Monday, August 10, 2009

2 strong earthquakes in japan! =[ Perseids meteor shower! =]

this is off-topic, but i thought you'd want to know...

saw it on the tv news just now (but it actually happened on the night of august 9). they didn't say where. i got worried, turned to an asia stock market news channel. luckily, they had a few sentences about the japan earthquake news. still didn't say WHERE in japan (pls, not kyoto!!), only that 43 ppl died (i think? or injured?) and there's still a typhoon coming there!! (>__<) just tried to find info about it. so the earthquake was actually centered at sea, but it shook tokyo (shook enough to make the furniture and walls rattle) and surrounding prefectures!! they stopped the bullet trains and a major baseball game for a little while cuz of it.

got the info from these sites:

whew, thank goodness. kyoto not affected. but toma must have been worried 4 his family and friends back in tokyo...but a BIG ONE predicted within the next 50 yrs in tokyo!! better than us in southern california, THE BIG ONE will probably occur in the next almost 30 yrs. i hate/am scared of earthquakes. -__-

[8/11 update]:
eh!! so 2 earthquakes hit japan! 1 on sunday (6.9), 1 on monday(6.4)!! =0 (also a big one in india.) the one i heard about on tv was the 2nd one. but the info i posted up was about the 1st one. i'm glad the 2nd one only caused some injuries and no deaths. but still, earthquakes in the middle of the night are scary!! o__0 i wonder if toma felt the 2nd's the news about the 2nd earthquake (also centered at sea). watch the video clip! it really shook hard!

the peak of the perseids meteor shower is coming!
it's on the night of august 11 through to the dawn of august 12. pretty much the best of meteor shower of the year, the one where u can see the most. but they say it's a lot more visible to ppl in the northern hemisphere than the southern, so not all of u can see it. i probably can't see it this yr, too, cuz of the mist/clouds. =/ but for those of u that can, try going outside after 9:30pm and look at the sky. go to the links below for more info and directions, with a map of the night sky too, so u know where to look. =)

happy watching!! i hope i'll see a few...

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Rahmat Febrianto said...

There is an argument for a relationship between this meteor shower and earthquakes. There has been 3 days of more than 5 Richter in Sumatera Indonesia (19 times until this afternoon). Check for updates.