Sunday, July 6, 2008

misc. updates / WELCOME NEW MEMBERS OF THE TOMA FAN MAP/ banner contest? =)

heart_quotes.gif toma-ism #20:
[i forgot where i saw this great gif!
probably some1 used it for their AF avatar...
so i can't credit. sorry!]

i made a new small banner 4 my AF & tomalicious signature! =)
as usual, u can use it if u want, but it'd be nice if u could give me credit! thx.
there's some slightly diff versions of it here:
(i got the pics from the toma thread at AF. forgot the credit! sorry again.)

hmm... still not getting as much visitors as i used to. i used to have around 70+ each day, now only 40+ at most...oh well. maybe many some toma fans R still in school or on vacation.
well, thanks to those of u that still come here often or everyday!!
PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER TO GO TO THE Dear Toma... blog, even if u don't post anything, so that it'll get more traffic and hopefully get a higher search ranking and then more toma fans will know about it, and that will increase the chances of toma knowing about it! thanks!
minna ga daisuki desu!
(i love everyone very much! hope i said this correctly. =P)

seriously, thank you for your continued support!!! =)

well, at least i see my blog is in 17th place (2nd page) at yahoo search! =) but it's not in the 1st 10 pages @ google!! i can't even find it there. =/



kamille_decastro18 (Philippines), tehyiling8 (Singapore), joyzzurav (Thailand), katsureno (France), honghuiying- (Singapore), extra_voldemort (Finland), azzil_euqinu139 (Philippines), mhinxlovetoma (Japan) [**WAH, THIS IS COOL! CUZ IRONICALLY, WE ONLY HAVE 2 MEMBERS F/JAPAN SO FAR! NOW WE HAVE 3! THX 4 JOINING!! =P], and SER SIR (Hong Kong) [HOORAY!! HANA KIMI AIRING IN HK HAS HELPED TOMA GET SOME HK FANS!! =) ].

pls go here 2 see new members' pics and messages to toma (just point 2 their pic and u should see their message pop up, if they wrote one.):

[i'm sorry if u don't show up on the map, once my Platial map (new version of the current map) is all fixed and working, maybe u should join it and u'll show up on the map! u can check out how the current Platial map looks, i've just added it the the blog today. full version here: u can still see the old version of the map at the Dear Toma... blog. BUT U CANNOT JOIN THE NEW MAP YET, PLS BE PATIENT...WHENEVER TRACY IS ABLE TO FIX IT, RIGHT AWAY, I'LL TELL U ALL WHEN U CAN JOIN IT!]

(***speaking of new HK toma fans, u should check out mt's funny message at toma's GUESTBOOK! haha...u better keep your promise, mt!! ^__^ ***)


hana kimi @HK ratings update:

oh no!! ep.9's ratings dropped to 13% (aired june 29)!! :( compared to 18.2% when it first aired in japan. i don't was rising be4! EH?!?! 0_o now the average is 14, compared with japan's average, which was 17.

speaking of ratings, i wonder what the ratings were for Maou's 1st episode?
found out f/Tomalicious that toma asked fans 2 wear RED to support the drama on it's premiere day!! aiya...i didn't know about this and missed out on participating in this united effort!! oh well...i did see some pretty cool fireworks on july 4, so in a way, that's how i celebrated the drama's premiere! haha.


since it's summer now, i started thinking how last summer was when it all started...
when i discovered toma and he changed my life!! ~_~
i think it was august 30 that i first became a fan?
i'd like 2 celebrate this day by changing the banners of this and the d.t. blog, but then i am not that good at making them, so i thought i'd ask if anyone would like to try making one for me? haha. we'll make it a enough ppl want to participate. u can submit as many banners as u want for both blogs! and how to decide which to use...well...first of all, if i get more than 10 that i like, it'll become a contest where everyone can vote on which banner they like most. if it's less than 10, i'll just pick one myself....and if no1 sends in any or if i don't like any that u send, then i'll just make my own new banners then. haha. if u want to participate, pls add a comment 2 this post, so i'll have an idea of whether no1 or some ppl wanna do it. thanks!

remember be4 u make a banner:

1. the size should be 607 x 206 or around 600 x 200 at least.
2. it's best if it's in .png format
3. it should have the text that i currently have on it on it. so, "Dear Toma... Send Toma a message!" or "Toma Love!".
4. it should have your name in a corner, so u'll get credit for it! =)

P.S. it's hot in japan & most other places in the world now! some staying cool tips if u don't have AC or u don't wanna use AC cuz it uses a lot of energy and further pollutes the earth:

--get the sleeves/back of your shirt wet & sit in front of a fan (have a damp paper towel or washcloth in a baggie next to you, so u can dab it on yourself sometimes. or get a small spray bottle!)

--use a snowy/icy/any place cold scenary pic as your desktop background

--go to places that have AC like the mall or library and wait for nighttime.

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