Monday, December 21, 2009

dec 22, 1 yr later (in JST time). PART II OF MY INTERACTIVE FAN FICTION!!!!!! xD meeting toma again in tokyo...

IT'S TRUE. starryB60.gifstarryB60.gif

i am continuing my story (fan fiction) f/dec. of last year.
(if u haven't read it, read it here:

blackheart.gifblackheart.gifGO HERE to read what i've got up so far:

i have been brainstorming/finding pics/looking for locations, etc. for a month now, but only started writing on dec.7, and then stuff kept getting in the i'm still not DONE!!! i wanted so BADLY to finish it and post it all up by dec. 22, 3.19pm, JST time. (that's the time i or u "met" toma in the first story). but then, actually...i guess it's good to just post it up a little at a time, it feels more suspenseful/exciting this way??? (sorry, i'm totally making up excuses~)

this time, i'm writing it using pen and paper, believe it or not. i was only gonna use the little notebook/pad to write down ideas and notes and whatnot, but then when i started writing, i thought i'd be cool to have this version of the story all on paper and then just type it in later...since i tend to edit it more later anyway....yeah....and it's like a REAL little book this time, this way. lol. i love that!!

i said this story would be shorter, but i keep getting more ideas should still be shorter than last yr's but it's still gonna be quite long! lol. it can't be helped....

oh, i used the toma screencap f/LOTTE cuz it's a pretty night street scene of toma and a girl, and in my story, u meet him in the street at night so....just imagine that girl is u, instead. lol.

but for various reasons (mainly cuz "me" and toma r friends now!), i LOVE LOVE my story even more this time, and i hope u will too!!!

i am very close to finishing the story, but so far i've only posted up the start of it. SUMIMASEN!! i will really try to type it up soon and post it up little by little....

flashingHEART_icon_s309.gif MERRY XMAS!!!!!!! :D

please look forward to my updates ne!!!
yoroshiku onegaishimas!!

gotta go to sleep now.
only got 5 hrs of sleep last night cuz i wanted to make time to keep writing!! but it's worth it if i can at least finish writing it on paper by tomorrow, the day i "met" toma!! gambarimas!! and i'm have so much fun writing this too. lol. ah, toma-kun!!! i love this new fantasy about me (you) and toma!!!

(if u don't really understand what i'm saying,
just go to the links, i've explained more
at the top of my old story and my new story too!)

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