Monday, December 7, 2009

ano....just some pics to share.

i hope everyone had a good weekend.

so, this is one of those meaningless posts, but i really wanna update, so this will have to do for now. haha. sumimasen! i will try to post about toma ASAP, though. he wrote new messages, went drinking with jun (& mao??) and NEW TOMA MAGAZINE PICS. AAAH... jan. 2010 pics are tomalicious, all of the major magazines, this kakkoii. ah....hounto ni!!

ja...i went to mitsuwa and book-off recently. i didn't see the ningen shikkaku book w/toma's pic on the cover, but i saw the regular version and also books about dazai. couldn't take a pic of that, but maybe next time. it's cool to see that cuz of the movie, the book is popular again, even here i see it. sugeh! it's such a small novel, though. i expected it to be thicker.

toma all wrapped up for us!! lol. this is from the table of contents of the jan.2010 POPOLO that i bought. POPOLO is a HUGE MAGAZINE!! bigger than myojo, even. i love it. so many huge, glossy pics of so many johnnys guys i like. ^_^

nicely wrapped gift box sets at mitsuwa. all so shiny & pretty... :D xmas is coming...

i bought 1 of the eng. version of the hana kimi manga at book-off. i chose this one just cuz nakatsu's on the cover. totally forgot to read the synopsis! but lucky me, this one was kinda nakatsu-heavy and i was flipping thru it, there's a part where he kisses mizuki on the forehead as she's sleeping!! awwww!!! wish this was a scene in the drama!! ♥♥

oh, also bought the last book of hachimitsu to clover (Japanese version), and i'm surprised how extremely similar the drama's ending is to the manga ending!!! wow. it's really almost like the manga come to life....ii neeee. it's a nice keepsake... these things make me nostalgic too, i miss nakatsu and takemoto both. oh, and i bought a snack, mostly cuz i think the pic outside of the little pea cartoon guys are cute!! LOL.

that's all for today.
this has been kate.

matta ne.

random pic...the moon rising thru some
thin clouds early evening. kinda cool, huh? :P


thanks to my new followers for following this blog! 52 now!! yokatta. ^o^/

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