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toma stuff u can buy / hana kimi SP might be airing in sept.?? (& some SP goodies) / (*EDIT added below!)

toma-ism #24:
toma-kun... i am kinda living vicariously through you! haha~

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so today's post is the following. :)
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recently made a simple new gif using old scaps from H&C promotion. toma is completely cheery & kawaii, i love his shy mannerisms! he is SO much cuter than riko here. haha~


i was checking out the H&C stuff @yesasia, and i suddenly remembered that hana kimi had a "making of" photobook. i tried 2 find 1 for H&C there, but nothing turned up. even after searching online. so i guess there isn't one. that's a shame, cuz since i'm not buying the DVD, i still wanted 2 buy something as a kinda souvenir f/the drama...

yappari (as expected), toma shamelessly plugged the H&C DVD several times at his jweb a while back. haha~ and he said he already got it and it comes with many extras! ah~ i hope some generous fan will tell us about the extras or upload some of it.

u can see a description of the Honey and Clover DVD Box here. the first press edition (sold out!) comes with original omamori sticker and booklet. dunno what those look like!! if only i came be4 first press sold out, i could see! darn.

[toma's pic was the only preview pic. i adjusted the color a little... looks like a fall month, maybe october, his bday month! :) ]

well, i looked thru the other toma stuff @ yesasia and they're selling the johnny's jr 2008 calendar!! notice that they point out that the photograph collection that comes with it has lots of toma's pics! haha! they know we're just buying it 4 toma!! but the price is quite high 4 a calendar! (sigh!) but wouldn't u love 2 have this calendar & have toma looking at u 24/7?!! (of course, u'd keep it on toma's month all the time, and then it would only be useful 1 month out of the year! lol. no. u could just cut and stick on the other months over his month's part. =P ) sa, maybe i will buy it after all, but as an xmas present 2 myself later on, if i can save up more $$$...

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: hana kimi SP release date? behind the scenes SP goodies! ::::::::::::::::::::::::

was checking the HK hana kimi ratings here.
ep. 10 got 15 and ep. 11 got 14. really can't get higher than 15, even near the end! :(

but what surprised me was that some1 posted up the hana kimi SP date right underneath!! and if it's correct, it's not till SEPTEMBER 16 that it airs!! i thought it would 4 sure air this summer! maybe cuz toma, maki, and shun aren't free 2 promote it during summer, so they pushed it to september? hmm... well, actually, i guess september is still sorta summer, but it's not the same. it's ok though, cuz the series ended sept. of last year, it should continue, in a way, during september, too. seems like the title is something to do with "VS", but babelfish gave me a nonsense translation result, so i dunno. just more of the dorms VS each other, probably. =)
i can't wait 2 see nakatsu/toma playing soccer!! they both love soccer lots! hehe~

there's some short behind the scenes video clips of the cast filming for the SP here!
toma's not in any of them, probably cuz of some kinda stupid JE rule similar 2 the one that kept him off the poster.

(direct links to 2 of them (4 in all) here:

[slumber party! credit:fullmetalbadger]

AND check out some more wacky pics from the SP here!! lol. i wanna see more of toma and maki together, though!!
[Hana Kimi SP feature in Myojo! (check out the comments, there's a better quality scan posted!)]


* 7.22.08 edits:

-oh, it's actually a weekly calendar! who am i kidding, i'm totally gonna buy it!! lol. i almost never splurge, but when it comes 2 toma stuff, i just can't resist!! *_* but this is the last time in this year!! (most likely!! yappari, i'm so weak when it comes 2 resisting buying toma stuff! it can't be helped. i'm completely addicted. hahaha~ but 4 sure, the awesomeness of the hana kimi dvd box sets and this calendar is worth spending $$$ on!!! definitely! ~_~

-HK hana kimi's highest rating reached was actually 16, not 15!

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