Saturday, August 15, 2009

toma weekend updates/ riko, satomi, etc. PICS

[ka~waii!! ^.^ some pics from the sept. issues of the duet/winkup magazines i bought a few days ago. i especially love the pics of satomi. *__* soooo pretty~ and her yukata is beautiful ne. ohno's cute expression while lying in bed! ^_^ and yuma is cute too! but i was surprised to see the bday fanart and messages section of wup looks different now! they are now both printed in black and white instead of pale orange/red paper. =( ]

hi there!
(whew, made it in time, the friday post. though it was barely related to toma and was quite sad to read right? sorry if my previous post got you down, i hope this one will cheer you up again. haha. and wow, the time of this post!! EXACTLY AT 00:00. sugoi~)
the weekend is here. =) i hope you'll have a cool one (both literally and figuratively)!

gomen ne, haven't had time to gather more toma links from LJ and stuff, but if u can't wait a few more days, just go to xdustbunnys' LJ now and read up on toma sightings and some toma magazine article translations!! ~_~

this is kinda a long post.
but at least there's a lot of pretty pictures, right? (laughs)

[a CUTE CUTE small majosai banner i saw cutie0o0opie using
at the tomalicious forum. credit: Bu]

can't believe it took me a year to see this. lol. well, better late than never!
Ohno Is Ninomiya’s Girlfriend!?, Saturday July 25, 2009 Japan
[this is old news unrelated 2 toma, but it's cute arashi news!! but i didn't get to post up till now. hehe.
ohno and nino is 1 of my fav JE "couples".]

AND of course, some TOMA LJ STUFF:
[forgot to include this in friday's post. a subbed old video clip of toma as a defense attorney in a litle skit?! =D]
[bunch of scans -- many not shared at LJ yet. FINALLY SEE SOME PICS I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR/NEVER SAW THE SCAN FOR THEM YET!!!!!! YEY!!!!!! *__* strawberry_gemm is my hero!! :D]

[ALL THE DUET AND WINKUP 2008 SCANS!! some i haven't got in HQ yet. yeeeeey!] toma's recent tomagoto post #273 he talked about how he really liked this movie, called THE MURDERER OF YOUTH. o__o AKA, Youth Killer. it's a sad/depressing patricide movie based on a real life story?! from 1976?! maybe the director recommended this movie cuz the main character's also depressed and a very disturbed guy, similar to toma's character in his movie. or toma is just watching these kinda movies right now to get in a dark mood for the movie filming...toma also said he really likes/respects Arato, who is a producer of some abstract and horror movies. (?) here's some info about the Youth Killer movie: [movie poster]

i found some really revealing pics of riko by accident!! (was looking for H&C stuff) she's only 16 now!! these pics of her, maybe taken when she was 14 or 15!! what the!? i know lots of japanese actresses start out as mild-themed gravure models and take these kinda pics, wearing bikinis or skimpy clothing...even so, so surprised to see these pics. yes, i've seen maki in these kinda pics. but riko is the only one of toma's female co-stars that i've seen that's worn so little in her pics and had more provocative poses. i don't get it, why there's this fascination/obsession with super young girls (boys too, actually, but at least i don't see pics of little boys LIKE THIS). it's just SO WRONG and CREEPY. =/ she's still so young. WAS SURPRISED ESPECIALLY CUZ I STILL KINDA SEE HER AS HAGUMI. @__@ i got worried so i looked for pics of his other co-stars. whew, at least i didn't find any of THOSE kinda pics for ryoko and natsuki. i saw some of satomi, but she really didn't look good in them...

narumi riko (hagumi in Honey and Clover)'s revealing pics:

maki horikita's (yappari, mizuki in hana kimi) kinda revealing pics:

AND just some regular, pretty pics of some of toma's past female co-stars. all so pretty ne. =)

Ishihara Satomi (aki-chan in Voice):

Kobayashi Ryoko (shiori in Maou; found mostly pics she took herself.^^):

Harada Natsuki (yamada in H&C):

higa manami (kaori in Majo Saiban):


kate`* said...

to carly: could u translate these 2 toma magazine articles for me? it's more than last time, so sorry, it'll take you more time to translate...

and it's fine if u can only translate part of it, too. just translate the parts you understand. :D

c0rin said...

OMGOD. I Am in love with HIGA MANAMI, She is the BEST leading lady TOMA has ever had. (Aside from Mizuki)

They all start as gravure. I wanna see a Higa-chan one!

kate`* said...

hounto ni? i used to like maki most, but i think my fav is satomi now. even if she wasn't paired up with toma. but if it's some1 he was paired up with, i like ryoko a lot. =)

whoa...those maki gravure pics at yr LJ!! =/ i haven't found any higa gravure pics either, but i guess she probably started out taking those kinda pics too. >_< though i guess it's not a big deal if they are not totally naked and not too young when they do it, but's quite demeaning and embarassing, no?

ultraviolet_p1 said...

I have to say it again...such a coincident that you put Satomi pic up there (and first up too!). She is very pretty in her yukata. Somewhere before you had mentioned about it - how Satomi was much prettier than her Aki image on Voice. So true, I see her on the promos for Voice and Aki seemed different - is it the hair (it's hair hair these

Anyway, maybe it the familiarity. That it was nice news to hear about Satomi joining Toma's movie as his wife. If it was an actress I didn't know about, I kinda probably have not much reaction except to check her out and see who she is. Well, Aki was paired with Daiki, so its' still a new pairing to see.

kate`* said...

