Saturday, October 4, 2008

day 1~ yui's happy birthday to you you






UPDATED THE BDAY POLL RESULTS GRAPHIC. FINALLY, more kisses than best wishes! they were close all along, but suddenly last week, lots more fans wanted to give toma a kiss. haha~ i changed the past results section at the bottom a little. the ANIMATION!! of the hearts/votes increasing each week. pretty cool, right? but sorry, it's kinda jumpy & i didn't have it "moving" from week 1-2.
whew, i'm glad it's really almost his bday & i'll only need 2 update it a couple more times! it looks pretty simple, but it takes me more time than u'd expect to update it each week. hahaha~

so, today's song~!
i found this song after i found NEWS' song, and i like this one a lot more!! =D
it's now my fav b-day song!! haha~ it's from 2007. i love the rock-y style, love the simple but sweet and touching lyrics, love yui's sweet voice and natural way of singing. and i love how i can actually sing a long with most of the song!! heehee~ i know, i know, the lyrics R quite repetitive, mostly happy b-day to you, but still, it's such a catchy & awesome song!! check out the eng. translation of the lyrics here:

here R my fav parts of the song:

I want you to stay near me all the time
And tell me your special dreams
Hope things go well from now on
I’ve got you a present too, happy birthday!

...From now on I’ll be with you even on hard days
I want to grow old with you like this

and i'm sure all toma fans can relate to what she's saying, right? that's how i feel about toma!! ahhh~ if only i could see him on his birthday, i could sing this song to him!! ~_~ well, actually, i'll just play the song for him and sing along. i'm a terrible singer. hahaha!

ja ne!


angelou said...

wow! nice song there what's your plan for this coming october 7? Thank you for voting. I hope Toma-chan will win. If he will win, I am sure that will be a big gift for his birhtday....
Ano...., where can i fing translated ikuta toma magazine articles?
Well, i send my registration to the ikuta toma int'l forum. hope they will accept me! hehehe Sayonara!

Anonymous said...

Eh? Isn't Japan's time only 6 Oct, 2:49 am now?
Why is your timer for Toma's bday already up?

savvy kate said...

angelou, i'm not sure...i'll certainly be here waiting for midnight in tokyo and then post something right after oct. 7 starts. =) i'll probably watch some TFS video clips about toma i've downloaded but haven't watched yet...i'll probably eat some of my fav foods & just be hyper all day. lol. & i'll wear my hana kimi tie, of course. xD

me too!! really really hope he wins. he certainly deserves it!

u can find translated mag. articles/news at the toma livejournal site! also the tomalicious forum! =)

i'm sure they'll accept u!! that forum is really an awesome place 4 toma fans!! lots of translations/video clips, news, etc.

savvy kate said...

anonymous, notice i said at the top of the counter that it's 8 hrs early! but since it's almost done counting down, i've removed the countdown clock on this page. i've added a clock with japan's current time so every1 can know exactly when it's midnight of oct. 7 in japan. =)