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good night!

how was your day?
...souka. mine was ok.
the weather was strangely cloudy yet warm though. it feels kinda eerie when it's like this. nothing important happened today. nande monai.

sumimasen! i don't have time to post what i wanted to post. so i'll just start it off today. TO BE CONTINUED TOMORROW. (shoot, i missed my friday deadline by about 15 minutes!! but i started writing this be4 midnight, so i'm still counting it as a friday post. lol. aiyaaaa. gomenasai, i guess i have broken the streak. posting every friday for 2009. masaka!!! :( oh well...some things happened that made me late. it couldn't be helped. :( hounto ni~ suminai! it was cool while it lasted...over half a year. pretty good la.... =/ )

this week, we suddenly got 2 great toma news!! 1st, that satomi is playing the role of his wife in his movie, and 2nd, he's in a new Lotte CM. ^_^ I'M SUPER EXCITED AND HYPER ABOUT THE CM (I WANT THAT GUM!!!*_*) BUT I'LL TALK ABOUT SATOMI+TOMA FIRST.

(credit for the 1st pic above: march2009 myojo article, dunno who upL the scan, sorry! and the other 2, i really don't know. gomenasai!)

i'm really so happy about satomi being in his movie!!! i was wondering all along, who's gonna play the roles of his different girlfriends and wife in the movie...and hearing it's satomi, that's just awesome!! she is my current fav toma co-star, both pretty and a great actress, a real natural~ both good at dramatic and comedic acting. she's got character! i thought satomi and toma and eita might be in some sorta love triangle in Voice, or at least toma's character would flirt with her, but nothing like that happened. haha. i was a little disappointed, cuz i think toma and satomi look cute together. look at the magazine pics of them together i posted here, don't u think so? =)

[funny, the 1st screencap i saw f/Voice was the one he's sniffing her hair. and every1 thought he was flirting with her. but in his movie, they really will be together!! sugeh.]

even though toma and satomi only had, really, TWO scenes together (not as a group, just 2 of them), but they seem to get along fine and there are some scenes where toma is joking with her or sitting next to her or something, and they seem quite comfortable with each other.^^ u know, ryosuke actually had more physical contact with aki-chan than daiki ever did with her. lol. i notice details like this too much. but of course, ryosuke and daiki probably touched more than any pair in the drama!!

BUT i think inoue mao would be a really really good choice to play this wife role too...and i'd love to see them paired up after they were already kinda paired up in HYD2!! heehee~ wouldn't it be cool if she could play the role of 1 of his other girlfriends in the movie!?

(toma cuteness/silliness/freshiness!!!! wish i could see all his funny faces better! credit for the Lotte ad:

ohayo gozaimasu~~
i'm back to continue this post. haih...

hey, i like how his hair is in this CM!! it looks cooler, definitely! it's 1 of the first things i noticed. he should style his hair more like this 4 his photoshoots. ^_^ toma is so cute and adorable in this CM. and funny too. xD love it!! it's a little weird, but
it's the weird/quirky CMs like this that are most effective/memorable, right? (laughs). I HOPE LOTS OF PPL WILL BUY THIS GUM. :P i like the part that toma just grabs his sensei's arm and pulls him along, so excited and cute. ~_~ and when he breaths out "AHHH!" in that funny, exagerrated (but kinda sexy?!) way!! :D ahh~ i can just re-play this CM many times without getting tired of it. haha. it's too bad i probably can't find this gum anywhere here in the states, or else 4 sure, i'd buy it to support toma-kun (and to get a super-fresh breath and go breathing on some ppl i know. lol.)!! ^_^

those of u that CAN buy it, please do!! (and please tell me how it tastes!) really~ it's so great to see toma silliness/cuteness like this after so long ne. especially now that he's almost done filming for the's like a sign that toma can go back to being his cheerful, happy self soon. yey!! :D

(credit for the "ahh!" gif on the left: strawberrygemm!)
watch toma's CM for Lotte here!! xD thanks to xdustbunnys 4 the info and link.

so, here are some toma LJ links u should look at. some of these LJ links are a little older, but please still check them out!! ...i really love reading about all the toma sightings. *__*
Popolo 0901 translation: toma's RELATIONSHIP ADVICE for his fans!
[toma sightings = more praise for how awesome toma is.♥ and a little translation about toma f/wink up 9.2009] kyaa!! *_* how come whenever ppl describe seeing toma in person, it's always like this. he's just too perfect neeeeee. ^-^ really such an amazing guy. lol, he really smells so good?? :P
[Excerpt from Potato 0909 , summer quiz about toma]
it's fine to me that toma doesn't update that much these days. i'm not worried. =) he needs a break from blogging when he's working so hard, filming 4 the movie. i do wish he could blog online like most other j artists though. and post up pics of himself. =/ well, at least we still have the ikita kotaba in wink up each month. =]
i love this toma sighting account!! *_* and how she saved his tea cup until the end of the day!! lol. and the movie director approves of toma (of course!!), saying he's a very fine young man. :)
[news & pic of satomi joining the cast of ningen as toma's wife.]
[enshinge's translations of winkup sept. 2009 toma intv and stuff!! ^_^]

[DL his Lotte ACUO CM, and some promotional pics/screencaps too!]
[toma's Lotte ACUO CM wallpapers, gifs, siggies!!!]
[toma's Lotte ACUO CM "ahh!" icon!! :P]
[thanks to hpswf1!! the myojo photoshoot this time is awesome!! i've gotta get this magazine!! popolo is also nice. also outdoors in kyoto, i think. ~_~]

o__o anoooooo....
this is weird, but i think i just got spam, japanese spam, posted as a comment here! at least there's no link. something related to a hotel?? weird. the comment is posted at my last majosai post:

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