Tuesday, October 14, 2008

reminisce...about takemoto-kun
toma-ism #57 :

Love should be real
Love should be bold...

Love makes you beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
...Love never fails.

[lyrics f/terrence howard's Love Makes You Beautiful,

pic credit: aussigal, http://www.flickr.com/photos/aussiegall/465898486/]

some random LOVE quotes~

- Lisa: my 1st crush made me to terrible things and made me sad. in the end, it made me feel horrible and broke my heart.
Marge: welcome to love, Lisa. it's full of doubt, pain, and uncertainty. then 1 day, you'll find a man that you love so much, it hurts.

[from The Simpsons, *not an exact quote!*]

- love is a sweet torment. -?

- never forget that the most powerful force on earth is love. -?

hi there!
it's about time for an update, right? =) usually, i try to have at least 3 new posts a week... but i need to finish Maou, then after that i can catch up with toma stuff, then i can have more material/ideas of what to write here. so i'm sorry if i don't update as often these days, ok? during the times when u come and there's no new post, please feel free to read some old posts from the archive!
minna, gomen! (everyone, sorry!)

[i made this. sorry, it's a little jumpy! i love how the wind was blowing his hair so gently & beautifully in this scene. & i just love his hairstyle & color in this drama!]

...i'll never forget takemoto-kun! the Shorts Prince!
he was really really cute, kind, and sweet! ~_~ ok, so he was also too shy/not confident enough/a pushover, but still, he was a really GOOD GUY!
I STILL HOPE THAT ANYONE THAT GAVE UP ON HACHIKURO AFTER A COUPLE EPISODES WILL TRY WATCHING THE WHOLE SERIES SOMETIME, CUZ THOUGH IT CAN BE QUITE SLOW-MOVING OR FRUSTRATING TO SEE ALL THE UNREQUITED LOVE STORIES, TOMA REALLY DID A REMARKABLE JOB IN PORTRAYING TAKEMOTO. AND HE MANAGED TO DO THIS WHILE HAVING TO WEAR SHORTS DURING THE REALLY COLD WINTER WEATHER, TOO! SUGOI! ...because of toma and takemoto, i started wear knee-length shorts a lot. haha~ ever since i was watching hachikuro from the start of the year till now....it's gonna be tough to still wear them in the winter, though!! recently there was a few days of really cold weather (around 15 degrees C/ 60 degrees F), and already my legs were freezing. it's amazing toma didn't get sick, it was SNOWING at some point during filming and he was in shorts! of course, he had heat packs 2 keep help him keep warm, but still...it's amazingly he didn't get sick!

anyway, here are some songs that made me think of takemoto! the first song makes me think of what he must have felt when he took off on his long bicycle trip!
(listen to it here) http://www.imeem.com/people/PQHKtn/music/Q_Dx17WL/yellowcard_way_away/
(lyrics here) http://www.metrolyrics.com/way-away-lyrics-yellowcard.html

but this 2nd song really really describes takemoto's unrequited love well!! it sounds so nice, and i love it when song lyrics paint beautiful pictures in your mind...but it's actually a sad song ne. i used to listen to this song over and over and i loved it even be4 knowing what it meant. =) i hope you'll like it too!

(listen here): http://www.imeem.com/samuel1226/music/BUR15fy1/miriam_yeung_miriam_yeung_a_taste_of_love_tvb_theme/

[lyrics below translated by the webmaster of TheCreativeCircle,

A Taste of Love
's sub-themesong by Miriam Yeung

(the song title translates to Delicacy sentiment reason. i've got no idea what it's supposed to mean! -kate)

[a lovely HK sunset! credit: Jon Bower, http://www.flickr.com/photos/8336702@N07/704494873/]

All is quiet when the sun sets
As the sky grows dark
Losing all of its bright sunlight
Reading the letter you wrote
I’m reading it once more with care
But my thoughts cannot escape

My memories contain some good ones
Most of them would cause people to dance in joy
Where once I held them dear in my hands
Romance in a dream is like a fleeting dance

# Let’s find the reason for my heart’s happiness
Who can actually lock themselves behind close doors
Happiness and sorrow will chase after your shadow
But if they never catch you, what will the ending be?

The stars are like diamonds in the sky
Like fireworks exploding, creating intricate patterns
What exactly is romance (love)?
Is it like the legendary dragon high in the mountain?
That only appears every so often
Whose story contains both joy and sadness

I don’t know how to pass each day
When much of them are spent in sorrow
But it also holds some sweet times too
I guess experiencing happiness before is enough
For who can go through life without experiencing pain

Repeat ##

Let’s find the reason for clear skies turning cloudy
Who can actually explain why rain turns into rainbow?
I was touched deeply once so if the world is to drown
I would’ve learned that happiness and pain differs by only one kiss


angelou said...

did ikuta win as best actor in nikkan?

uhm, i would like to watch maou but it takes a lot of time to load... do you have a downloadable maou series? if you have... can i ask for one?


savvy kate said...

the results have not been announced yet. i'll definitely post the results whenever they have it!

the best way to watch it is to dload the high-quality version from stormy team @ LJ! u can download it here (but have to join the community to first): http://community.livejournal.com/stormy_team/52310.html#cutid1