Thursday, July 3, 2008

Maou is coming soon!!

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #19:
toma-kun...i am "Fated To Love You"!
(title of a Taiwan drama)

it's only july 3 in my timezone, but in japan, today is july 4, and that means toma's new drama, MAOU is airing tonight @10pm!!! =) exciting!!

*crossing fingers* pls, pls, lots of ppl in japan watch this series so it can have high ratings and toma will be happy!! i'm sure it'll be good (but not too sad/dark 4 my taste, i hope!!)'ll be more exciting than H&C, that's 4 sure! and it'll be nice to see toma as a really cool/serious, tough guy for a change. anyway, 4 sure i'll watch it whenever the subbed version is available...


check out the official website here!
(1 of the pages is a cool tarot divination, but unfortunately i can't understand anything it's saying. can't even copy and paste it to babelfish 2 translate!)

p.s. speaking of ratings, the ratings for ep.8 of hana kimi that is aired in HK on june 22 is up (f/13 the week be4)! =) it got 16%, compared to 17.5% when it aired in japan. the ratings from june 29 are still not up yet.

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