Sunday, August 30, 2009

★today☀♪ was the's been TWO years of toma Love!♥

today, 2 yrs ago, was the day i first saw toma.
when i became a fan...though i really became a fan late night of aug. 30 (aug. 31), so i'll just celebrate both days.♪

i wrote a lot about my feelings, how it all started, my love for toma-kun in my post on aug. 30 last year. but i don't feel like (nor do i have time) writing so much this time. (i'm sure u're relieved. lol.) seems like more than 2 yrs, somehow~

i am really so happy and proud today. ^.^ the 2 yr mark neeee. i feel like my fan ranking has gone up a level. GETS!! *_* haha. no, it's not about that. i'm happy that i've been a toma fan for 2 yrs now, that i've been able to support toma for this long. being a toma fan has made me a lot happier, it's really changed my life! and a lot has happened in toma's life these 2 yrs, too.

yappari, i started to like toma cuz of seeing him as the most awesome and adorable nakatsu. but he's done so much more after that. he's been in the two gentlemen of verona, honey and clover, maou, the hana kimi SP, grease, voice, majosai, ningen shikkaku. it's like toma said in a recent interview (the interview where these pics came from, actually!!), it's like he's been working non-stop since hana kimi. even when he's had time off, he had to spend time preparing for his next project. (i hope he takes at least a month off this time!) but with every new project, toma has new challenges, makes new friends, learns new things, has a lot of happy experiences. ^_^

(these toma pics~ this is how i feel right now. lol. HAPPY, HYPER, SILLY!! credit: hpswf1)

and at the start of this year, so many firsts for him!! he's really gotten so popular and respected!! ~_~ being the first junior interviewed on the shounen club premium show, guesting on a lot of his sempai's tv shows, getting his first real leading role in a drama, getting a leading role in his first movie!! (and recently, 1st solo appearance on the cover of POTATO and now his Lotte ACUO CM too, only his 2nd real CM.) toma's dream is coming true right before our eyes...he really is becoming a big star (like nakai-kun! :P)!!!! though toma's popularity really hit an all time high after hana kimi and then would go up and down at times after that (i was afraid after h&C and at the start of maou that his popularity was dying down...), it's definitely going high high up now!! it makes me excited to think of what the rest of this year might bring for toma...another leading role in a drama?? more CMs?? more singing and dancing on tv shows??

(and it seems almost impossible, but if toma could somehow debut and finally graduate from his johnny's jr. status, that would be...EPIC. what toma and his fans have been waiting for all these years. can't he just debut as a solo artist and only release songs once or twice a year...then after a while, just go back to acting all the time...would that be possible??)

i'm really lucky i became i fan back then, so that i was able to follow along as toma went through all these different's been a pleasure, a true honor, to be a toma fan. to be a member of this huge community of international toma fans that all love and support him, who are all so friendly, generous, cool and awesome people.♡ really~ toma fans must be the most devoted and most enthusiastic and most passionate group of fans i have ever encountered!! and we will always love and support toma, right? TOMA LOVE!! we need more of it in this world~

i really love and respect toma so much. he is just so insanely cute and talented, and sometimes i just stop and stare at him (while watching his drama/seeing him on a tv show/seeing his magazine photoshoot, etc.) and think "kyaa! how can someone be sooo cute?!" or "amazing! he is so talented!!". *_* and at times like that, it's similar to the overwhelming feeling i got when i saw him in that nakatsu MV and his cuteness just blew me away. xD

to celebrate this 2 yr anniversary of being a toma fan, i think i'll watch a ton of toma TFS video clips i haven't been able to watch yet. have a mini-TOMArathon! ^_^ and probably go to mitsuwa. :D can u believe i STILL haven't really watched the maou dvd extras clips?! i've skimmed thru them, but i haven't really watched them. i've gotta watch some 2009 toma clips first though.

bye everybody, bye! ^o^

kate ☂


Anonymous said...

Can i be your friends ????

Love all your comment for Toma .. as i really felt the same way as you ...

are you one of the LJ bloggers too , as i always bein gthere searching for Toma's info .. heheh XD

kate@usa said...


of course! i think of everyone that talks to me here as friends, really. ^_^ (go here for more info:

thank u~
i really mean everything i say about toma...i think a lot of his fans feel the same way. <3

i'm at LJ too (kate_firefly) but i mostly only comment thanking others at the toma LJ community, i rarely post anything at my LJ.