Friday, July 25, 2008

Maou EPISODE 1: my thoughts/comments

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #25:
toma-kun...not just a pretty face!

yes, it's friday, maou day again!
(btw, it's also X-FILES 2: I WANT TO BELIEVE movie day! this x-phile hopes lots of ppl will go watch!! though i'm afraid it might be not so good...but we'll see!)
so i'm using red text again.
i'm even wearing red today. haha.

i changed the bg song here to tatu's 30 minutes. i hope u'll like it. it's the remix. the original version is more haunting and sad, so i decided 2 use the more energetic, "urgent" sounding one instead. the lyrics goes well with maou's naoto's theme of running away, no? =)

i've posted the lyrics at the song's imeem page, too.
(here's 2 other tatu songs that reminds me of Maou!

i've finally watched ep. 1 of maou!! i thought it was ok...
it's cuz i usually don't like dark dramas, especially ones about revenge.
but i hope, like H&C, it will get better as the story progresses...
but it's good to know that this series is not mainly about love. it's really something different and it'll be an interesting challenge for toma.

i've checked the ratings for maou's episodes 2 (12.6) and 3 (9.2), and they are going down!! not again! =/ STRIKE TWO 4 toma! (baseball talk--u are allowed 3 strikes, then u're out) strike one was H&C, of course. its average rating was only 8.9! he's so popular, yet his dramas still get such low ratings???! i understand with H&C, cuz it was kinda boring/sad, but i thought more ppl would like maou. then again, after watching the 1st episode, i could see why ppl don't like it....i guess it's also cuz there R better series airing now?? i only remember that yamashita's Code Blue is also airing now and getting a lot higher ratings. maybe the tough competition during the winter season also affected H&C's ratings, cuz i remember hearing about other really cool-sounding series that were airing at that time.

anyway, i'll just post some random comments of episode 1. (i probably won't be posting comments 4 each episode. it'll probably be like with H&C, where i'll write about what i think after a bunch of episodes, unless i run out of material 2 post at this blog. haha.)

^_^ HEY, thanks 4 voting in the poll, everyone! actually, i didn't really expect more than 10 votes. haha~ so i'm happy we've got 17 votes so far. oh, 1 person hasn't watched yet? i'm not the only one behind, then. haha~ good.
can we get 20 votes be~fore the poll ends, please? that would be nice, wouldn't i-t? *martini glass*
(lol. sorry, i switch to toma-mode a lot and start writing like him. but i hope u don't mind, cuz after all, they say imitation is the highest form of praise!!)

[credit: TFS. hahaha~ toma was saying how he and ohno are not "maou" at all! they look like 2 kids here!!! how am i supposed 2 take u seriously when u show us such a photo that makes u lose all credibilty as a police officer and lawyer?! xD they're so cute here, though. KAWAIIII NE!!! *__*]

EPISODE 1 - thoughts/comments

(*no worries, there R no spoilers!* =] ):

-- the main girl lead is ok...she's pretty but her character doesn't particularly stand out...she's an ok actress...but she reminds me a little of hagumi/riko from H&C! of the cast, only the 3 of them R the young ones, every1 is's kinda funny like this, cuz i'm not sure how well this works out...shouldn't there be a couple more younger supporting cast members? wait, i think maybe there will be, but since i'm only on ep. 1, i haven't seen them's also a little hard 2 accept that they are who they are, cuz they look so young still, but i guess i'll get used to it.

-- ohno. his acting is great! i'm surprised this is his first time leading in a drama. but he's always got this blank/pained expression on his face! haha. actually, i have a cousin with a similar kinda facial expression, even when he smiles, it seems forced! ohno really reminds me of him. i don't know anything about the japanese entertainment world, so i never saw ohno (besides in some arashi MVs, where i didn't notice him) be4 this. he's a really funny/interesting guy in real life! artistic too! haha. his personality is very close to mine...the kinda quiet/sarcastic person. it's funny that he's kinda weird like this, yet he's in a boy band. hahaha~ more info about him here:

-- they make toma run so much! it's like a running gag (literally!)! lol. poor guy. all the running & screaming. exhausting! in the summer heat, too!! he runs kinda funny! =P his arms R really straight and he swings it out really wide. i kinda noticed in H&C, but now u really see it clearly cuz he's running so much.

-- again, i'm annoyed by how they're making it too dramatic. i was annoyed by this in H&C, too. but already, it's only ep. 1 and there's all...THIS!!! i know it's cuz the main themes of revenge and murder are dark matters, but still---they really over do it a lot, especially with all of ohno's scenes! i know he's the "devil" and he's evil, but it's not like he's really a supernatural entity! can't they be more subtle about his character? LESS IS MORE!

-- it's nice 2 see a different, more mature toma for this role. his haircut and clothes does make him more tough and cool, but i actually like it better when's he's smiley and funny, so... haha...i'll have 2 get used to this more serious toma.

-- a lot of toma's scenes R so intense! i feel tired just looking at him running/yelling!
he's yelling a lot, glaring a lot, running a lot. filming this series is seriously very emotionally and physically draining 4 him! i really hope he gets some kinda award for this role and the ratings go up so that it's worth all his hard work! of course, just cuz a series has low ratings, doesn't mean it's no good, but then it's just a waste, that not a lot of ppl appreciate it. but i'm sure no matter what the ratings is, toma will still have a great time filming it and hanging out with ohno and the cast and crew. he always gets along with everyone so well. =)

-- toma's acting is great, as always...but. LOL. he's still too cute 4 me to take him seriously a lot of the time!! ~_~ i guess he can't help being cute. but i mean, when he's pouty or has these certain looks/gestures, it suddenly makes me wanna laugh, even though it's a serious moment!! don't get me wrong, though, he is really brilliant in this role, especially the angry/freaked out/scared/guilty feel scenes!!

though i didn't like toma's hairstyle 4 this role at first, now i'm more used 2 it, and toma still looks so cute all the time in this drama!!! hounto kakkoiiii~
i already got a ton of scaps. way way too much. i'll upload later...but hopefully this will just be cuz of the 1st the 2nd, it'll be like...i already got this toma facial expression! like that! i hope!

Toma-kun, could u please tone down the cuteness/coolness even MORE??


Anonymous said...

it is suppose to be dramatic!

savvy kate said...

i know it is, but i'm just saying it's too dramatic for my taste. to me, they're overdoing it. but that's just me.