Monday, February 8, 2010

happy birthday dear kate-chan... ♪

happy birthday~!

i am one year older today. hai~

listening to News' Happy Birthday song. ♪

and listened to a clip of toma singing happy bday to manami (kaori) last year. pretending he's singing it to me. (laughs)

so, i've been on this earth 28 years now.
ehhh. i feel old. i know i'm still young (and i look wa~y too young), kedo... existence in this world...
nanka...i think i've made a difference in this world?!
even tiny differences count ne.
i'd like to live on like continue trying to make a difference!!

when i was little, i thought i'd accomplish much more by the time i reached this age...or maybe, specifically by the time i'm 30 years old. but so much for that. (laughs) but i've still got 2 yrs till i'm 30...i'll keep trying my best to do the things i want to reach for my dreams!! kitto! gambarimas!!!!!

ano...what else...
i'm thankful for all the good things in my life.
i'm grateful to my parents and family and friends.

i'm grateful to toma-kun.
i've really become a happier and a better person, because of him.
he really inspires me to keep going. i really love him so~~
i've been fans of lots of different celebrities, but with toma...
hounto ni, i've never felt this way about anyone else.

yappari~ i'm grateful to everyone here!! those who often come here, thank you! especially those of you who often leave msgs for me in the chatbox.
*hugs* minna-chan, arigatou!!!

please look after me.
kotoshi mou, yoroshiku~.


(i was feeling the soft petals of some peach blossoms, and they started falling off! so i took a pic of the petals. my hand looks scary so up-close, right?? (laughs) ....and this post is early, but since i often think in terms of japan time.'s already feb.9 there.....and the bday cake is not mine, it's Mizobata Junpei's cake. haha. credit: unleashthegeek.....and last but not least, i'm grateful to God!!)

(it was manami's bday when they had the majo saiban fan meet last yr. they brought out a bday cake for her on stage and toma and kato ai (izumi-san) sang happy bday to her. ^_^ dunno where u can watch that clip now, but here's the audio clip i recorded! the part he sang is at the end:!!!.mp3)


Cezie_Pals said...

Otanjoubi Omedetou, Kate-Chan! ^_^
Its 12 AM here in Canada right now. wanted to greet you ASAP since I'm online.
Have a good birthday! oohh... i'm gona mail it soon!!!! I'm making it better!! ^_^ Late gift. hehehe

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Hi Hi!

And I thought I was early...*as I thought you were at least a day behind* ^-^

Have a nice one day! I sent you an ecard.
The Ningen photobook is awesome from the previews...

kate♥ said...

ARIGATOU!! ah, u posted right after midnight?? sugoi...thank u, thank u!<3 and i just realized yesterday, we R in the same timezone! lol. that's alright, and thanks again, cezie-chan!! ~_~

ARIGATOU!! i was too fast in posting this time, neeeee. (laughs) hounto? yeyyy. thank u very much~~ hai! the photobook is even more awesome than i had hoped, f/what i saw in the previews....sugeh!! *_*

blubb_blubb said...

although its a little late i know, but i've just read that you had birthday :D
Hope you had a nice b-day!
keep up your great work, i love your blog *.*

kate☂ said...

(xD that's a funny username!)

ARIGATOU!! ~_~ wasn't expecting any more happy bday comments. it was ok, but i celebrated early and late (today), and both days were sugoi~~

THANK YOU!! <3 ah, it's always good to be appreciated. for you~ and minna-san, i'll gambarre!!