Monday, December 28, 2009

the FULL NINGEN TRAILER & other toma-related news...

[REALLY LOVE THIS BLACK AND WHITE PIC!! KAKKOII!! *_* credit: janinamedina, and, and]

hi hi~

i think everyone already knows by now, but the FULL NINGEN TRAILER was posted up at the official website!! i saw it on xmas day, thanks to careline18 for telling me, so that was the best xmas present i got, definitely!! xD

UWA....what a good trailer!!

i was how cheerful and cute youzou is, actually. haha. well, it can't be all sad and dark the whole movie, i guess. and he pretends to be happy too...

of course, the flirting and kissing scenes!!! wow... i've never really seen toma like this, so it was a little weird, but that scene he was kissing that older lady is still so HOT, right?? lol. and shirtless toma!! kyaa!! well...reading the plot of the book, i was afraid there'd be racier scenes between toma and these women, so i don't really mind what i see so far in the trailer... (yappari, SO JEALOUS of the women who get to be with toma in this movie, though!! totally!!!)

BUT i don't like them calling him a fallen angel seems like such a generic way to describe him, and i don't think it suits this character, cuz it's not like he's EVIL, and he's not angelic either....i seems a bit too much to call him that. but i guess it's a good way to describe him, since he's "not human". and now i understand why they use the song "ave maria".

THIS MOVIE REALLY LOOKS AMAZING, AND I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANNA WATCH IT BADLY!! but i know it's gonna be a long long wait till it's available online, subbed. *sigh* i'm worried about how to avoid spoilers be4 i can watch it too.....IF IT COULD SOMEHOW BE RELEASED IN LIMITED THEATERS HERE IN THE USA, WITH ENG. SUBTITLES, THAT WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME, BUT i think there's an almost ZERO chance of that happening. -__-

....actually, yesterday was the last episode of maou. =( i recorded it, but can't bring myself to watch it yet. i think i'll really try to finish typing/posting up my fan fiction before 2010 comes, and THEN i'll finish that last episode of Maou and cry and cry and cry some more. hai~

so here R links to watch the ningen trailer or download it. douzo!!

Watch it here:

[news of the trailer being released + links to watch it]
[download the trailer]

some new toma scans!!!!
thanks a ton to janinamedina!! i usually only post up the small preview pics here, but toma's too cute here, those would not do him justice, so here R kinda big, clear versions of his pics!! i hope it's ok w/janina that i post them here...cuz it'll be friends-locked soon... (well, it's not the full vers., so hope it's ok.)

KYAAA!!! TOO CUTE!!! & I LOVE HIS HAIR!! (now i'm imagining his hair is like this in my story!!) & i love his cozy sweater and his poses w/the ningen book....ah....& i love toma!!

oh, and here are some end of the yr polls relating to dramas....
VOICE did pretty well!! yokatta~ *__*
[Goo's Best Dorama Couples of 2009. toma and manami got 18th place for majosai. ^^ congrats, they made it into the top 20!]
[Oricon Ranking: most interesting dramas of 2009. Voice got 10th place for most interesting drama, and 9th place for most desired to be made into a movie.]
[goo ranking: best dramas for 1st & 2nd part of the year. Voice got 5th place!]

oh, this is not toma-related, but it's news that ARASHI is the top selling artist of the year!!!!!! OMEDETOU!!! ^_^


kate☂ said...

forgot to say, the part where toma was dancing in the trailer, it reminded me of his KFC CM f/2008. lol. so cute when he's dancing like that, though!! *-*

ultraviolet_p1 said...

maybe it's a particular style of dancing.

Ah, the movie is coming!!!

kate @2009 said...

hey paige!!
it's always nice to see yr comment, especially after a long while. ^^

yeah, i guess it's a kinda traditional dance? the movie is coming!! YEY. in my bday month too. though surely, i won't be able to watch it until many months later. still so excited about it, though!!

kate@2011 said...


REALLY SO KA~WAII neeeeee!!!! *__*