Tuesday, October 21, 2008

that cool dark pic of toma!


just posting up the pic that salome and ultraviolet asked for.
here u go! you're welcome! =)

it must be toma, right?? it's really dark, but i'm 95% sure it's him.
it really is such a cool & sexy pic of toma, eh?
i wonder when it was taken...must be from at least a couple years ago...
btw, i just remembered that his musical, Grease, has started since 2 days ago (japan time), on oct. 20! i hope everything's going smoothly for toma. =)

oh, for those in the usa who'll be voting soon, remember if you're not sure who or what to vote for, you can always leave some categories blank, you don't have to vote for everything! thanks again for voting!


(credit: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/hamasakiayumi_12/12426883.html)


salome said...

now i recognize this picture. you can see its colored version in www.hanbun.net/gallery/magazines/y2003/200307-duet/

thanks for this.

savvy kate said...

welcome! wow, so it's all the way from 2003! no wonder, i thought that outfit looked so familiar!!

hanbun.net is such a great tomapi site!!! wahhh...

salome said...

yes, it is. however, lately i noticed that it seem inactive. i read its BBS portion & the latest entries seem to be from vandals.

i think Hanbun's maker/owner is Helen. i see her often mentioned in Tomalicious. she's been a TomaPi fan for years & knows a lot about them. however, i cannot find her webpage.

savvy kate said...

that's a shame. =/
geez, don't ppl have anything better to do than bash ppl they don't like?!
luckily i haven't had any problem like that at my toma blogs.

oh, that helen!! i've read a lot of her translations of tomagoto. =)
is this what u were looking for? her blog Tomapi Rant redirects here:

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Thanks for the picture (b&w and the coloured one)

Still, I couldn't really pinpoint it was Toma if it's without the rest of the 3tops...the glasses cover too much for me to recognise..1

salome said...

thanks for the link! mmmmwah!

savvy kate said...

my 2 comment pals!

u're welcome, ultraviolet! yeah... i like the color pic a lot more!! =)

u're welcome, salome! =P