Thursday, August 27, 2009

which line do u like best?

i have been working on
the next 2 toma drawings (finally!! kinda late, kedo...). haih~
the wink up one, i will write toma's name in japanese
and write in english, Toma is love. ♥


but i am not sure what to write on the potato drawing.
i'll write his name in english, Ikuta Toma, and something else in english underneath.
i looked thru the toma-isms i've posted here, and these are my favs....

so, if some of u could tell me which one u like best,
that would help me choose the right line.

arigatou gozaimas~

the cutest boy on earth~

so heartbreakingly beautiful~

toma...i only love him~

toma...he is my weakness~

ah~ he's seriously cool!

toma is made of awesomeness!


Anonymous said...

the cutest boy on earth~

This is the best. :)

ultraviolet_p1 said...

I think the 3 would be good to accompanying darwing:

- he cutest boy on earth~
keep thinking they'll see cute=kawaii there.

- ah~ he's seriously cool!
kakoii comes to mind :)

- toma is made of awesomeness!
i like this lil phrase too, but whether awesomeness is easily identified immediately in Japanese...*shrug*

kate`* said...

thanks for the feedback. =)

i really like 'the cutest boy on earth' too! yeah...that's my problem, i love the awesomeness phrase too, but in japan, toma and others might not understand what i mean...

i dunno...should i go with the phrase that i like despite that it might not be understood, or should i go with just a simple japanese word like kakkoii or kawaii and write it in. i do sometimes see ppl write phrases in eng. in fan art, but it's certainly rare.

hmm...i'll keep thinking about it. thanks for your input, though. ^-^