Thursday, October 2, 2008

day 3~ jay chou's Listen to mother's words / THANK YOU, TOMA'S MOM!!!

(day 10: Viva -bond, day 9: alice's 1st time -fiona sit, day 8: comet -younha, day 7: happiness -arashi, day 6: In da club -beyonce, day 5: ikemen boogie, day 4: ode to joy -the adicts)

i love today's song, and it's so sweet & meaningful, too! ~_~
(translated 2 eng. lyrics here!)
& i picked it cuz we must remember to thank toma's mom 4 giving birth to him 24 yrs ago! ^_^
and i hope toma will remember to thank her, too.

i remember some1 in a HK drama saying to his mom that he thinks he should give her a present each time it's his b-day, cuz it was a day that she was in a lot of pain! she was really touched and happy when he said that, especially cuz they have been seperated for so many was a really memorable scene, and i still remember his words when it's my b-day or my siblings' b-days, i'll remember to thank my mom. =) for all the fear, pain, and suffering she was willing to go through to give birth that day. and of course, must remember to thank her for enduring 9 months of hardship & discomfort. and certainly, for her
unlimited, unconditional love, care, support and her cooking for/cleaning for/teaching, etc. us! being a mother is a really tough, 24/7 job!! really~ of course, although she may be a little scary when she's angry/ bothersome/ embarass u, etc. sometimes, but remember whatever she does, u still owe her, considering what she went through for you. hahaha~ from the start, i wanted 2 say something about thanking toma's mom, but i forgot...thanks to jay's song 4 reminding me!! haha~

so...let's go ahead and do this on behalf of all toma fans! wow...that's a lot of ppl! so, this is the message, especially for toma's mother!

Dear Mrs. Ikuta,

信じられないい有能のに、出産しているの&かわいいありがとう; 男の子を完成しなさい! TOMAのための非常にすばらしい母があることをありがとう! 当然、また、彼の弟に出産するためにありがとう。 =)

kate`* and ALL of Toma's fans!

Dear Mrs. Ikuta,


THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT MOTHER FOR TOMA! of course, also, thank you for giving birth to his little brother. =)


kate`* and ALL of Toma's fans!)

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