*__* suuugeh!!

love coincidences like this. so this is the 2nd ningen-related one. (1st time: when both toma and i had the same feeling about the presscon being the real start of ningen.)

i usually don't put non-toma pics up top, but satomi's pics r so pretty, i really wanted it at the top. ~_~ yeah, it must be mainly the hair. and the clothes? haha. but in the drama, her lips also look bigger than in real life. eh...hope in the movie, she'll look prettier than in Voice. =) cool. toma and satori look good together. ^^ i think she's my fav toma female co-star right now, so this is perfect!!! (though i remember something bad happens to his wife in the book... >_<) oh well... toma + satomi!! <3 sugoi.

Carly said...

okie. i might go in parts again. i might do little by little. and i'll try to post all the translations if i can. :]
and i think i can translate these stuff as a pic. :D i can just upload it and u can paste it on. it might take a bit time, but i think i can finish before school starts. when school starts, i might not have some time to play. >_< so yup. when i finish 1, i'll leave a comment and the link. :D

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Oh, yeah, I wanted to say something about the wife's role too, but eh, well, even though it's a depressing movie, the news of someone familiar joining is cool, and seemed like happy news. She has her hair up, and dressed all conservative and sweet - looks like a wife...hehe, sitting next to Toma.

Oh, yeah, the graphic of Toru is from a fan in BaiDu. Her name is one the right bottom hand corner: Bu.

Ja na

kate`* said...

thanks a ton, carly!! <3
u are the best!!! *_*
oh, that would be cool!^^ i understand. and if u can't finish it be4 school starts, that's ok too, if u can only translate part of it.

hi paige! ^^
yes yes, i'm really glad it's her and not someone we don't know at all. she does look very wife-like. ~_~ i actually saw some pics of her wearing traditional clothes/1940s-ish clothes in her blog, but i thought it was for a drama. haha.

oh, thanks, i can give her credit then.


Carly said...

hello! i'm sorry i couldn't make it as picture form, but i was able 2 translate some so here's part of the trans:
10/7/1984 (23 yrs. old) blood type: A
A Memory Of His Birthday:
Happy 23 yr.s old!
my 23rd birthday was when i had 1hr before the show started, i was called that there were changes 4 the show. a band played happy birthday 4 me.
- -- - -
when i felt glad i'm a guy:
Girls are scary (laugh)
i think girl fights are scary (laugh). What's good about guys is that when guys get angry, they say what they want 2 say and become friends again.
- - -- - - - - -
Where I was born:
Memories Where I was born:
Muroran is next door city to Noboribetsu (city). It's quite country there. well, i have only lived there till i was 2 yrs old, so i don't really remember when i lived there. But it's real cold in the winter. It also snows and where i was born is cold (laugh).
- - - - - - - - -
Father, Mother, Me, little brother
What I Like about my family:
I'm quite friendly with my brother
I have a peaceful family. My brother is 4 yrs younger then me and a college student. When I came home on my birthday, there was a note saying " Happy Birthday". He's real shy and usually don't do this, but he gave me a present which he chose. We're a quite friendly siblings.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Weight: 60kg
bust: 80cm
waist: 69.5cm
hip: 90cm
size: (i'm sorry, it's cut off, and i can't see the size 4 how tall he is)
shoe size: 27cm
I suddenly got taller when I went 2 high school
Until 8th grade, i was small, and i was the 2nd or 3rd smallest in class. But when i became a high schooler, I was real tall. idk how much i got taller, but i got taller then people who where taller then me at first.
that's all the translation 4 the first link.
hope u'll understand my translations! :D

kate`* said...

thanks, carly! but u didn't translate the number (phone number??) part (right above the section they talk about his hair and face). and u didn't translate the part about his hair and face either. please translate those parts too! kudasai~ ^_^

Carly said...

okay i'm sooooo sorry about that! D:
so here's the rest of the translations, i;m sorry i forgot them; i was rushing a bit >_<
phone #:
(the #) it means watch hachikuro in japanese
(notice: this phone is not a actual phone #)
Parts Check:
I use contacts:
It's real troublesome to use contacts. After I take a small nap, my eyelids stick and my face turns horrible.
>.< >.< >.<
Looks like it's a baby dinosaur's nose (laugh):
Nari-kun(Narumiya) told me it's a baby dinosaur's nose. other people around me agreed too (laugh)
>.> >.> >.>
I don't really care about my skin care:
My lips are very dry. it's always dry. but since i don't hold on to a chap stick, it's dry.
v.v v.v v.v
I'm proud of my cheeks:
It's my charm point (laugh). Everyone says it's soft and it always a topic 2 talk about.
^.^ ^.^ ^.^
I don't have my eyes pierced:
I don't have earrings. Cause it seems 2 have pain in it (laugh). Also, I listen 2 music in loud volume, so i don't hear well!?
~.~ ~.~ ~.~
I changed my hair style 2 HachiKuro:
There's isn't anything particular about it. 4 the drama, i made my hair a little brighter color then black.
okayy i think i did it all. if i haven't please tell me. i'll post the 2nd link translations later on.

kate`* said...

ARIGATOU Carly-chan!! ^.^

the phone # just says watch hachikuro? haha.

a baby dinosaur's nose!! lol. it kinda does look like that!! :D i love love his hairstyle like this. maybe it's simple, but i think it looks very very nice and cool!! ^^ EH! toma can't hear very well?? he's gotta turn down the volume of his music...and i like his reason for not getting his ear pierced. heehee~ my ears r not pierced either.