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NINGEN PHOTOBOOK PREVIEW!!!!! + toma news and toma's recent messages...


i spent a little too much time contemplating my bday, so i've ran out of time. (laughs) gomen!
ja, i will continue this post tomorrow, probably.
GAH!! the ningen photobook preview pics!!!!! just saw it.
thanks to janinamedina!

UWA!!!! SUGOI!!!! so glad i bought it!!!!!!!!!
but i'm a little worried that looking at the pics, it'll give away what happens in the movie...should i just look thru half the book, maybe, just in case there are spoilers?? lol. but i don't think i'll be able to control myself. (laughs)

got this cool, big hanmizuki filming pic from lorh, who got it f/some1's blog. kire desu ne!!♥ and i love toma's funny annoyed expression!! haha. i really love love the location...i think this mountaintop scene will be really romantic and nice... ~_~ but it musta been COLD. this must have been when they stayed there till nighttime and everyone but toma went to watch the orion meteor shower!!

so, i heard from paige and lorh that Seaside Motel will be released: June 5, 2010. i thought it might be released before hanamizuki, since he filmed it in that order...=)

toma made it into another poll! ^.^ he got 16th place. omedetou!!
Ranking: Actors/Actresses That Produce Must-Watch Doramas (under 30 years old)

news about toma and shun throwing beans for good luck...haha.
AGAIN, WHEN WAS TOMA HOLDING PANTYHOSE IN THE DOCUMENTARY SHOW??! i totally don't remember that part. @_@ someone, please tell me!! [again, the same news as the link below, but a little bit more at the end.]
Actor Ikuta Toma appears on Oguri Shun's radio program & "Jonetsu Tairiku" video links
[they linked to a roughly subbed version of his documentary show!! i'll wait for TFS's version though. and also linked to a subbed clip of him on a recent TV show.]

....AND I DIDN'T KNOW YESASIA SOLD SO MANY DIFFERENT J MAGAZINEs!! [list of new magazines u can buy at yesasia!! they've got all of them!! the main 4 and some more obscure ones too. wow!!!]
[cinema cinema 22 on sale here!!!!! SUGOI... toma on the cover and a pinup!! i wanna buy it after seeing this msg at tomalicious: tomajaelover: u guys, must buy cinema cinema no.22.toma is on d cover =) pin-up,10 pg article n pics,3pg on ningen,1pg on seaside motel,3pg on hana mizuki. but then....i wanna see what ALL the pics look like...though i think most of them are here: but then...i dunno if i'll be able to buy the act+ magazine...i'm satisfied if i have at least 1 magazine w/him on the cover....and of course i know he'll be on more magazine covers when Seaside and Hanamizuki promotion is going on....maybe i should save $$ for that....]
Tomalicious Fansubs!!! they're back!! ^_^
they'll be subbing toma's new shows!! YEY.
and of course, scanlations of his ikita kotoba!! above R some pics from the march 2010 ikita kotoba!!! nanka...I KNEW IT!! that he'd post a pic of him in the dressing room @the johnnys countdown!! ~_^ and more pics f/hawaii, i think? LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT PIC OF HIM LOOKING AT THE SEA. ah, the ocean is big and wide.♪ (credit: suoncom, hpswf1)


i'm really getting so many new followers these days!
arigatou!! really!

i'm not now, but was so HYPERRR earlier!! :D went to mitsuwa for a late bday celebration, kinda. lol. ate there & bought some snacks and got DUET and also my act+ magazine came last night, on my bday!!! sugeh!! it's BIG and SHINY!! as big as toma's photobook that came w/the johnny's 08-09 calendar, but not as wide!!! kyaa!! so pretty!! DID NOT expect it to be this big. i'm really glad i got it. and they only had an OLD issue of cinema * cinema, but i wasn't thinking of buying it really,'ll post up some pics sometime soon...

ok, here comes a lot of summaries of toma's messages. wow. there's a lot since the last time i posted!!! =o i kinda feel like NOT doing this, but then again, i want everyone to be able to see his messages...hmm....i might have to stop doing this in the future, but i'll continue for as long as i can!!

this time, i'll really keep some of it really really short, cuz there's too much. gomen!

kate's summary of Toma's Room entries #311-323!
(remember, u can read his full messages translated by inseiko at tomalicious!! and u really should, cuz toma's writing is so awesome and cute, just like him. ~_~)

-------311 (jan.15):
watched a 3D movie. and watched blu-ray for the first time. thinks technology is really great. thanks everyone for their mails about how to improve Toma's Room.

