Friday, October 24, 2008

all the sweet love songs are about toma~

♥ toma-ism #60:


He's everything you want
He's everything you need
He's everything inside of you
That you wish you could be.
(lyrics f/Vertical Horizon's Everything you want)

[COOL PIC OF TOMA & SHUN AS NAKATSU & SANO! it's new 4 me. i've never seen it be4. found it while looking for nakatsu (manga) pics! credit: on the pic, and]

i used to listen to love songs and doubt that i could find someone that i would feel THAT WAY about and really love THAT MUCH. but after i became toma's fan, i see that it is possible. haha~ in a way~ you know what i mean!
i realize, now, that all these love songs that i started to like since i was a teenager are about toma. even though i didn't know him then. they are all describing how i would eventually feel about him, you see! ah~ now whenever i listen to certain love songs, i will think of toma. he's my fantasy boyfriend, after all. hahaha~

so here's some SWEET SWEET love songs i want to share with you, and all of them contain some lyrics that expresses my (and surely all toma fans'!) feelings for toma!! enjoy daydreaming about being toma's girlfriend!! ~_~

have a nice weekend, everyone! =)
[such a lovely song and almost perfectly describes my crush on toma!! there's a typo in the lyrics posted there, though, it should be: to LIFT me up.]

i love love this part of the song:
In a thousand ways
In a thousand hidden places
You have touched my heart
And the feeling never changes...

(of course, one of those ultimate sappy love songs that makes u wish u were in love if u aren't. still my fav savage garden song!)
(toma's definitely got angel eyes ne!)
(this is 1 of my fav songs from recent years about crushes/unrequited love.)
(it's really too mushy and some it doesn't sound right, but still a really sweet song if u don't pay too much attention to the lyrics.)

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