Sunday, July 20, 2008

quick update

hi hi.
it's me.

did u notice it's a little different here?
yeah, i moved some things around and i removed some flash thingys that i don't really need, or cuz i don't like how it looks right now (imeem's new player, the platial map is too big now...i'll wait till there's a compact version and embed it @ the Dear Toma... blog). AND more importantly, so this page can load up faster & take up less bandwidth!! haha~
i added a button that links to please check it out & JOIN NOW! YOU can make a difference and help save our planet by doing so! ^_^
yoroshiku onegaishimasu! (i'm counting on you!)

i also added a poll 2 see what u all think of maou...
please do vote! ma... maybe by the end there won't be much votes, but i thought i'd try posting up a poll anywaz, cuz i've never used that function be4.

i'll update soon...
i'm looking forward to watching ep. 1 of maou!! soon!!



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