Tuesday, October 7, 2008

FINAL UPDATE of the bday poll results graphic / more TK b-day stuff/ TOMALICIOUS.COM!!!!

(with all this toma b-day stuff, i have been slacking off on posting toma-isms. they'll be back soon...)

it's hot again!! =(

ok, i've updated the bday poll results graphic for the last time. didn't expect there'd be ppl voting even on his birthday! 8 ppl! doumo! =) this is the last update. mmmm...it sounds so FINAL. it all started 2 months ago...and now it's finally finished! well, at least now the right side of both blogs have a lot more space freed up! not as cluttered w/stuff. still...even if toma never sees it, just the fact that so many fans took part in making something meaningful 4 toma, which all of us can see and like what it resulted in... that makes all the time i spent on making/updating it worthwhile!! =)
i hope next year i'll be able 2 think of something as great to make 4 toma's b-day!! of course, i'd love to make it a group effort of fans f/all over the world again, too. ~_~

ma, i dunno when toma will be able to see this b-day present we made him, so i'll leave up the bday graphic & other stuff 4 a long long time! =) maybe i'll just leave it up till i come up with something else for toma's b-day in 2009! lol. ummm...i don't think there'll be any kinda TL! xmas project, but we'll see...

so today's oct. 7 in my timezone. technically it's toma's b-day, but i know that in japan, his b-day has past, so i don't have that same happy feeling today ne. plus the extreme heat is sapping a lot of my energy. but if u want to, go ahead and celebrate TK's (toma-kun's) b-day today, too, if it's oct. 7 in your timezone. =) well, actually, u can celebrate all week or even all month if u want!! lol. WHO CAN STOP YOU?? hahaha~

yappari, lots of toma fans made things/posted stuff to celebrate toma's b-day!!
check out some happy b-day toma stuff here:
& u can check out some bday posts at the toma LJ site, and here's some toma fanmade b-day videos: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=toma+ikuta+birthday&search_sort=video_date_uploaded
and the one i made for toma last year is here, in case you haven't seen it. please don't mind that it's not that good. haha~ also, TFS has a bunch of new scanlations/video clips up!! AWESOMENESS!! =D i've gotta go dload!

and saving the best for last: the lovely, brilliant, generous, amazing , ANGELIC staff of Tomalicious have just launched today/yesterday, the only toma fansite (that i know of) in eng.: TOMALICIOUS.COM!!!

EHHHHHHHH!!! =0 i knew there was a fansite coming, but i totally forgot about it and to suddenly see it up today!!! xD DOUBLE AWESOMENESS!! though not all the sections are up yet, but there's plenty of cool stuff there now. a lot of toma info for those OCD, tomaddicted ppl like me who MUST LEARN as much about him as possible. haha! it's even got toma's magazine & work schedules!! & i love how all his tomagoto entries R there too!! i hope the old ones i haven't seen are there too. and of course, lots of toma goodies-- videos, gallery, translations, etc. just have to register first. ahhhhhhhh~ check it out! and remember to link to it! =D

this is completely off-topic, but u HAVE TO see this!! did u hear about these 2 monkeys that work at a japanese restaurant?? SO CUTE & HELPFUL!! lol. i just saw this last night. go here to see the news & video clip of them working there! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7654267.stm

signing off,

(no need 2 ask me,
everyone-chan can call me kate-chan! =P
wait, what's the feminine version of -kun or is it unisex? but i've heard ppl say toma-kun, shun-kun, etc., but never anything like maki-kun for the girls. can some1 explain this 2 me?? doumo!)


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to congratulate you on the well done work of getting Toma's birthday graphics - fans project up.

It was my first Toma birthday this year. It was nice and new (between other stuff to do).

Take care.

savvy kate said...

thanks, UV! i hope toma will get to see it sometime...

my 2nd time celebrating toma's b-day! but i was a lot more excited and did a lot more things to wish toma a happy b-day this year, so i really felt happy & hyper when his b-day finally came. ~_~

ummm...i will really try 2 finish Maou soon so i can finally go back to the AF thread and catch up on other toma stuff. =T