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oh, akemashitte omedetou!!
happy new yr, everyone!!

THOUGH HE'S SUPER POPULAR THIS YR, I DIDN'T EXPECT HIM TO SHOW UP AT THE CONCERT AT ALL!!! WHAT A GREAT SURPRISE!! SUGEH!! i haven't even watched the clip yet, but i'm so HYPER right now, just knowing he was singing some songs and seeing that pic of jun/toma/yamapi. *____*

(on xmas day, got to see toma's full ningen trailer.
today, new yrs's eve, get to see toma sing @the countdown. SUGOI!!!!)

this is the perfect way 4 toma to start his yr.
ahhh... yokatta!!

so, i'm just gonna quickly show u some comments i saw about this and all the info and links u need are in there. douzo!

edit: ah!! toma is so adorable!! and he and yamapi had their arms around each other while singing. kyaa!! so hyper right now!! so fun to watch all the johnnys guys having fun and singing together.... here's 2 caps of our toma, though i'm sure there will be much more high quality video/caps soon. heehee. just gotta post these up right away though!! oh, and i like his white/silver shiny outfit w/the stringy things hanging down. heehee. kawaii!!! *__*

---------- from the Tomalicious chatbox:

1 Jan 10, 03:59
Tomoe: arigatou karafuru0409 for sharing! she even provided a link for youtube steam:
1 Jan 10, 03:55
Tomoe: picture of Jun x Toma x Pi at the countdown,
1 Jan 10, 03:54
1 Jan 10, 03:53
Fatoom: Happy New Year ^___^
1 Jan 10, 03:53
Kajitha: kyaa just saw Toma on Johnny's countdown <3
1 Jan 10, 02:43
1 Jan 10, 01:53
iluvtoma: Yay! Toma in JE countdown
1 Jan 10, 00:56
xng: happy new year!!!!
31 Dec 09, 23:50
ameonna: i love the camera at the countdown! its always zooming in at toma's face! HAHA!
31 Dec 09, 23:50
ameonna: TOMA on countdown!

-------- from:

[info]karafuru0409 wrote:
Dec. 31st, 2009 04:12 pm (UTC)
He was there singing at least two or three songs with many other Johnny's, I couldn't even focus enough to figure out who, I was too excited to pay attention anymore XD

[info]muymuy28 wrote:
Dec. 31st, 2009 07:12 pm (UTC)
How was Toma's singging? Please do tell!

Tomapi! Kyaa Kyaa! I love you both!

@2nd pix: is that MatsuJun X Toma X Yamapi?!?! Please confirm.

[info]karafuru0409 wrote:
Dec. 31st, 2009 07:24 pm (UTC)
You can see it here but it's not like you're able to tell, they are all singing at the same time, LOL.

And yep, that's definetly the three of them in the two pictures!!

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kate @2011. lol. said...

what happened to yamashita's hair?? it looked so...limp/weird. >_<

i watched most of the countdown show...didn't see toma appear any other time except in part 4/7, i think!! iya~ it's so fun to watch every1 singing and having fun though. ARASHI as mc's was awesome, too!! *__*

ultraviolet_p1 said... too I watched the rest, just in case he appeared somewhere else. Sparkly and silverly white clothes...dashing Toma.

And totally..about Yamapi's hair. During Toma's part, and when he was singing with the other two...(although I read it was Yamapi + Jun, somehow, it was more excitement of Toma on Countdown, and rushed over to watch). As with the quality anyay, I saw Toma! I saw Jun, and really didn't see Yamapi properly, cos after that part 4/7 clip ended, I suddenly thought, eh, can't recall the 3rd guy..was it Pi. Then during watching the start, when the bands started to appear, I looked out for NEWS, I didn't realise the first guy was Yamapi...cos yeah, the hair is just strangely not quite right in someway. Not styled enough..? Just not his usual straight good hair. Hee...I liked Jun's hair, real chic.

salome said...

hi Kate. there's a full video of the Countdown at Newshfan's LJ. Toma did not appear until the middle of the show but the fans screamed when he was introduced. after their number, Toma can be seen backdancing for Kinki Kids & their daisempai Masahiko. he appeared mostly at the background until the end, where he was again with Yamashita.

