, fun pics with each other, pics for their blogs, pics for posters...if toma's parents keep all his photos and magazines he's been in...!!! surely there would be many huge, tall stacks of albums/magazines/newspapers in their house somewhere. really!! but i do hope they are keeping it all, cuz he looks so cute in 99% of his pics. haha~

TOMA'S ALWAYS GOT SUCH COOL POSES/LOOKS IN HIS PHOTOS!!!!!! maybe sometimes it's thanks to a good photographer that tells him to pose/look a certain way, but it can't be just that, cuz he's got this certain confidence & cool way of standing/posing/making cute faces when he's singing/acting in dramas, too! it's the attitude...or the looking-so-completely-cool, calm, and collected! he's always leaning to 1 side or resting his head on his hand in such a relaxed/confident way!! and often when he's taking a group picture, he will definitely stand out!! he'll be the most eye-catching! cuz he often does something funny/cute/has a cute expression OR confident, super cool/smooth look! AND I NOTICED that most of the time, it's all about what he does with his hands that makes the pose cool ne!! just look carefully at what he's doing with his hands in the photos below, you'll see. =) i even remember him saying he's glad he's got long hands. =)

(sorry, 40-something pics, so i gotta keep it small. but u can click on them to see the bigger size)

TOMA~ moeeeee~ ♥

[CREDIT: tomalover at, johnny's entertainment, (some pics have the link they came from on the picture),,, yamapink's blog at, ieiyn at, ichigolyn at,, pics found at Baidu or Google, and many others, i don't remember where i got them! sorry. if you see a pic that is yours, please tell me, and i'll give you credit!]


Anonymous said...

hi again.

the video of Toma visiting his high school - i saw it in Baidu ( no translations though.

i read in Tomalicious Forum that Toma could indeed be quite moody. i think it's but natural, especially if one is exhausted from work. but he's always gracious, even when speaking his mind.

savvy kate said...

Ohayou (good morning)!! ^_^

hounto?? could u give me the link, please? i don't mind that it's not translated!! =)

haha, me too, i read some1 saying he's moody. but then i dunno why -- did they say why they think he's moody? like he was in a bad mood when he was out in public and saw fans or something?? i know toma says he can be quite gloomy in real life but also he's got a bad temper... i agree, he works hard, he's entitled to be moody! haha~ it's great that he is so straightforward, i love that trait in my idols, even if it means they R not friendly/cheerful all the time. they're just normal ppl too ne.

salome said...

hallo! - for the Baidu video, i just went to & typed Toma's name in the search box. then you'll be presented with all the Toma photos they have.

Toma himself said that he gets easily mad when something didn't go his way. i don't recall any episode wherein he was unfriendly or unkind to anyone. it's just that when he's tired, he can't hide it. he'd smile less brightly & he'd move quite lethargicly. but no matter how bad he feels, he'd never take it out on other people. he's that nice. & i guess this is because he practically grew up in front of the cameras (there are always cameras taking behind-the-scene footages) so he's used to controlling his temper.

i like staightforward guys too. you don't have to wonder how to behave around them because they'd tell you frankly.

savvy kate said...

hi again!

i see...i will try searching for this video later!

oh, i see what u mean. well, i wouldn't call that moody. he's just honest and he's not "on" all the time. that's fine with me! that's true, he's on camera so much...

right! and plus, i'm very straightforward, so like ppl that R not worried to say what they think. =)