Wednesday, December 9, 2009

toma + jun + mao!! a HYD2 reunion?! xD

so, the big news these days is that toma, jun, and mao went drinking together (i think on the night of dec.1?) and (maybe, not sure about mao) all 3 of them also went to jun's house afterwards!! (does jun live alone or with his family?? i'm guessing alone...)

it was a HYD2 reunion?? lol.
only person missing was shun, right?

"I saw Matsumoto Jun-kun, Ikuta Toma-kun and Inoue Mao-chan at Daikanyama!! It looked like they had been drinking and were in a party mood. The 3 of them had such an aura." -Female,28


toma wrote about it in his blog (can't find jun's message about it, and mao didn't write about it), and it's basically all in the news below. news about it/toma talks about jun:

Ikuta "For the first time in ages I went out to eat dinner with Matsumoto Jun. Afterwards we ended up going to Matsumoto's house...I had a great time talking about lots of different things. Matsu-Jun [Matsumoto] is a very earnest person. He's a great source of motivation. While we were talking we discovered that we were using the same perfume. We 'argued' who should switch to a different one! 'I'll change first!' 'No, I will!'
That reminded me of when we had costarred in the theater production 'Stand by Me'. We quarreled practically everyday (laugh). We fought over the most insignificant things. But hey, we were just middle school students back then.
Now those 'brats' have grownup, and there we were talking while having a drink...gee, we've matured a lot (laugh)."

Fans would definitely have wanted to be there between them! The two longtime friends must have been surprised to find that have unwittingly been using the same perfume. Does anyone know exactly what brand they're using? As they grow older they are bound to continue being good friends and also be good influence for each other!


same perfume! so it's Gucci? *_* A LOT OF PPL, INCLUDING ME, HAVE WONDERED WHAT PERFUME TOMA USES. ONLY KNEW IT WAS A FLORAL FRAGRANCE, BEFORE, NOW WE ACTUALLY KNOW THE BRAND!! YEY. *__* but what kind, specifically?? anyway, sure it smells really really nice, cuz ppl often say toma smells GOOOOD. ^_^

and read the comments at the asianfanatics link, seems like there have been other jun + mao sightings would be so cool if they really are a couple ne. and jun said mao was with them in his blog. but then some1 said there have ALSO been some mao + toma sightings!! EH!! MASAKA....THEY CAN'T BE A COUPLE....i've never thought about it being possible, though they were kinda paired up in HYD2 ep.1. i dunno, i guess mao seems too popular to be with toma? haha. and there's so much more chance that she and jun are a couple.

back to jun and toma though... :D
ano...i remember back in 2006 or 2007, toma wrote on tomagoto that he often sees jun in the streets or at the filming studio much that toma thinks they must bebrothers in their past life. cuz they even kinda look like each other! lol. i think that's what he said...i thought he was talking about hasejun, who was also in 4tops with him, but it turns out it's matsumoto jun. after yamashita, jun must be toma's closest friend!! and i think jun and toma has written even more messages to each other in Wink Up than toma and yamashita. of course, lots of fans have paired up toma and jun, but i can't imagine them to be a couple, unlike toma and yamashita. haha.

(sorry, so text-heavy this time and no pics.
i can't seem to find any good recent pics of jun or mao to use. sumimasen!)


salome said...

old tomagoto - wow, that's the first time i read about that. so Toma thinks he & Jun were brothers in a past life? i do see their friendship as brotherly - the way they bicker & how protective Jun seems to be of him. he also thinks they kinda look alike? i think so too! wouldn't it be great if they do a dorama where they act as brothers?

kate @usa said...

YES!! i could see them as brothers in a dorama. *_*

i'll try to find the post that toma wrote and post it up...but i'm pretty sure that's what he said. well, he's said the same thing about him and yamashita being like brothers too, but i'm sure that time, he was talking about jun. :)