Jun's hairstyle is like Toma's in MajoSai.

in spite of the coarseness, i like Yamashita's hair because it shows his full face.

kate@2011 said...

hey paige! u too? heehee. :D yeah, he's all sparkly and silverly!! i LOVE how toma's always got more accessories on than the other guys...kak~koii!!

hai!! i almost didn't recognize yamashita in the blurry video, cuz his hair makes him look so bad this time...jun's hair was cool, and he really looked so happy, it made me smile. ^^ but he kept messing with toma while they were singing + during toma's intro of the next singers. baka!! xD

hi salome!
ah, thanks! but i'm hoping some1 will put all the parts that toma appeared together in 1 video, then i'll download that. haha. thanks for telling me when he appeared...i'll go look for him in those parts now, since there's a clearer version @youtube now!! ^-^

kate@2011 said...

YEY. WATCHED MORE PARTS AND FOUND R my notes of when/where he appears, to help u find him!! douzo! :D

[toma sings with jun and yamashita!! at 2.30 and 4.40]

[at the very start of the video, he's behind koichi. wow...toma backdancing after so long.... i'm sure it was easy 4 him though, 4 sure, he still remembers all the dance moves!! ^^ SUGOI, love to see toma dancing!!!!]

[LOL. i watched this whole clip, couldn't see him. i watched the next clip, spotted him, saw his outfit, then went back to look for him in this clip. TOTALLY DID NOT SEE HIM BEFORE I KNEW WHAT HE WAS WEARING?! but now i see him clearly!! thus, these notes for any1 else having trouble spotting him. but it's easy, once u know what he's wearing!! :D

toma's in the back, on the left side, behind ohno. a black top and copper/brown, tight, shiny pants. lol. i don't like the pants color, but toma looks cool in BLACK!! and again, he's got that string/fabric thingy around his neck that swings around when he's dancing. <3 i love toma's stringy accessories!! again, LOVE to see him dancing!! he really looks like he's having fun, too. ^_^ ah, must be so nostalgic. (makes me think of toma not debuting again, though. >_<)

u can see him at the start of the song, then at 1.22, then 1.42, then around 1.51. after that, when they're freely walking around, singing, u can see toma a lot more clearly. ^^ he pretty much stayed in the back area, though, and did not stand close to yamashita this time.

I LOVE HOW HYPER ohno is!!! LOL. and nino's such a cutie!! all the arashi guys R so cute and hyper the whole show, though. xD at 1 point in this clip, nino had his arm around yamashita here while they were singing, but i almost couldn't tell that it was yamapi!! EH!! his hair makes him look so different!!! only way i could tell it's him throughout the show is the red band on his arm...

[u can see toma at 1.35, walking around in the background as ohno's talking! and at 2.32, standing next to yamashita in the background, on the right side. =)]


oh, in case any1 is interested. haha. NYC BOYS!! SO CUTE!! i seriously have a crush on yuma. *_* though i really hope they don't become a permanent group. yuma (and kento and the other 2 guys) and chinen and yamada already have their own respective groups! don't force them to be in 2!! =[
[nyc boys!! around 2min mark @countdown]
[NYC BOYS (glow in the dark!!) @60th Kouhaku Uta Gassen]

ultraviolet_p1 said...

I noticed that too about joyful Jun. I remember some moments, his face lifted slightly, and full smile and one outstretched hand. I just thought, that looks like a wonderful moment to screen-cap (if I was a fan). And Arashi looked all so happy and animated singing that song with sunflower mics. Hehehe

Oh, that is why, I didn't see him much after the white outfit, cos Toma changed...oh okie. I'll check them out now in the newer files saved.

OOh..salome mentioned that Yamapi's hair shows more of his face...true...maybe because the unfamiliarity is Pi without the usual fringe of some sort. Maybe that it why he looks different. Seriously, I recognised all of NEWS, even Ryo from the Kanjani8 stage..and, Pi? was he first one I didn't recognsie...but of course the first few files were not very clear quality.

kate@2011 said...

sou dayo! i screencapped jun smiling, actually! lol. though all the arashi guys were so happy that night, jun just like....radiated happiness in some moments....ahhh, so totally happy, that guy!! *_*

yes, i didn't expect him to change either! but i guess in order to match w/everyone else for the's funny how toma also said his white outfit was the most sparkly thing he ever wore or something like that!! xD

oh, salome is right...and that must be why he looks so different...but it's not a good look for him, IMO. =/

Anonymous said...

while me, im like sunako nakahara, getting nosebleeds when i stare at toma's sexy pics. its the effect on me, thats why idont dare looking at those XD

kate☂ said...

really? haha...'s a little hard for me to look at his sexy pics, too. it just makes me feel so...!! he's just too hot. 0_0

why did u comment all the way down here though?? i mean....if u have something to say about my post, u can say it in a comment below the post. but if u're just talking to me about something else, u can use the chatbox! =)