Wednesday, December 2, 2009

toma's new Lotte ACUO CM!! *_* (and his 2009 Goo Ranking)

SUGOI!! didn't know he'd be doing more for them.

watch it here:
(thanks to strawberry_gemm for the link!)

it's another silly one, but toma's so cute in it.
and i love seeing toma in cozy winter clothes,
at night, in the street w/all the pretty lights in the bg...
i dunno, i like the cold, WINTER feel~ of it, hai~.

is that girl is just supposed to just be his friend, since he was paired up with a different girl before?? i guess it doesn't matter. haha. and we see his sensei f/the other CM again. i think it's really funny how in all the CMs, they have to hold the gum up, facing the camera, somewhat awkwardly, all the time, like that. LOL. i wonder what they're saying they can do with their cellphones at the end, though...maybe they can win something?? anyway...this gum can get you out of all kinds of sticky (pun intended!) situations, i guess!! buy some and bring it everywhere with you, it'll come in handy!! :P

i have 2 packets of this ACUO gum with me right now. and i'm chewing it too. haha. i buy them from the mitsuwa market sometimes. again, it's just a typical minty gum. but since toma is promoting it, i'll buy it!! xD

also, toma was 8th place in the 2009 Goo Keyword Ranking (male & female list) top 20!
omedetou, toma-kun!! Goo is a major japanese search engine, like Google. BUT TOMA WAS #1 LAST YEAR?? Wow, can't believe i forgot that!! =0 but this year he's right behind hiro and he got a higher rank than ohno and yamashita!! yeyyy. =) see the list of the top 20 male and female celebrities here:

(credit: TIM 【Jo.In】, XQ)
oh, also, i forgot to mention this before,
i know we already saw how his hair is in the clips f/hanamizuki,
(but most of that was a simple, bangs across the forehead style for the "old" toma, and that's not as nice as this current style) but only saw it clearly in pics in the photoshoot w/yamashita and the pics f/the concert. kakkoii, neeee. it's like a shorter version of the VOICE hair...i really like it. ^_^


im_amot said...

doumo kate chan ..

acuo gum .. i dont know where to buy here in my country .. want to taste it too and become like dork Toma... ahaks LOL

and you're right .. his hair now is awesome .. and i'm wondering recently how is toma will looks like if he has hair like Jin? must be too kakoi naaa !!!!

kate☂ said...

doumo, im_amot-chan! ^^

souka. =P it's quite an ordinary gum minty gum...but i know what u mean!! well, maybe u might find it online?? sells some LOTTE gum, but not the kind toma's promoting. =[

u mean long like jin? ehh...i think that it might be kinda long for toma though.