Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 JE boys that i like...nakayama and chinen!! :D

hi hi~

it's me.

toma's new CM!! lol.
but i'll wait till friday to talk about it.
until then...

hope u don't mind that i'm talking about non-toma stuff again.
but these guys are really cute, and this song so catchy, so i just HAVE to spend one post talking about them. (laughs)

(sorry, be4 this edit, i called them johnny's jr.s, but both of them have officially debuted and graduated from the junior status. (though for yuma, that was only since this june, 2 months ago!!) and i still mix up "junior" and "kouhai", though you'd think with toma's situation of being stuck as a junior still, i'd remember the difference!! but still, i think u knew what i mean, right?)

this is a little embarassing, but i have to admit, there are 2 JE guys that i like that are only 15 and 16 years old. (but u already know this if u looked at the text on top of my current bg song here! :P) yappari, not LIKE LIKE, like the way i like toma, but i just think they're very cute. i think you will (you do??) too!!

nakayama yuma and chinen yuri are my 2 fav young boys from Johnny's!! i first saw yuma in the JE 2008-2009 calendar, and chinen in the wink up 3.2009 issue. i just think they're so cute and it was nice to recognize at least 2 of them, in the bunch of other JE boys, toma's kouhai's, that always show up in the wink up and other magazines i'd buy sometimes. =) just recently, been seeing some news about yuma, so i got curious enough to finally look 4 their singing video clips at youtube. and found out these 2 guys i like just recently got grouped together, as part of the NYC boys!! sugeh! ^^ and NYC Boys is such a cute/catchy song!! ^.^

news about the very recent (and temporary) formation of NYC boys in june 2009:
[NYC boys' wiki page. it links to these 2 guys' wiki pages too, if u wanna know more about them.]

fans are already shipping yuma and yuri?? lol. they really are the 2 cutest young Jr.s, IMO, and they would make a very very cute couple, indeed. :P it's funny how yuri kinda looks like toma when he was young (when he smiles widely and squints his eyes). he also is that kinda super cute, confident and cheery JE guy like toma. they even took a picture together when he was young!! (but i only know that yuri idolizes ohno.)

and yuma is like yamashita, the kinda cool, quiet JE guy that seems a little more dark and self-conscious. and yuri is also yuma's senior (like toma is yamashita's) by a couple years (he entered johnny's in 2003, while yuma in 2006) though both of them...they seem just ok at acting and singing, but they're still really kawaii, and both are great performers, really awesome in front of the camera, they're great dancers too. i think both have a really bright future ahead. gambatte, yuma and yuri!!

at first, i liked yuri more. somehow, yuma always has such an unnatural smile/or a moody/angry look in most of the magazine pics i've seen of him. lol. yuri is much more photogenic. (and now i finally understand his group's name, HEY! SAY! JUMP. ^.^) but after seeing the video clips and new magazine pics of yuma, i think it's a tie. ~_~ i like yuri's girly cuteness and bright personality, but i also like yuma's coolness and how he seems more quiet, natural, and subtle. and yuri is kinda short and he's got this baby face that makes him look TOO little sometimes. but yuma sometimes looks way older than his age, which is a little strange (actually, toma's like this too!). so i guess i like both of them equally ne.

really~ these guys are just too cute, right?? *_* watch the video clips below and you'll see. (yamada is cute too, of course! yappari, they're all cute, really.) AND if they're this cute NOW, think of how much cuter they'll get when they're 20-something!! really~ i think these guys have a lot of potential of becoming big stars when they get older. they're already so successful and popular now, actually...

yuma LOVE! yuri LOVE!
and even better, yuma+yuri Love. :D
please take a look at these video clips. douzo!
[^_^ very cute fanmade MV with clips of them together, behind the scenes of the filming of the MV and photoshoot, and the actual MV. can't help smiling when i watch this. :D]
[fanmade MV(slideshow+some video clips) for yuri.
a pic of toma huggin yuri @ .27!! kawaii!! i'm guessing this is from around 2003, the yr chinen joined JE. cuz toma looks around 17 or 18, and chinen probably 7 or 8.]
[yuma, having fun, messing around w/the other boys behind the scenes of the photoshoot/MV filming. lol, he laid on the yamada's shoulder, and he still didn't wake up. kawaii neee.]

[nyc boys MV w/eng. subtitles]
[nyc boys MV]
[the MV, plus romaji lyrics (and eng lyrics) in the INFO section, in case u wanna sing along!]


[nyc boys lyrics' translation]

[more behind the scenes of NYC mv filming, with eng. subs!]

[[DVD] Making of NYC PV Part 1 (English Subs). THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED. o__o hopefully someone will re-upload. =( maybe the unsubbed version is still at youtube though...]


salome said...

hallo! ah, already cheating on our Toma huh? - just kidding!

i love that photo of Toma hugging that kid so protectively. he probably found him so cute and cuddly. Toma tends to be fatherly so...

kate`* said...

hi! xD lol, that is definitely impossible ne!

but i am very impressed with yuma and yuri. also, i feel familiar with them, cuz they are kinda going down the same JE path as toma (but they are a lot luckier and more successful than toma was!) and both of them remind me of toma in certain ways. ~_~ and still so young and full of potential. i'm not gonna join their fandoms or anything, but i'll check out their news or new songs/dramas sometimes. =)

yes, i love that pic!! it flashed by quite fast in the MV, but i recognized toma right away!! *_* this is only the 2nd time i've seen toma with his kouhai in a pic. both times, he's hugging the boy. <3 wish i was in chinen's place!! <3<3