Wednesday, December 16, 2009

some movie updates f/the websites /cool things from LJ....

i'm back~
another late night post.
a long one, too...

so, i checked out the official websites of toma's movies (i just posted the links up on the right), and there are some updates!!
*__* i saw at the bottom of the ningen site, the date 2010.2.20. i think this must be the movie's release date?? chigao ka? (is that right?) it's a saturday. hmm. american movies r usually released on friday, but i dunno about japanese movies.

can someone tell me, is it the release date?? if it's true, i'll go circle the date on my calendar right away!!♥ heehee~ even if i can't watch it until probably many months later... and this must be where to buy the advance tickets toma was asking everyone to go buy!! and these tickets come with special "stroke of the pen" tags, which i dunno what they are, but they look nice. :)

and i saw these pics of gakky posted up at hanamizuki's site.
she looks cute here. ~_~ (no pics of toma, of course. =/)


I DIDN'T CHECK THE SEASIDE MOTEL WEBSITE, CUZ THEY NEVER GAVE US A LINK. -__- WHY DON'T THEY TELL US THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR SEASIDE MOTEL?? there must be a website. i think of the 3 movies, there's most secrecy surrounding this movie. not much filming pics and no tv interviews/video clips about it at all. toma barely even talked about it... doushitte?? o_o whatever, i don't get it.


(credit: Yoon-Mi/Mika)

HAI~ this is the official ningen movie flyer!!♥ KYAA!! kakkoii!!
i thought they'd try to make toma look less handsome/more seriously depressed, but this could be a typical cute pic in Winkup or something. lol. but i'm glad, toma looks so awesome in the movie flyer.♥♥ but is this the official movie poster as well, or will that look different... toma was saying if u get some flyers, pls also give some to yr friends. :D and i agree with what he said, the flyers are cool and deep red...

and here's the toma ningen book cover pic! thanks to Yoon-Mi/Mika for the link to buy it at amazon. i've linked to the eng. version here, though:

Toma will appear on the cover of all of Dazai Osamu's books!!!
go to the link below to read about this.

WHOA!! THAT'S AWESOME. i hope some1 will post up the pics...or will it all be the same pic used for the ningen cover??? surely, they can sell more books if toma's on the cover. heehee! and they sold a record number of ningen books, over 100,000 and are printing more!!! wah!! i'm sure it's partly cuz toma kept asking everyone to buy more on tomagoto!! xD

and it's been a LONG toma stuff f/LJ!!!
(got sidetracked by working on the toma ts page and other things...gomenasai!!)

somehow, i got in the habit of posting many toma LJ links here...even the unimportant ones. (and maybe a lot of u already go to the toma LJ often, then me posting those links would be redundant.) so from now on, to save time and not take up too much space, i'll ONLY POST THE MOST INTERESTING/IMPORTANT LINKS.

[translates tomagoto, but sometimes stops for a very long while]
[just started translating tomagoto recently]

[translation of jun's message about going drinking with toma on nov.28, i guess. wait, he didn't say anything specific about mao being there?? but he was the only one out of 3 of them to say 3 of them were there.]

[forgot to come to TFS in so the December WINK UP, toma talks about his birthday in his ikita kotoba column. ^___^ yappari, he had a good bday, but he has trouble expressing his feelings about growing older...]
Celebrities Who Would Probably Look Better Than Women /strawberry_gemm
( koike definitely looks like a girl. chinen, YES!! lol. and of course, toma would make a very cute girl!! ♪ )
[This is a fancam with Toma from Yamashita's solo con)]
[HQ toma @yamashita's concert pics]
[translations] 0912 Duet + 0912 WU (dengonban)]
[translation of toma x yamashita's PINKY interview!]
[[Translation] GYAO 2010 January - Pi's Short But Sweet Concert Report]

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im_amot said...

ne kate chan .. gomen .. so long didnt visit you here ..

why you say you did not want to post any LJ links which is not really interestng in your journal here .. just post it out girl ..

actually if i have something missing in LJ i will find out here in your journal .. so keep posting .. i dont care if i have already read it or not .. it still make me want to read it again and again .. because it was all about toma ..

so please keep posting anything you found in LJ or anywhere k .. i will be really glad and happy ..

kate @usa said...

im_amot, usashibarii! ^^

i mean, i will only post the most interesting/important LJ links, not most of them. don't worry, i'll keep posting them!! ^_^

iya~ i'm glad u really like my LJ links posts, though!! kitto! i'll continue posting toma links here to share with u and everyone. :D