Wednesday, October 1, 2008

rainy days in tokyo / VOTE FOR TOMA *NOW*! / randomness

(day 10: Viva -bond, day 9: alice's 1st time -fiona sit, day 8: comet -younha, day 7: happiness -arashi, day 6: In da club -beyonce, day 5: ikemen boogie)

rain.giftoma-ism #55:
(toma)Love will surely pour down like the rain~ on your birthday!
And everyday of the year,
(toma)Love will softly blow through like the wind~

[translated lyrics from Arashi's Truth. translated by: Taiji Project]


i wanted 2 post this up earlier, but
it's was so completely, unbelievably hot, didn't want my computer to have to suffer during the hottest part of the day. AT-SUI !!! hotttt!!! hidoy tenki des ne? (awful weather, isn't it?)

have u seen it? i changed the animation that links back to this page from Dear Toma...
it's also a pic f/the JE calendar. hehe~ u rarely see him in black and white, huh? i love how cool he looks, THAT pose, THAT wind-blown hair, THAT look on his face. kyaaa!! below's the big version of the pic, cuz the small version cannot do toma justice! kakkoiiiii! ~_~
(edit:do u see?? if u look closely, between his slightly pulled up shirt and his low-rise jeans!! some1 said toma's always photographed wearing this brand of underwear, too! whenever it shows up a little above his jeans, that is! ma, toma's certainly not shy about showing his underwear & showing off his favorite brand! hahaha.)

& now that i got your attention below,
(at least several times!!)

oh, i have a message for AZZIL & KRISTINNE!

******************** URGENT! *****************

PLEASE VOTE FOR TOMA NOW (deadline: oct.4 (1 PM) -japan time-)!
FOR THE 2008 Grand Prix 12th Nikkan Sports Drama Awards (4 the summer season dramas)!!

BUT i just closed my (firefox) browser and opened it, can vote again!! try it! (u can vote with the same email each time. but just in case, i used a diff email the 2nd time...)

translations/instructions of how to vote here! MANY THANKS TO SALAD FOR TELLING US HOW TO VOTE! xD


................... rainy days in tokyo

[credit: MarcusEngstrom,]

[this is in shibuya, tokyo! all my letters R supposed to go to the buildings located in the city of shibuya. =) credit: Alfie in Japan,]

well, u probably know, it's been raining a lot in tokyo for at least a couple weeks now. continuous thunderstorms and rain! so i looked for some rain in tokyo pics to get a feel of what it must be like over there for toma these days. and i found some nice pics i want to share with everybody here. =) also, check out some really nice pics in his Tokyo favorites set of pics!!

.................... u can call him TK or TC

i thought of 2 cool eng. names for toma!
TK or TC (toma-kun or toma-chan)!! xD
cuz IT or TI both sound weird...
UV and i were talking about 2-letter names in the comments. haha~
and i am SK (savvy kate) or KS!

............... toma's hair color is back to black now!!

i just noticed that after watching the video clip here! thanks to xanderave for uploading it [and credit to xanerave for the cute screencap above]!! but now i remember i already saw a pic of him with black hair earlier, i just didn't notice and cuz it was 1 of those super air-brushed pics. haha~ but the Grease poster looks so...! ummm. toma looks weird in that pic! it reminds me of the kinda weird promotional pics for Cat in the Red Boots. yeah~ IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE HE'S LEFT HIS HAIR JUST BLACK NE!! i think he must have been in his teens, the last time he had just black hair. anyway, he looks gorgeous as usual, and his hair is growing out...he looks a little more natural, serious, and mature with black hair. =D

[*kyaaa!! again!!* love the pose, love the look. just don't like how they completely airbrushed him! a little blurry! wonder if this is for some kinda ad? hmmm... looks like it... credit: yamapink's blog,]

........................ because of toma, i'm liking all things japanese

after i started to like toma, i found myself liking all things japanese and noticing japan in the news or on tv more. haha~ i guess a lot of toma fans are like that too, though. i like j-pop now, i like looking 4 nice photos of japan at flickr to use for my desktop bg, i like learning some japanese (i like the language!), i rooted for some japanese athletes during the olympics, i like certain foods that remind me of japan, i like certain clothes, even, that make me think of japan, i like listening to songs that remind me of japan... i check out the japanese programs (some with no subtitles) sometimes just to listen to some ppl talk in japanese on my tv (btw, my family loves the show Ninja Warrior. haha!), even if it's just airing commercials or news. hahaha~ i even get slightly offended if i see japanese ppl being stereotyped on tv or ppl saying something bad about japan or japanese ppl online. it's as if i feel like i'm part japanese now, cuz i'm toma's fan! of course, i don't like or understand all things about japan, but for the most part, i like it a lot more cuz i like toma and it's where toma lives. heehee~ ;)

......................... some AF news

cool!! toma makes it on this list for the first time! Anan's poll for readers' favorite male star. though he's 21st place out of 30, but STILL. congrats, toma-kun!! his popularity is still increasing!! ^__^ and it's amazing kimutaku got the #1 spot for 15 years straight!!
w o w.

[go here for the news & full list]

i was reading this news, and i now i understand why toma got to be an honorary police chief for a day. so, sometimes celebrities just get to be police chief for a day to help the police promote something. =) and toma got some kinda parade, too, that day! he got to sit in a car and wave to ppl, probably!
[Actress Ai Takabe becomes honorary police chief for a day]

[Are you Avex's next Japanese star?]

this is news about an Avex star search, they're looking for young talented people from the USA who want to become a famous singer/actor in japan. if you're talented and interested, go ahead and try to get an audition! i dunno when the deadline is, so check it out ASAP. AND DON'T FORGET TO THANK ME WHEN YOU'RE FAMOUS! and maybe lend me some money! lol. kidding!

[credit: fujitv]

[hana kimi SP preview screening news! =D ]

(found a short clip of the hana kimi SP preview news here. there was another one, but it's already deleted! oh, i checked out the official website ( but seems like they only added a kinda vlog for 3 of the girls from the Hiromi 4....i love how this website's got all the flowers flying out in the bg!! *__* ) [haha~ check this out. it's the simpler, eng. version of the website. "WE ARE NO. 1!" funny how they announce that right away!]

..................... NEW PLATIAL MAP MEMBERS =)

sorry for the late welcome!


gucia_chan (Poland), ZS (Turkey), mitsuki_no_yume (France), and laura_gouineau!

u can go here to see their pics/messages for toma.


Anonymous said...

hi Kate! i loved Toma's photo with his black hair. he had such a glow - kinda like he's in love.

thanks for sharing.

savvy kate said...

hi salome620! =) you're welcome!
yes, i love that pic, too!! <3
i agree! ahhh~ toma cuteness~

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Hohoho...I realised much later that I only mentioned IT, and not TI...totally left my mind, although I do call him Toma first name first as in non-Japanese style. But IT stood out a little more. But...but...I don't think I could call him TK...haha...b/c I'm already using that for Takeshi Kaneshiro. So, I think I'll just call him Toma.

Yes, black hair is awesome!

Hmmm, the Grease poster is totally photoshopped & airbrushed but so much that it sorta makes Toma doesn't look like Toma anymore. It kinda looks futuristic instead of back to the old days. Oh well.

savvy kate said...

hey ultraviolet! u're right. haha. cuz 2-letter names only sound cool if they end in a consonant, i think. that's why TI sounds worse than IT!
i like TK, cuz it also makes me think of Toma Kate. hahaha! but i'll still call him toma. just maybe use TK sometimes 4 fun. =P

exactly!! it's like it's some1 else and not toma. 0_o but if the point is to get ppl's attention, then mission accomplished! haha.

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