Saturday, December 12, 2009

finally, toma gets some time off.... ~_~

hi hi~!
sumimasen, really late in posting today.
and it's a half-post again, i'll continue it soon!!

just read toma's newest messages. hai. so it's true, he's got some time off, finally!!! ^_^ toma said the first stage of filming for hanamizuki is done, so he's got a break right now. well, not completely, he's still gotta do interviews and magazine photo shoots and ningen press interviews/promotion for the movie and all...but still, i'm really glad he's on a break from filming right now!!! ^0^ finally, he'll get some rest and time for watching DVDs and other things he's been wanting to do....

i guess...since the movie spans 10 yrs, they need to see them in different seasons, and so right now, they've gotta take a break until the weather changes enough so that they can pretend it's another season. haha. cuz though it's freezing in tokyo, technically, winter has not even officially started (not till dec. 21 or something).

so, i went to mitsuwa and they had a cute pink xmas tree there, so i took a pic of it and put it here at the blog. heehee~ i hope u like it.

ja, here R some small pics of toma's jan.2010 magazine pics (& 1 for ACUO)!! so cute...i had a hard time deciding which magazine to the end, it had to be Winkup and Duet ne. ~_~ I LOVE THE TOMA IN THE RAIN PICS!!! though there's some drawbacks to rain that i've suddenly remembered recently (if it rains hard enough, it messes up the signal and u cannot watch TV!! it had better not rain this sunday or at least not monday!! i gotta record Maou!!!), but in general, i like the gloomy, somber atmosphere when it's raining and i LOVE rain-themed pics!!!

[credit: janinamedina, strawberry_gemm]

heeeey. 3 other ppl online. DOUMO!!! ^_^
mou, it's too late, but i've gotta get this up. sorry for the wait...

i don't wanna have to do this too often, but since there's no new toma news lately, i'll keep doing it for now, so everyone can feel like they know what he's been doing/thinking about here's another summary of interesting things toma talked about f/the end of nov. till almost the middle of december. (credit: inseiko @Tomalicious. besides the Tomalicious forum, recently other ppl at LJ have started translating tomagoto, YEY!! they are not locked, so every1 can access them. i'll post the links soon...)

-it's cold in tokyo. and when he had just returned from hokkaido, he thought it was warm (compared to hokkaido), but it's COLD.

-he's on the cover of a special edition of the ningen shikkaku book. he reminds ppl to buy it, even if they already did, buy one for their friend or buy one to display in your room. =P

-he really respects sato atsuhiro, a senpai that changed/inspires him. a really amazing stage actor. (i looked him up, only found out that he's a respected senpai and friend of jun. and was in genkidan engimono...)

-in the new CM, ACUO-kun exchanges email addresses with a girl he met on a group date (like a blind date, but lots of ppl), but her dad is his teacher! those who haven't seen the CM, try watching TV the whole day to see it.

-he's been watching lots of movies. old ones, new ones. cuz hanamizuki has stopped filming for now. he's making the most of his time. everyone, please also make the most of your personal time.

-advance tickets to the movie Ningen Shikkaku is on sale now. (EH!! ALREADY?! 0_0) please go see it many times and buy advance tickets for your friends too. busy with press interviews for this movie lately. many reporters say it was a good movie. toma has re-watched the movie a lot. it's a work that he's proud of releasing.

[BY THE WAY, BEFORE I FORGET, I SAW A MAGAZINE AT THE BOOKSTORE @MITSUWA, IT SAID IN ENGLISH ON A MAGAZINE W/DAZAI ON THE COVER, "THE MOST POPULAR BOOK OF 2009" or something like that!! the book is really popular thanks to the movie promotion. sugoi!! *__*]


im_amot said...

toma has time off for filming so he was back at tokyo right?

miss toma in variety shows in tv .. i really hope he can make a drama so that he can be guest in any tv shows as before .. want to see toma's smile and chuckle XD

miss him ..

kate☂ said...

he's been filming in tokyo since november, i think?? i think hokkaido filming was only for a short time...

yeah. but i'm happy he's got some time off!! he NEEDS IT BAD!! he's really gotten skinnier...sometimes i look at his pics...his face looks so thin... *worried* -__-