Monday, October 6, 2008


(the JE calendar reminds u of the guys' bdays. heehee~ this is 1 of the clovers i found and sealed a while ago. somehow, it's turned transparent!! i feel as if it'll totally disappear 1 day!! but it looks pretty cool, huh?)

29 minutes left!

till toma's b-day!!



chic said...

Happy birthday Toma!
I'm really happy that I'm a part of it!
THanks to you that initialize it!
THis seems to be his best birthday present!

savvy kate said...

hi chic!

=) i'm really happy w/how the bday poll present thingy i started turned out so great, too!! u're welcome! i will try 2 come up w/something good next year too...but it's gonna be hard. haha~
no no, the tomalicious forum's present would be the best!! mine is just a graphic ne. but then it might be the one that most fans take part in making. heehee~