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TomaQ, update on ohno, yada yada yada (or etc. etc. etc.)

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #28:
toma-kun...king of hearts.

did u hear? u must have!
about the earthquake that took place in southern california yesterday?
yes, it was all over the news here and it was even 1 of the top headlines at BBC.
yeah~ i was 1 of the many many ppl freaked out by the earthquake!! ma...after all, we can't do anything about it... earthquakes come whenever they want to... Right after the earthquake, i put all my hana kimi stuff (DVDs, tie, photobook) + my other important stuff in a bag, just in case stuff starts crashing down, i MUST save these things! lol. of course, my computer, also! here in CA and Japan~ (sigh!) both in the "ring of fire", cursed with a lot of earthquakes.

anyway, on with the post!
more randomness.
sorry. haha~
the next post will be better!
pls look forward to it and be patient. =)

for toma,

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............. . . TomaQ =D

recently Tomagoto's TomaQ (toma quiz) has started again. it's really really cool/fun!! toma asks questions and the subscribers choose A B or C. then later he'll give the answer. the ppl that guess right might win a prize that toma picked out! something like that... i've guessed wrong both times, now. haha~ but it's always fun to read his post of the correct answer. he's just so hilarious/cute, the way he writes!! xD reading his post of the correct answer of the 2nd question made me smile/happy~!! yappari!
remember, u can check out the translations of his cellphone blog, Tomagoto here:

............ . . update on ohno's drug scandal

oh, i wasn't paying attention be4. seems like there's no real evidence that ohno smoked pot, just that those girls in the pics saying that. ohno has denied using marijuana (though he admitted to taking 3P, whatever that is) and says he doesn't know those girls.

ttenovy has posted this the latest news in the AF thread about this scandal:

Yesterday, 10:33 PM
translated from

July 29, 2008

The scandal involving Arashi's leader, Satoshi Ohno (27) has not yet ceased. Reports of the scandal were to be found even in China and Korea and fans all around voiced their disappointment in his (past) actions.

In response to the scandal, Johnny's has insisted that Ohno has definitely NOT done Marijuana, and has decided not to do business not only with Shuukan Gendai, but with the whole of Kodansha itself.

Shuukan Gendai is that trashy gossip magazine that published the article about ohno.
WHOA! according to wikipedia, Kodansha is the largest Japanese publisher! it publishes manga & other magazines. JE is really going all out 2 support ohno! hmmmm. i wonder what's gonna happen next...or is this all over now.

....................... . . final ratings update for hana kimi in HK

ep. 12 was split in 2 and aired on july 20 and 27. it got 16 and 15, compared to 21 when it first aired in japan. so hana kimi's average rating is 14.3 percent, compared to 17 percent in japan.
not bad... i'm sure toma gained many HK fans during this time! =) toma's hou dak yee & hou leng jai la!! (toma's very cute & handsome ne!)

........................ . . i uploaded Maou ep. 1 screencaps


......................... . . WELCOME, A NEW MEMBER TO THE TOMA FAN MAP!! *__*



whose message is:
i love ikuta toma XD
from (7/7/2008)

[by now, the map's been viewed 11,746 times! xD]

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......................... . . Zara's cute message 4 toma cracked me up! lol~! xD

go here to read it! hahaha~ it's the newest post.

"I would love to say something sensible but unfortunately you're so gorgeous that thinking of you makes my brain fall out."

ah-hh toma really has this affect on his fans, ne? every1's got VERY. STRONG. FEELINGS. 4 HIM!! just~ completely~ smitten~! ~_~

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