Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fine.

(screencap f/miriam's recent MV for I'll Meet You Tomorrow)

just thought of that song by REM...
thought it would make a cool title...

i think i will finish Maou tomorrow.
only episode 11 left!!
anxious! very nervous! and scared!
though i think i know what will happen!
i'm afraid i might cry~
(even though i almost never do f/watching dramas/movies)
no matter what happens~
cuz this is the end.

this is the last post by kate be4 the end.
the next time i post, i'll have finished watching it.

conflicted. i want to finish it, but i'll really miss it when it's over.

thank u 4 reading this post about~ nothing really. hai.

good night.


ng0canh said...

i love toma ikuta so muchhhh :x:x , just finished watching hana-kimi [ after hours surfing the internet boredly, then i found out the film... it's really worthful to spend over 8 hours in front of cp ,man] :x:x:x i've watched lots and lots clips about toma... he's so cool and talent. Love him , love him :x:x i'll visit japan one day,babe! moahhh.

savvy kate said...

hi ng0canh!

haha, another new fan discovers toma's awesomeness thanks to hana kimi! i know what u mean, i could just watch toma's video clips continuously, he is so addictive! =)