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a 2008 toma profile translation~~


kate desu.

again, gomenasai!!
still so behind on toma stuff.

so for now, i'll post up the article f/2008 that i asked carly to translate for me. it's a fun read. =) thank you, carly!! (i'll also post this up at the toma LJ, i'll credit u as A there, as u wish, carly.) ac~tually...she translated it for me since around 1 month ago. just kept not getting a chance to post it up. sorry (laughs).

and this is 1 of my fav fav toma hairstyles!!♥ i even drew his hair like this 4 one of my toma drawings. :D his hair here is just so PERFECT and cool and i love this shade of brown, too. (it should have been a little darker, but in the light, i guess it looks lighter brown.)

have a cool weekend!
i'll see u later.
(i'll try to post something on monday...)


[credit, strawberry_gemm @]

10/7/1984 (23 yrs. old) blood type: A

A Memory Of His Birthday:
Happy 23 yr.s old!
my 23rd birthday was when i had 1hr before the show started, i was called that there were changes 4 the show. a band played happy birthday 4 me.

[kate's note: he was in the 2 Gentlemen of Verona play back then.]

- -- - -

when i feel glad i'm a guy:

Girls are scary (laugh)
i think girl fights are scary (laugh). What's good about guys is that when guys get angry, they say what they want 2 say and become friends again.
- - -- - - - - -

Where I was born:

Memories Where I was born:
Muroran is next door city to Noboribetsu (city). It's quite country there. well, i have only lived there till i was 2 yrs old, so i don't really remember when i lived there. But it's real cold in the winter. It also snows and where i was born is cold (laugh).

[9/21 EDIT: for more info and pics of this city:,_Hokkaid%C5%8D]
- - - - - - - - -

Father, Mother, Me, little brother

What I Like about my family:
I'm quite friendly with my brother
I have a peaceful family. My brother is 4 yrs younger then me and a college student. When I came home on my birthday, there was a note saying " Happy Birthday". He's real shy and usually don't do this, but he gave me a present which he chose. We're a quite friendly siblings.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Weight: 60kg
bust: 80cm
waist: 69.5cm
hip: 90cm

[size: (i'm sorry, it's cut off, and i can't see the size 4 how tall he is)]

shoe size: 27cm
I suddenly got taller when I went 2 high school
Until 8th grade, i was small, and i was the 2nd or 3rd smallest in class. But when i became a high schooler, I was real tall. i don't know how much i got taller, but i got taller then people who where taller then me at first.

phone #:
(the #) it means watch hachikuro in japanese
(notice: this phone is not an actual phone #)

Parts Check:

I use contacts:
It's real troublesome to use contacts. After I take a small nap, my eyelids stick and my face turns horrible.
>.< >.< >.<

Looks like it's a baby dinosaur's nose (laugh):
Nari-kun(Narumiya) told me it's a baby dinosaur's nose. other people around me agreed too (laugh)
>.> >.> >.>

I don't really care about my skin care:
My lips are very dry. it's always dry. but since i don't hold on to a chap stick, it's dry.
v.v v.v v.v

I'm proud of my cheeks:
It's my charm point (laugh). Everyone says it's soft and it always a topic 2 talk about.
^.^ ^.^ ^.^

I don't have my eyes pierced:
I don't have earrings. Cause it seems 2 have pain in it (laugh). Also, I listen 2 music in loud volume, so i don't hear well!?
~.~ ~.~ ~.~

I changed my hair style 2 HachiKuro:
There's isn't anything particular about it. 4 the drama, i made my hair a little brighter color then black.


ARIGATOU Carly-chan!! ^.^

i like toma's suit and tie for this photoshoot. very cool ne.

it's cool to know which city he grew up in. ~_~
and the drawing of his family is cute!! heehee.

it's nice to know toma gets along with his brother. he sounds like the opposite of toma, a quiet guy...he's so lucky to have toma for his older brother (though he can't spend much time with him and his family)!!!!

girls ARE scary sometimes. lol. especially when girl friends argue. but then again, it all depends...guys can have really bad fights too. and never be friends again.

of course, toma's a guy, but i think it's cute how he sometimes used "atashi" to refer to himself (not sure if that was cuz his bike was a girl's bike in H&C), and sometimes jokes about being girl-like (i can't think of a good example, but i'm sure he's done it a lot be4, like saying..."of course, i cannot be considered a girl, so..." xD). and being so pretty and he's got some very cute girl-like mannerisms...anyway...he'd be cute whether as a guy or a girl. but i'm so glad he's a boy (and i'm a girl), so i could like him in this way.♥ haha. (though if it's toma, maybe i would love him no matter if our genders matched up or not?!!! :P) i remember toma saying he's thankful that he's a boy, but i forgot for what reason....something about cuz he's a boy, he enjoys going to concerts? what?? i totally forgot. but it was something "manly" that he enjoyed doing. lol. but this is what he said: "ahh~ really, i'm glad i was born a boy!!"

a baby dinosaur's nose!! lol. it kinda does look like that!! :D

i love love his hairstyle like this. maybe it's simple, but i think it looks very very nice and cool!! ^^

EH! toma can't hear very well?? he's gotta turn down the volume of his music! and i like his reason for not getting his ear pierced. heehee~ my ears r not pierced either.

toma's cheeks!!♥
i wanna touch it, see for myself how soft it is!! ~_~

mood: embarrassed
[credit: subliminalicon]


kate ☂ said...

carly, please translate these for me. thank you very much!!

(if it's still too small, u can try zooming in. if that still doesn't work, i'll enlarge the size and upload again 4 u.)

Blubb_Blubb said...

gosh kate i'm so thankful for your blog! i really love the way you write and when it comes to toma-kun i'm like a little fan girl and i have to shriek over the smallest cute facts xD
the interview was just KAWAAAIII~
ahhh i love him so much *fan-girl-scream*

kate@usa said...

hi, blub_blub!
thank u, thank u!! ^o^
i love to write about toma and it makes me really very happy whenever some1 says they like the way i write here. i'm glad u enjoyed reading the interview. xD

salome said...

hello. thanks to you & Carly for the translation of that article.

it's so cute how he agrees about his nose being like that of a baby dinosaur's. i remember reading one interview where he said that when he was a chibi, he was told that he looks like a panda.

oh, but i worry about his hearing. he did say many times that he likes to listen to music at deafening volume. i hope he eases down on that because that would surely impair his hearing.

i'm sure you've heard about his non-stop projects. as much as i'm happy about it ('cause i feel that it's because he had established quite a good reputation as an actor), i worry about his not having enough rest.

thanks again!

kate ☂ said...

hi salome! =)
no problem.

yeah. ~_~ i think i read that somewhere too. and toma says his eyes look like panda eyes, it droops down at the sides, something like that. haha.

right! and he goes to a lot of concerts too...i wonder if it's already too late to save his hearing. =/ he

yes, yes. :D i feel the same way, happy 4 him, but also worried he's working way too hard these days.

im_amot said...

Thanks a lot Kate for sharing this !!!

baby dinosaurs nose .. hahah but it really stand out ne ...

Can i take out this trans .. will credit you ne Kate chan .. please ..

KATE@usa said...


u're welcome! =) yes u can, but pls give credit to carly. but she would like to be known as A, so pls credit A for translating it.

paige said...

Thanks to carly.
Thanks kate

kate@usa said...

u're welcome, paige. :)