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pics from +act, DUET, and toma's recent msg's.♥♥

(my precious +act magazine!! so shiny and pretty neeeee!!♥♥ ~_~)

careline is going to japan to watch toma's movie!!!!!
uwa!! known this 4 a while (some of u here probably know too?)....she's leaving today!!! ^O^ she might even be on the plane right now, though it's super early (5:47am in germany, feb.15 now). only know she's leaving on feb.15. i hope careline will have a safe flight and have lots of FUN in japan!! she's staying for 2 weeks!! wah...sugoi!!! even if i can go in a couple yrs, i doubt i can stay that long!! VERY VERY EXCITED FOR HER....^^ u can read her msg that she posted about leaving soon here:

eh...was gonna wait till i get the ningen photobook and post up all these pics at once, but then i guess it's better to split them up. (*fingers crossed* that the photobook arrives tomorrow....i don't think i've EVER waited this long 4 something f/yesasia! over 2 weeks!! maybe cuz it's coming directly f/their japan headqtrs and not the hk one? hmm...)

feb.10, went to mitsuwa. :D
the nice lady there said that MY +ACT MAGAZINE CAME THE NIGHT BEFORE (ON MY BDAY!!! AWESOMENESS!!). my heart fluttered when the lady came back with the magazine in a plastic bag...i could tell toma was on the cover....KYAA!! so handsome~! and this magazine, it's mine!! really didn't expect it to come this soon....a little over 1 week....*blush* toma so kakkoii, looking out at me f/that BIG, GLOSSY magazine. nanka~ i felt a little embarassed...but of course, it didn't matter who was on the cover for the lady working there, she just politely asked if this is the magazine i wanted and i was like..."yes..." really, i was all giddy and girly then.... ~_~ it costs twice as much as the usual magazines, but i'm so glad i got it. ALL THE PICS ARE FULL-PAGE!!! SUGEH!! did. not. expect. that!!! like a BIG photobook of toma, kinda?! ah...

and duet. of course. totally forgot about V they had a cute pink cover w/yuma and the b.i. shadow guys. sugoi!! kawaii!! and some V Day theme stuff inside too...

enjoy these pics!!
douzo!! ^^

(*click on the pics to see the FULL SIZE!*)

(sorry, a little blurry! well, sure strawberry_gemm will upload clear scans of it sometime soon~)

(sleeping toma is love~!)

(so many women....i know i shouldn't think it...but....seeing him w/the older women, it's almost like...he's one of those guys that...well...women pay to, u know...nevermind!)

(some pics from hanamizuki too!! they're a cute couple~~)

(some countdown pics f/Duet. ^^ there were some in winkup too. hope some1 will upload them...cuz i didn't buy WU this time. =T)


324 (feb.12?):

the hiroshima audience greeting, there were many students there. thanks them and says "use this opportunity to become bookworm girls~." he really wanted to the
"atomic bomb dome"

1st time he went there. everything destroyed was recorded there.

can't describe what he felt. only 65 yrs ago, this unimaginable event happened. makes him sad.

"definitely, nothing is born from war.
this history must never be repeated again."

he prayed with everyone before the memorial.

"the wonderfulness that i exist, now, the feeling of gratitude to my parents, and the value of life i felt anew."

really glad he came.
will do his best again today.


"use this opportunity to become bookworm girls~." lol. must have been mostly girls there. again, i love it when he writes to us girls, specifically!! *heart*

i want to go there some day...i'm glad toma got to go. it really does make u sad to think about what happened that day (and in nagasaki too) definitely must never be repeated....

he went to the atomic bomb dome in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. i actually talked about this place and the atomic bombings in this post last year. zehi~ please do, take a look:
remembering what happened on august 6 and 9,1945.

more info and pics:

325 (feb.12?):

finished shizuoka greet-the-audience.

done with the press screenings be4 opening day.

truly thanks everyone who came!
it was an elegant movie theatre, appropriate for watching ningen shikkaku.

first time promoting a movie, flying around, seeing ppl he doesn't usually see, it was a happy experience.
he's very grateful.

what's left is premiere night on the 19th. opening day greet-the-audience on the 20th.
tickets for it on sale from the 13th, he thinks.

"i'm waiting for you."

it's really coming soon, the premiere and official release of the movie.....wah......exciting!!

"i'm waiting for you". kyaa!!
wish i could go watch. =/

toma-kun, i'll go watch it!! (in my dreams~ xD)

326 (feb.13?):

went to sendai for the movie campaign.
1 day, so no time to rest, but he ate some cow tongue. it was really good.

went to the theatre for the 1st time in a long while to watch morita-sempai's play. "sleeping while the blood's still fresh" (?)
"after the play, we went into the night together. lightly, ne."

after left the restaurant, bumped into yoshida koutarou-san, and toma was left alone....after that, met oguri-kun...had fun together that night.

next week, will be on waratte iitomo.
and hanamaru cafe too.

watch out for it!

glad he got to go watch a play. =) and he spent time w/shun?? eh?? was this feb.12 or 13? shun should be with his gf on feb.14, V Day, not with toma!! haha. but then again, toma is his "wife" after all. lol.

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