Friday, October 17, 2008

completely devoted/ h.k. SP rating/ dreams/ toma is the 4th most blogged about guy! / VOTE!


smilietoma-ism #58:
i'm hopelessly devoted to~ you~

[taken from Farrah's Hopelessly Devoted.

what a coincidence, there's a song in Grease called
Hopelesssly Devoted to You. =P]

[just wanted to a nice pic's maki! kawaii ne!

“Whatever I have tried to do in life, I have tried with all my heart to do it well; whatever I have devoted myself to, I have devoted myself completely; in great aims and in small I have always thoroughly been in earnest.”
—Charles Dickens (1812-70), novelist

THIS QUOTE REALLY REMINDS ME OF TOMA!! Truly~ he really does completely give 110% in all his performances! he really puts his heart and soul into each role, u can see it in his eyes. and that's why we love him. ~_~

...good news! i checked at wikipedia and saw that the hana kimi SP got 18.8%! pretty high ratings la! =) congrats, congrats! i really hope TFS can sub it soon, then I/we can watch it!!

......recently, i had some dreams about toma! you'd think that, me being such a huge fan, that i'd have dreams about him a lot, right? but it's actually really rare for me. anyway, i thought it was really cool, cuz in 1, he talked to me in the mall during christmas time, and in another, we were actually a couple!! *heart* well, it got me thinking about lucid dreaming, which i've been able to do a couple times a long long time ago. but it's harder than u think, and it can be scary, suddenly realizing you're in an imaginary world inside your mind!! but if u wanna try practicing it so u can literally meet toma in your dreams, go ahead! =) this could help:

...........yappari~ lots of japanese ppl blog about toma! i'm sure all of us fans do, right? cuz he's such an extremely important part of all our lives! hahaha~ i wonder what's his ranking for the most searched male celebrity, though. actually, for all of these kinda lists-- when i see the headline at AF, i would immediately think "i hope toma's on the list! i hope toma's on the list!" and sometimes he is, sometimes he isn't. i'm really happy this time he is, and #4, too!! sugoi!

[some screencaps of ppl blogging about toma in japanese. credits:

Oricon Ranking - Male Most Written About In Blogs,
Thursday October 9, 2008, Japan

No.1 Male Most Written About In Blogs is Oguri Shun

Yahoo has already revealed the Most Searched For Male (No.1 Ichihara Hayato). The site's search also revealed another component in the popularity index. So, what is popular right now as entries in many peoples' blogs ? From the blogs, the subject of the entries, keywords and such are extracted and the result is Oguri Shun shines at No.1 as the Male Most Written About In Blogs.

Working actively in movies, dramas and commercials, it safe to say that not a day goes by without seeing his face on television. To call him the number one actor currently is not an exaggeration. With many interested as well to where his romance with actress Yamada Yuu is heading, he has taken the No.1 spot in Male Most Written About In Blogs.

Male Most Written About In Blogs Ranking:

1. Oguri Shun
2. Ichihara Hayato
3. Akanishi Jin
4. Ikuta Toma
5. Tamaki Hiroshi
6. Sakurai Sho
7. Matsumoto Jun
8. Miura Haruma
9. Kimura Takuya
10. Eita

source: oricon
translations: unleashthegeek

.................. a friendly reminder: everyone in the USA, PLEASE VOTE!

whoever you pick, PLEASE DO VOTE! BUT ESPECIALLY REMEMBER TO VOTE IF YOU'RE FOR OBAMA! =D AND THANKS VERY MUCH, IN ADVANCE FOR VOTING FOR HIM! besides voting for the next PRESIDENT OF THE USA, there are important ballot measures you need to vote for. you can go to some of the websites below to learn more about the candidates/propositions, etc. that you're voting for. *SOME PROPOSITIONS/MEASURES ARE TRICKY, THEY DESCRIBE IT IN A GOOD WAY, BUT IT'S ACTUALLY A BAD ONE. YOU SHOULD GOOGLE "yes on proposition 1" and "no on proposition 1", for example, to make sure you get info from both sides and know exactly what you're voting for!*

also, notice i added the FREE RICE widget on the right.
[forgot this one! it's the best one to find info be4 u vote!!]
[register to vote, info about candidates, state officials, ballot measures...]
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today's post is quite short~
(it's post #201, btw! maybe i should do something special for post #300??)
still, i hope u enjoyed reading ne.
minna, gambatte kudasai! i will too! gambarimas!
take care, too~

until next time~

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blogger's acting up again.
just come back later if u have problems now.)


salome said...

i love Toma's picture in that blog screencap. it's very dramatic & artistic. Toma's so beautiful.

Arashi's song in the background. nice. do you know that Toma is close to Arashi's Matsumoto Jun?

i wonder what Toma's next projects will be. i hope it's a movie.

thanks for sharing all those information.

savvy kate said...

hi salome!

me too!! that pic is awesomeness!! i think i've seen a color version of that pic, but i'm not sure...

yeah, i love that song, & it always makes me think of how toma's a hero. =) yes, i've read about how he's close with him cuz they used to be grouped together. jun is so cute, too. hehe~

hmm...i hope he'll do more ads! of course, a part in a movie would be VERY COOL.

you're very welcome!
& thanks for your comments!

salome said...

yes, ads are good too. i'm imagining another D&G ad wherein he's wearing low-riding jeans (so the D&G logo can be seen) & bathing a dog. or, a D&G ad (again, with the low-riding jeans) where he's playing volleyball with MatsuJun on the beach.

for the movie, i'm thinking a character that is a cross between Peter Pan/The Crow/vampire. his weapon will be a sword & he'll have a scene wherein he has to fight naked.

oops, sorry if i'm corrupting your mind with my fantasies.

take care!

savvy kate said...

wait, has he already done an ad for D&G?? i wanna see it!!

whoa, let's keep things clean here, no dirty fantasies about toma, please! hahaha~

ummm...i think it would be cool if he gets a regular kinda role where he finally has a girlf. i'd like that very much, as long as they don't have any passionate kissing scenes!!

salome said...

sorry if that came out dirty. i didn't mean it that way. i was thinking about it in an artistic way (honest!). besides, Toma's not the type who will take off his clothes for senseless reasons. if you notice, he barely has any photo with his shirt off.

yap, he & MatsuJun are (or were?) models for D&G underwears. there are photos of his poster in the internet (can't remember where though).

he always do not get the girl in his dramas noh? i wonder why is that. maybe the shows' producers know that Toma fans are possessive & may have violent reactions if Toma gets the girl.

i saw a .gif in Tomalicious, of Toma's kissing scene in the stage play AZUMI. i was jealous!

by the way, can i have a copy of that black&white photo of the blog screencap?

savvy kate said...

hey salome~

souka. no problem, i believe u!
yes yes, that's true.

when was that? when they were teenagers? sa, i tried searching for pics, but can't find any.

lol. i'm sure that's something they worry about, but it's probably cuz toma is not yet famous enough to have the main lead role, so he's always the guy that loses the girl to the other guy. ah~ that infamous azumi kiss!! i envy the girls that get paired up with toma!! but i don't hate them, and i wouldn't (probably!) hate toma's future girlf either(IF i think she is pretty & good enough 4 toma! hahaha).

sure sure, i'll post up the pic for u and UV now!

salome said...

i have a photo of Toma's D&G ad. i know it's only this year, around the time he's doing MAOU. i think you might have seen it before.

i think MatsuJun was D&G model before Toma. not sure though.

savvy kate said...

cool! can u send it to me ( or post it up somewhere? thanks!! maybe i have seen it, but not sure...