Sunday, August 23, 2009

REMINDER: DEADLINE for participating in the toma birthday card project is....

hi hi~

started counting down toma's birthday from 100 days,
yet now, already only 40-something days left!! ehhh...time is just flying by!!

well, i sent toma's bday cards/letters on sept. 18 last yr, but this year, i wanna send it a little earlier. i figure i'll send it in the middle of sept, so around sept. 14 or 15 would be best, in case it takes 2 or more weeks to get to japan (though i'm pretty sure it'll only take 1 week). and IF it gets to toma early and we're 1 of the first to wish him happy birthday, that would be awesome too, right? ^o^

so~ the deadline for commenting at the post so i can write your name, etc. on a heart will be:
SEPTEMBER 13, 2009. in PST (pacific standard time~ california time).

dakara~ please, more people post comments, it'd be nice if we could get at least 10 people. -__- so far, we have only 5 ppl, including me. i didn't think so few ppl would participate, but then again, i guess it's ok, cuz i can make the hearts bigger if there's less ppl.....

(carly, u said u wanted to participate, but u haven't commented there. i know your name, age, and country already, but would u want to write a short message (in english) to toma too? comment there or here is ok too...)


Princess P. said...

How's the birthday project going so far???

kate@usa said...

almost 4got to reply to u...

hi again!'s coming along! more ppl participating in the bday card and i'm almost done with the fanart. REALLY REALLY HOPE if i send it tomorrow, it'll still be in time to be in the nov. issue of WU and Potato. and the flickr pics project, i found a bunch of nice pics already, just haven't gotten a chance to login and favorite them for the slideshow yet.


Cezie_Pals said...

No prob. I'm just really happy to be part of it. I emailed you.

Anonymous said...

is it still possible if i want to join the project?
if they'd already hit the deadline, never mind...
but anyway, i'll always support your effort here...
spreading Toma's love ... or spreading our love to TOMA~! :D

kate@usa said...

hi fitrin!
there's still time, please do look at the bday post and see if u wanna take part in anything. ^^

arigatooo! for your support~~
haha. i guess it's both ne. toma love!! please help me spread it. ~_~

(sorry, not logging in to reply to comments recently, it's just faster this way. but i'll go back to replying after logging in soon.)

carly said...

Im sorry i havent been on! D:
yes yes yes i do! >u<
please add me!! >U<
If it's totally ok, can i put:
" Happy Birthday! :D I was a fan since I watched Maou! I'm looking forward for more of ur movie! :]"
something like that? :3 and at the end can u put ganbare in japanese?
thnx so much! >u<

kate ☂ said...

lol. carly.
i'm glad u're participating, but that message is too long 4 me to write on the heart!! and i dunno how to write gambarre in japanese. to make things easier for me, could u shorten your message to just happy birthday and 1 sentence? i will try to write 'gambatte kudasai' in the bday card in japanese, though.

carly said...

o okay sure! XD
thnx so much!
Could u put
" happy birthday and korekaramo Ganbatte Kusai"
kinda like that :)
umm im sorry 4 the trans! D:
and the picture was too small 4 me 2 read a little. D:
if u still want the trans, can u please make the picture a little more bigger? thnx and im sorry >_<

kate ☂ said...

ok! u mean Ganbatte kudasai, right? or really write it "kusai"?

ok, i'll see if i can make the picture bigger! =)

carly said...

yes, kudasai! :D
i was typing fast and i messed up DX
okay! when u get a larger picture, can u give me the link again so i can translate it? :D
thnx and bye!

kate ☂ said...

carly, u posted at exactly 10:07pm!! 10/07, toma's bday!! SUGOI. ^^

but i already sent the cards this morning, so couldn't fix it. >_< gomen. on 1 heart, i wrote kudasai, and on one, i left it kusai. lol. it's ok, toma will understand ne!

ok, i'll give u the link later!