Friday, December 18, 2009

new xmas banners! :D and 1 of my fav toma gestures...scratching behind his ear~

doumo!! kate desu.
new xmas banners! hai~

the pic above is actually from osaka, xmas lights in a residential area. =) i've seen tons of xmas pics in tokyo and around japan, but this is the 1st time i see how some ppl decorate their homes w/xmas lights. pretty!! i like how they mostly use BLUE lights there (any1 know why??). it just looks a lot cooler, blue lights ne! and the dear toma... pic is from somewhere in tokyo. =)

here are links to some more nice residential area xmas lights, by the way.

-- yokohama residential area XMAS LIGHTS

-- OSAKA XMAS LIGHTS residential

(credit: zoe, i think...)

today i watched an old video clip of toma, jun, nino, aiba in stand by me, on stage, being interviewed, etc. (don't remember where i got it, but i still got way too many video clips i downloaded but haven't watched yet. aiyaaaa.) THEY ARE ALL SOOOOO ADORABLE at that age!!!♥ and toma was the youngest, only 12, while the others were 13 or 14. anyway...besides being impressed by toma's and the other guys' performance despite that they were just little kids then, i noticed that since BACK THEN, toma already had the habit of scratching behind his ear when he was nervous/thinking/embarassed!!

i think i noticed this habit of his since hana kimi...during interviews or even as nakatsu (i think?), he would do that sometimes...he does it mostly during interviews. i guess some habits/gestures just stay with u for life. xD but i think it's cute when he does that, usually when he's nervous or confused or in a thoughtful mood. i'm sure other fans have noticed it besides me?? haha. well, like that "airplane" gesture that toma often did...he also did it when he was little too, right? he hasn't done it since after H&C, though...

also, f/a fan sighting i read at xdustbunnys' LJ,
during majosai filming, he has a habit of playing with
the curls at the nape of his neck!! ah...kawaii na!! *__*


Aizat said...

haha..adorable :P

kate☂ said...

hey aizat!
TOMAdorable!! :D

Subtle_Hints said...

I love Toma so so much! and somehow, at least a part of Christmas reminds me of Toma because the first video I saw of him was when he sang White Christmas, and I just knew, he's one of the most talented actors that ever was ^__^

kate☂ said...

hey subtle_hints!! ^^
i swear, i wrote this newest post be4 seeing yr comment...that's so true for me too...when it's xmas, i'll think of toma singing White Christmas cuz it might have been the first time i watched a video of him singing!! i didn't realize what u knew then, but i thought he was soooo cute when singing and his dancing was awesome...ah... <3

im_amot said...

toma's habit .. so kawai ne !!!

kate @usa said...

ve~ry KA~WAII!!! ^.^