Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NEW midSUMMER BANNERsss!! ^_^V bonzai!!

[credit: some1 was/is using this for their LJ page theme, but i can't remember who. sorry. if u made this and u come here, comment below so i can give u proper credit here. this is 1 of my fav summer toma pics f/last yr. and i love the "come home to me" text added in by that fan!]

at last, new banners!! :D
i hope u'll like them.
it's a summer theme. (though summer is half over by now.)
i'm using a summer festival and beach pic cuz those are 2 things toma mentioned in 1 of his messages from last month, about what u should remember to do during summer...go have fun at these places. =)

i know i always say this, but this time also, it took quite a while to find the right pics! partly cuz i wanted the pics to both be taken IN JAPAN only. even if there's lots of nice beaches in and a lot of summer festivals in japan, somehow i had a hard time finding the right one...not too dark (lots of nighttime festival pics) and not too crowded or too boring (lots of empty beach pics). i think these 2 pics are pretty (love the sparkling water and silhouttes; the cute girls in yukata and boys too, at a pretty location right next to a pool of water in a crowded/fun-looking shopping area), and i like how both have groups of friends in them. cuz summer is a great time to hang out with friends, right?

i really love how japanese ppl have tons of matsuri (festivals) so often in the year!! ^_^ and they have a lot during the summer. the obon (day of the dead, AKA bon odori, is the biggest summer festival, i think. and is mostly celebrated starting on august 15, so i'm a little early for it, that i'm changing banners now! the banner above, the pic is of some teenagers at a bon festival (in Setagaya (世田谷区), Tokyo's most populous city, according to the photographer). I LOVE HOW PRETTY ALL THE GIRLS LOOK IN THEIR COLORFUL YUKATA!! *__* the boys look nice cute in them too, but mostly only see girls and women wear them. i'd like to try wearing one too!! ~_~

i found lots of nice pics of japan beaches (mostly) and festivals and fireworks too.
though i couldn't use them, i thought it'd be nice to share them with you here.
take a look, kudasai!

[6 pics credit: these 6 links are somewhere below!]

matsuri or festival fireworks pics:

people (mostly girls & women) in yukata:

at the beach pics:

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[credit: subliminalicon]


joyceneoh said...

If you haven't said anything, I would have thought that you went to Japan yourself!! But that's your 5 year goal ne??

What cheerful pics!

kate`* said...

oh no, no no. haha. I WISH!! that i went there and took these pics myself. yes yes. hopefully by then, i can go, and i'll take some nice pics to share with everyone! ^o^

the pics R so pretty and u really get that HAPPY SUMMER feeling from it ne~~