Thursday, December 24, 2009

may your days be merry and br~ight...and may all your christmases be whi~te!!♪ -toma♥

ah~ it's here.

and the title, it's from when toma sang White Christmas at Shounen Club in 2005, remember??♥♥ u can watch him singing & dancing on that night here:

a very merry, one and all!
(andy said this on According to Jim. i like it!!)

happy xmas eve to those of u where it's still dec.24!!
and merry christmas to TOMA and those of u where it's already dec.25!! ^_^

ah, i don't have anything special prepared for toma this yr. oh well...the fan art i counts as a bday AND xmas present too, i spent so much time on them!! haha...

well, i only have this "xmas card" for toma and everyone!! i like the quiet mood of xmas in a cafe somewhere in japan...

(credit: bulbhead, by petite corneille.
YES, i totally copied toma's message. gomen ne, toma-kun!!)

....just checked at Tomalicious, no tomagoto xmas post yet. or probably toma already posted about xmas, but it hasn't been translated yet.

(for this, as well as all pics below, click on it to see the FULL version, kudasai.)

i already posted up toma's xmas/new yr messages f/the magazines, but here's 1 that u haven't seen yet. it's from POTATO, i forgot...thanks to enshinge for the scan!! i dunno where she posted it up at her LJ, but here's the link to her LJ: i think probably toma said the same thing as his other messages, but if it's different, could someone PLEASE TRANSLATE IT FOR ME??? THANK YOU!!♡

and here's a bunch of xmas/new yr messages from other johnny's boys from the jan. 2010 issue of winkup and duet!!!★★ i like how some of them tried to draw xmas stuff on there, too!! of course, ohno drew the most out of every1 on their message. haha. i think i like B.I. Shadow's the best, though~

oh, and yuma and kento wrote something to everyone/their fans?? i'm not sure. if anyone could possibly translate their messages for me, i would be very happy!!

oh, also, here's yamashita's and toma's xmas messages from 2007, i think. (credit: could someone also tell me what toma wrote??

(lol. gomen ne, so many translation requests this time!! ^^;)

merry xmas, everyone~! :D


mood: drunk (not really, but i just like this pic!! xD)
[credit: subliminalicon]


Anonymous said...

Hai kat-chan I translated the first message from toma this one:

Akemashite omedetougozaimasu. Ni010 nen yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Ikuta Toma

Which means: Happy new Year. For year 2010 too, please look after me.

Funny thing is that he used the Kanji for 2 and then wrote 010 xD
Little baka! xD

OHa nd btw the new Nngen Shikkaku Trailer is uP!

kate @usa said...

careline-chan, arigatou!! though it's just a simple message, but i like how toma wrote his messages. and this 1, with the 2 in kanji, but then 010. heehee. :P

THANKS SO MUCH 4 TELLING ME!! that's the best xmas present for me. *_* wah...sugoi. so sad and dark. & all the different women he's with...!! can't wait to watch it, though, really looks like a good, meaningful movie...and youzou seems more cheerful than i expected...

but FALLEN ANGEL is not quite the right way to describe his character...hmm... cuz it's not like he's evil...but i guess it's a way to describe his not being normal....and why they use that ave maria song. i'm uncomfortable thinking of youzou as an "angel" though. -__-