Monday, November 30, 2009

It's always rain, rain, raining, I want you! ♪

[credit: TFS,]

1 more video clip, a news clip about yamapi's concert and toma showing up!
thanks to salome for the link!! (if any1 else sees any more video clips from that night at youtube, please tell me. thanks!)

i didn't know that yokubou no rain is kinki kids' song! u can hear their version of the song here: yappari, i like the tomapi version more!! but it's nice to hear the original, longer version. :D

isn't it cool that i have rain banners up now, when this song is kinda about rain. haha. a happy coincidence, i only thought of using rain pics cuz it's raining a lot in tokyo now, but then now it can also be cuz i love yokubou no rain. it's raining (here at my blog), and i want toma!! xD
here's toma and yamashita singing it back in 2002, with the translated to eng. lyrics in the video description! such passionate lyrics, and toma really brings out that kind of hotblooded, intense feeling when singing/dancing!! *__* well, in general, toma's always very expressive... i especially love when toma, how to describe it...he quickly turns his head in different directions, and it makes his hair fly back and forth.♥ and i just noticed, i can hardly see yamashita's face most of the time, when it's a side view. eh!! i guess he forgot to turn around enough for the camera...

but i like TFS's translation of the lyrics more. it seems more accurate and makes more sense...u can find the karaoke + subbed version of this video somewhere at Tomalicious fansubs. ^^

this video is 1 of the first times i saw toma singing and dancing.♥
to see toma and yamapi singing this song again after so's such an amazing feeling ne.

ja ne~


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