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toma's done filming for ningen... (& toma weekend updates)


kate here.

how is everyone...
it's hot here. dunno why it always gets so hot when i'm trying to draw the toma fan art. o__o so i am melting as i draw...ja, gambarimas!!

oh, sorry, from now if u comment here, u'll need to do a word verification. i've been getting japanese spam comments recently. =/ this should put a stop to it. please don't stop commenting cuz of this little inconvenience. haha. i already get so few comments.

toma's done filming for ningen!! ^_^ he talked about his feelings about filming ending at tomagoto a few days ago. i won't try to summarize his message, cuz i don't think it'd do justice to his original, touching and heartfelt message. yappari, he's just really overwhelmed, so happy and grateful to everyone who worked with him on this movie. and he said he hasn't seen a single cut of the movie!! eh! so toma also has to wait to see the results in spring 2010 with the rest of us.

filming done right before the end of the month, aug. 24th, i think (from info i got at xdustbunnys' LJ)? finally, toma gets a break. :D ...he's really so emotional about the end of filming this time!! i'm happy that the past 2 months have been...tough, but unforgettable and happy times for toma-kun. ~_~ hounto ni. i was worried how playing this dark role would affect toma, but he's fine. i think the happiness of starring in his first movie and the warmth of the cast and crew really superceded the movie's dark world. =) but one of the toughest parts of the filming that i didn't expect is that toma had to wear thick layers of clothing at times, to pretend that it was winter even though it was ridiculously hot out and inside the studio. -__- poor guy...but since the movie staff seems amazing this time, the way toma praises them non-stop, i think the movie will surely be ama~zing too!! *_* i will patiently wait for it~

toma, GET SOME REST. ~_~
i hope toma will get at least a month off before he starts any new project. actually, if he could take 2 months off, he won't have to work on his birthday! but knowing how toma is, i don't think he could stay away for so long, he'll for sure be working on something during his bday and have a nice bday celebration with the cast again.^^

so, this week there's not a lot, but here are some toma LJ links worth checking out. douzo!


ja ne.

[toma sighting: he's too attractive to talk to ne. xD ...Ikita Kotoba Vol 71. translation!!] though he always seems to work w/such wonderful cast & staff, this time it seems the filming, these past 2 months were really really special and amazing!! (FROM NOW ON, THE POSTS AT HER LJ WILL BE LOCKED. SHE HAS POSTED INSTRUCTIONS THERE, ON WHAT TO DO TO BE FRIENDED AND VIEW HER LOCKED ENTRIES.)
[elitejean's cool toma wallpapers~]
[preview of toma's magazine pics. in traditional japanese clothing!! (dunno what that's called) back to serious toma...]

Suddenly too many translations to read!! @___@ suddenly, every1 decided to translate and post all at the same time. EH!! DOUSHITTE?? but really, thanks to all the translators. =D i will be busy reading all your posts, filling my brain with more toma info.
[italian and eng. translation of DUET aug.2009 article]

["translated Toma's article from the 09/2009 issue of Popolo!! In it he talks all about music."]
["Translation of the October Myojo article here (during Ningen filming, at Kyoto, pretty!!) with offshots XD!"]

[though xdustbunnys translated it, this might be a more detailed/thorough trans..."translated Toma's article in the 09/2009 issue of Myojo!! There was a little quiz with him about summery things, how many will you get right?"]

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