-------312 (jan.18?): jounetsu tairiku will air jan.31. u must watch it. filming for gochi ni narimasu. "i have absolutely no confidence.
this is bad."

[xD exact quote. lol. sometimes i'll just quote him directly if he says something special/funny....]

NingenShikkaku-page3 (jan.22):
there was a big storm while filming at the sea. but those 2 months, the weather was good.

-------313 (jan. 22?): went on The! Sekai gyouten news. happy to hear nakai-kun happy to see him on all of dazai's books in the book store. the premiere is coming. after press screenings will do greeting of the audience all over the country.

------314 (jan.22): thanks kazamachan for helping his relatives in Dreamland. he has a cool voice in the Yu?gi?oh movie trailer.

---------315 (probably from jan.24?): i already posted this whole message earlier, but here it is again:

Toma's Room (toma no heya)
Vol. 312

i just found out...

the "Ningen Shikkaku" photobook will be out January 26th! seems i'm allowed to say so (laughs)

i saw the photobook and, it looks qu-i-te! good.
just as u can understand if u saw the book covers, the ningen shikkaku photos are all good.

in addition to photos from in the movie, there are also some like off-shots, so i think you will be able to feel the atmosphere on the set even more. please look.

for me i think i would like to keep it safely at home as a very luxurious album of memories.

look forward to the 26th!

with that in mind, i have something to say to everyone.

magazines and television...i'm doing a lot of things so please keep up with me.

do your best!! (laughs)

---------316 (jan.26):

the premiere press screening of ningen.
for the first time, regular people can see the movie (be4 was just ppl in the press)

"i'm nervous, nervous, and nervous. (my heart) is thumping."

please watch warmly.

it's a movie he's fully confident in.

tomorrow all thru japan, a promotional campaign starts.
he'll go to greet the audience in some areas and will see everyone there.


the real-life ikuta.

oh, deja-vu?


[impersonation of kasuga from Audrey]

[316: wahh....1st time regular ppl get to see the movie. THOSE LUCKY PPL!!! toma did seem nervous, but still so HAPPY at the preview screening!! YEYYY.]

-------317 (jan.28): the first ningen press screening.

was successful.
thank you.

happy many ppl came.

will do his best to promote the movie so many ppl will watch.

everyone, please try to promote it please!

[317: i'll help u promote it, toma!! definitely!! ^_^V]

---------318 [jan30?]: thanks to everyone who went to the nagoya greet the audience in the cold!

but someone followed him and the staff by car and almost caused an accident. it's a shame.

[he starts writing a lot about how he hopes no one will do this again as he continues promoting, though he knows ppl that read his blog are on his team and wouldn't do that, toma likes to ramble on sometimes]

and he's sorry if he upset anyone cuz he talked about this. but this is the 1st time he's writing about something like this, and it's cuz he feels strongly about it.

"that's all.
Negative Time ends.

he came to nagoya after so long.
ate a lot of good things.

promoting a movie, going so many places, it's harder than he thought.
he thinks ppl won't be able to keep up with him cuz he's going on so many shows, but.

"do your best (laughs)

i'll do my best promoting too~!"

next is osaka press screening!

thanks 2 nagoya food dishes that he had!

[318: probably the paparazzi?? geez, ruining toma's day like that!! THIS IS THE 1ST TIME I'VE HEARD ABOUT TOMA (OR ANY J STAR) BEING FOLLOWED SO AGGRESSIVELY....!! luckily, there was no car accident cuz of that car!! but it's funny how toma got all serious and then after that, he went that's all, Negative Time ends. lol. it must be fun to go to different places to promote a movie...tiring, though.

i completely agree w/this person at the forum:

could it be papparazi or a crazy fan/stalker? The "chasing-after-toma" thing must have scared them which made him upset.

whoever did that to our poor Toma, shame on you]

-------Ningen Shikkaku SP-page four (jan30?):
tokyo boarding house picture. where youzou has fun with horiki. "the beginning of his ruin."

