Friday, August 7, 2009

kate's toma 8.7 weekend updates/ about kyoto...

doumo! kate desu.

minna genki?

i caught up with the toma LJ stuff!! ureshii~~ ^-^

also~ my fan art should have arrived at potato and wink up's buildings a day or 2 ago (aug. 6 japan time). probably...i'm gonna start drawing 2 more soon...!

and~ toma said last week in tomagoto: it's the halfway point already! of filming for ningen shikkaku. they had a bbq to celebrate. :D he had a good time, talking to ppl he didn't get a chance to talk to usually. and he asked everyone to pray that this will result in a good production. (kito!! it will be a good movie, no worries, toma-kun!^^ but i'll help u pray for it.)

toma's gonna be in kyoto till the end of august at least, filming for this movie. i got curious about kyoto, since i don't really know anything about the city, except that it makes me think of when i learned about the kyoto protocol, the international agreement created under the UNFCCC in 1997, that asks nations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. by the way, did u notice?? i just noticed recently, kyo-to, reversed is to-kyo! is it cause kyoto was the capital and so they just changed the name slightly when they made tokyo the new capital? eh... anyway, i here's some info/pics about kyoto. it seems boring compared with tokyo. but i guess it's good that toma gets to spend time in a different, quieter place for a change.

kyoto pics:

about kyoto:;_ylc=X3oDMTFka28zOGNuBF9TAzI3NjY2NzkEX3MDOTY5NTUzMjUEc2VjA3NzcC1kZXN0BHNsawN0aXRsZQ--

before i get to the LJ stuff, just wanna share a nakatsu MV with u all. there aren't a lot of really good new nakatsu+mizuki MVs out there, but this is pretty good.
[Hana Kimi - Apologize (Nakatsu/Ashiya)]

[credit: strawberry_geem & hpswf1]

There's some new toma magazine scans posted up at the LJ!! but toma's hair, even though it's styled differently for the photoshoots, still looks so...blah. i'm trying hard to like it! but with that kinda haircut, i guess that's the best they could do to make it look good/cool. still, it's nice to see new toma pics, finally!! and the pics of toma lying on the bed in wink up!! kyaa!! *_* (jumping on the bed too! lol. ahhh~ toma, a perfect combination of sexy and cute!!♥) and didn't i tell u he kinda looks like charlie chaplin w/that haircut?? even more so with a hat on! fans have also said he looks like johnny depp in some movies. i'm a johnny fan and i've compared toma to him before, so i like the comparisons ppl are making now!! and this kinda strange guy in ningen shikkaku, it sounds like the kinda role johnny would like to play. haha. it would be awesome if toma could become as highly respected and successful as johnny in the future!!

so~ here's some cool toma LJ stuff.
zehi, take a look.
that's all for now. ja ne.
[toma sightings. a male fan blogged about meeting him, got to shake his hand! *_*]
[brief translation of the 1st toma interview about ningen. =)]

i didn't notice at first (too distracted by his hair), but though toma is happy and smiling during the interview, he really does seem more skinny, pale, and more serious than usual. and seeing those clips of him from the movie...looking so quiet, serious, or sad. =/ there seems to be a dark aura around him in a way, even though he's just talking with the cast or answering questions during the interview. or maybe it's just the dark lighting. haha. seriously though, toma must really be in oba yozo mode, dark mode, most of the time these days. i'm with xdustbunnys-- i want to see his cheerful self again after the filming finishes!
[translation of the old video clip: guess who is toma's mom!!]
[translation of a long excerpt f/a chinese magazine that talks about toma's friendship with yamashita, jun, etc.♥ but some of it is just rumors.]
[some really cute toma+arashi member gifs from the arashi V6 show, and 2 toma/ohno walk out on the stage/catwalk at the maou press conference. KAKKOII!! i loved that moment, and love that now i can re-watch it over and over thru these gifs!!!♥]
[pics of a place called Ikuta Road in japan!! ^-^]
[toma got #5 for best actor for the 13th Nikkan Sports Drama GP. ^^]

mood: rejuvenated [credit: subliminalicon]
music: majosai OST (this is eerie: just as track 1, "majo saiban" started, some clouds outside covered the sun and it got darker suddenly!! is the majo nearby?! xD)


ultraviolet_p1 said...

Out of the month's new photoshoot, I think, my fave is the outdoor one, followed by the hat one, then the bare arms one.

Haha, I don't know, why, it almost seems like his bare arms stems from him with just wearing the the vest, I know he's got the singlet underneath, but the there's not enough sleeve to see...I rather he didn't have the extra vest over. LOL, critical eye... :p

I like the hat one, because he has such a great expression, pose and outfit esp seen on the large full body shot. And I like the way his wavy bits of hair sticks out from beneath the hat, it looks perfectly tempting like that, and again, that expression is cool.

Outdoor one gives a little air and environment surrounding him. Maybe it's good to see him to in light. Just a simple t-shirt just looks good on him. And the close up, tilts his head to one side ^_^

I love that his hair is shorter. The perm is still there - though on top of his head but his fringe is straight and lovely (seems almost like two hairstyle in one...hoho).

How lucky we are to have 3 monthly photoshoots. I'm sure there is always at least one to catch our fancy (those only being on time when we're trying to get used to his hair).

kate`* said...

thanks for commenting, paige-chan. ~_~

souka...for me, it's the bare arms/bed, then outdoors, then the hat.

eh, so picky about his clothes this time? but i agree w/u about almost not seeing the sleeve. but i think that outfit is cool, still. i love seeing toma in black!!

the hat one...he always looks cool in a hat, but i dunno...i don't like this particular old-fashioned, 1940s look. but his hair does look better, sticking out f/under his hat, and love his expression. :D

i always love outdoors shoots. the natural light, the scenary, always seems more fresh and nicer than indoors. yeah, toma in just a simple t-shirt is good enough 4 me. ~_~ i didn't notice the head tilt till u said so!

i like how his hair is shorter too. but the straight fringe + the permed hair is kinda a strange combination, but u're exactly right, it's like 2 hairstyles combined!!

i do sooooo enjoy seeing 3 diff toma photoshoots each month. just that sometimes, there's just too many good magazine pics and i end up not knowing which i should buy. haha. i think i will get both Duet and Wink up this time! ^.^

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Jaja, picky picky…hehehe…it’s when I thought about it and compared and then ranked, that I became critical (like if you could ONLY buy one…) Although I do like how his hair was on the bed shoot, the bare arms with a just a vest look (I know it wasn’t just a vest), looks somewhat not right combo..hehe, - well, that is just me that why it ranked lower.
But I’m happy with scans, and can have it all….

kate`* said...

hai, i know what u mean~ ^^

i usually don't especially like pics where toma is wearing a sleeveless anything, but this one is cool. but u know what, this hair (again) makes him look more feminine. sometimes it makes him looks a little, just kinda michael jackson-ish?? o__o

me too, completely!! so thankful to fans that share pretty toma scans with us. <3