[i wonder if all these pics toma is posting will be in the ningen photobook...i hope so!!!]

-----319 (feb2?): finished osaka campaign. thanks everyone who came.
the greet the audience at the theatre, so close, could talk without a mic. it was fun.

it was a tough schedule.

ate yakiniku. they all got excited and their bond grew stronger.

glad he could be on Miyane-ya (laughs)

tomorrow is...

"ikuta toma's "jounetsu tairiku". i underwent coverage for close to 7 months. don't u miss it."

[319: greet the audience!! toma so close, could hear him without a mic!!!! woooooooow. *_* SU~GOI!!! ^O^ and the documentary show!! i was right!! they stopped filming him around mid-november probably. so may - mid-november 2009. if only they continued till later in the month, could see him rehearsing w/yamashita for the concert!! maybe that will be in the extra footage on yamashita's concert dvd later though...I HOPE SO, and that someone would kindly share that clip with us toma fans. ^O^]

-------320 [feb2?]: [a really long post, u should really read the whole thing if u can!!! very meaningful, deep thoughts... *_*]

did everyone watch jounetsu tairiku?

amazing, he got so many emails f/ppl who saw it, even more emails than on his bday (laughs)

he's grateful to everyone that emailed him (friends, sempai actors, kouhai, high school friends).

a sempai he thinks is a perfect actor told him "i am also constantly uneasy".
a lot of scary things...but he wants to keep this feeling.

actors will never be completely satisfied.
almost like when u study a lot for a test, but you're still nervous on that day.
but acting is subjective.

it means always trying to improve youself.

during ningen filming, he kept asking if the director if the scene he did was no good.

he's very moved that someone like that still has fears like this.

he feels uneasy when he thinks something was perfect. in acting, not everything is completed. but it's not like he has no confidence.

if people are afraid, they will find ambition to surpass it, he thinks.
"walking down a path with no end. surely, i am (doing that).

from today again i will go forward doing my best. please do look after ikuta toma from now on as well."


he was laughing with shun, at pics of them w/stockings on their heads for a program (laughs) look close and you can see him holding some stockings (laughs) [in the documentary].

"yoroshiku XD"

[320: ah...a serious post about feeling uneasy when acting...but it's a good feeling ne. it's good to continuously want to do better... oh, thanks for the explanation, toma! was wondering what they were laughing so much about. i want to see that picture! haha.]

321 (feb4?): thanks every1 who came to the greet the audience in the cold, in hokkaido.

some1 called out "welcome home~!"
he replied "i'm home!"
"ah, i said such and everyday thing.

but i was really glad. i'm home, hokkaido!"

the national tour continues. "but i received some hokkaido-born power so...
i can still keep going!"

12th time on shun's All NIght Nippon.
got a problem?

stay up with them all night-!


[321: just remembered, it's COLD in japan right now (was even snowing a little earlier]...and toma's going all over the place to promote the movie...ehhh. so he's always thanking ppl for coming out in the cold to support them. he went to hokkaido too!! haha. okaeri~! and toma probably went "tadaima!" xD hokkaido-born powerrrr!! xD and his 12th time on ANN!! good grief! ^O^


they totally got all excited on ANN (laughs)

beans all over the studio. had to clean it up.

beans stuck to his shoes and his butt, and asked oguri-mane
to knock them off.

"i mean, really~"

shun-kun noticed he was holding stockings in jounetsu tairiku
laughed about it.

he got energized.
will do his best again today.

turns out toma & shun threw beans 4 good luck be4 spring starts. haha. when did toma hold stockings in that documentary show and why?? ehhh....i don't get it. ^^;]

323 (feb 7?): greeting the audience @ Fukuoka was successful.

a lot of men and old ppl, probably dazai's fans.
really happy they are interested in the movie.

ppl even came after the greet the audience was over.
thank-you. really.

but it's cold so don't try too hard, ok?

bought fukuoka's famous mentaiko.

"from ikuta toma who somehow managed to avoid coming in last on Gochi"


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